Episode 10: Finding The Right Mentor To Help You Take Action Towards Success with Mark Yuzuik of The Mentor Studio

No matter how much you want something, if you don’t put in the effort, it will not come to you. Thought leader, motivational speaker, and author Mark Yuzuik believes that people are already motivated, all they need is to take action. As a change agent, Mark understands the value of never giving up, learning from something, and not letting what he calls a “pattern interrupt” keep you away from your success. Mark describes the people that you would want to surround yourself with and discusses the importance of having a mentor. Read on as Mark shares how you can find the right mentors and the right coaches who will help lead you to success.

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Finding The Right Mentor To Help You Take Action Towards Success with Mark Yuzuik of The Mentor Studio

It’s great to have all of you back with us. We bring you the best of the best in the world. Sometimes it’s just me talking. Sometimes it’s these amazing mentors that we have with us. Everybody knows the difference is that a coach is somebody who kicks your behind. We will bring a lot of coaches on too, but we’ll keep everybody in motion. We bring on mentors and mentors typically are someone who is where you want to be already. It’s in your business. It could be a lifestyle, whatever that is for you. When a mentor has asked you to do something, do it, stop questioning and it will move much faster whatever business you’re in. We know a lot of you are in the entertainment and starting business entrepreneurs in all different fields. We are bringing you the best of the best. The gentleman I’m about to introduce you to is not only on this show but he’s going to be one of our faculty members. I’ve seen him on stage over and over for many years. He’s brilliant at what he does. It’s his knowledge of business, his knowledge of keeping you on track and doing the things that you need to do. Let’s give a big standing ovation for Mark Yuzuik. How are you doing, Mark?

Thank you, Michael. When you say the best of the best, you are the best of the best. You’re bringing yourself. That’s awesome.

It’s great to have you on the show. There’s going to be a lot of the audience who doesn’t know who I am and who’s not going to know who you are. Tell us a little bit about your background.

I’ve done hypnosis entertainment for many years. Over the last few years I decided, “If I can entertain, what else can I do with the power of your subconscious mind?” People say, “Do you motivate people?” I go, “No, I don’t motivate anybody. They’re already motivated. I just get them to take action.” I’m a change agent. I get them to make changes so they get the results that they always wanted why they’re motivated. Motivation is easy but when motivation runs out, you get frustrated and irritated. I come in and I get them to take action so they get the results that they want, expect and deserve. They can live the lifestyle that they desire to have for them and their family and help other people make changes too.

That’s great because it makes a difference as we do the things we do in our life to create that change and to start to look at that change. You have been in front of how many people would you say? I know it’s huge.

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Since my career, probably over five million.

When someone has been teaching and training in front of five million people and changing their lives and also entertaining because he’s one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever seen, you want to listen to that person. One thing you said with what you created in your life is you created it early. You’ve got the great story. You’ve got that story of the plane and why you bought a plane and how old were you. Would you share that? That’s a great story.

When I was 21 years old, I don’t know how to fly. I’ve never been in a pilot seat. I don’t know anything about planes but I knew one thing, if I owned an airplane, then people look at me differently. You don’t have to fly anybody in an airplane. They were impressed that you own one, they wanted to hang around you. I’m 21 and I’m single. I bought a little five-seater airplane. I never flew it in my life. I found a pilot. I bought the plane. I still remember it was a 200 Beechcraft and it was 7931. I have two pictures. It’s all I had with that plane. I remember going to Las Vegas in it. It took us two hours to get there instead of an hour. The first time I took my grandmother and then a small plane is way different than the Learjet. It’s bumpy. She flew commercial coming back and I said, “Come on, grandma, let’s go for it.” I did it because it made me feel valued and I felt confident that I was able to do that at 21 years old.

I still this day never flew the plane. The reason why is because when I got in and I got up there, the pilot was talking about a stall. I go, “What’s the stall?” He goes, “Don’t worry about it.” If you know me, you couldn’t pay me thousands of dollars to get on a roller coaster. I don’t like the feeling of my stomach dropping. He says, “Don’t worry about it.” He pulls that plane back and it starts going up and it’s getting slower and slower and then you hear the bells going. I’m going, “What are you doing?” He goes, “I’m going to stall the engine.” I go, “Like turn it off?” He goes, “Precisely.” I say, “What if it doesn’t turn on?” He goes, “We’re close enough to the airport. We should be fine.” I said, “Should be fine? Turn the airplane back on.” They dove that thing down and it started up like normal. You talk about the pucker factor coming in, that was it. They said, “You’ve got to do that to get your license.” I said, “I’m not getting my license. I’ll fly commercial.”

It’s such a great story because it’s such an entrepreneur’s story. As an entrepreneur, we do whatever it takes.

TMS 10 | Finding The Right Mentor
Finding The Right Mentor: Not every deal pans out. The ones that do pay off, and the ones that don’t, you learn from fast.


I knew what my goal was and I knew how to get there. I was like, “A plane would make it right there.” Why by a mansion when you can just buy a plane?

I want everybody to realize that there’s so much in that story as funny as it sounds. From an entrepreneur, for those of you actors, directors, producers getting into the system, are you willing to do what it takes? Are you willing to also posture? We talked about postures not being bigger than you are. Posture is almost in a way future pacing, putting yourself already out there in that role and presenting yourself that way. You just decided to do it with the plane.

Just buy a plane and you will attract the people into your life that you want and don’t want.

I would almost ask how many times that plane get off the ground. That is a win. That’s a success in life. At the same time, a lot of us have these obstacles and these things that come up. We have times in our life where we have a clash. Can you let us know one time of your life where things didn’t work out so well, but how you push through it and went over the top?

There are many of those situations, but you learn from your mistakes fast. I remember the first time I wanted to do an event, a seminar. My promoters said, “Don’t do it. You’re not ready for that.” I said, “The best way to get ready is to commit to something, sell the program and you have no choice but to get ready.” My promoters are like, “Don’t do it.” I was like, “As soon as you’re telling me I can’t do something, I’m going to do it. I’m going to prove you wrong.” We sold that and then I created it. You learn really fast from your mistakes. You study harder than you’ve ever been when you bomb in front of people, but it never slowed me down. It just motivated me and inspired me to want to do better and to make a difference in other people’s lives. I had some stumbling blocks, but who doesn’t? I’ve known a lot of real estate deals. Not every deal has panned out. The ones that pan out pay off and the ones that don’t pan out, you learn fast what not to do. There are a bunch of those.

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I want everybody to know too. Mark talked about his entertainment side, but he is quite the entrepreneur. He’s been part of a lot of deals and you’ve done a lot of real estates too on top of it. We might do a show on that one day too because of his information. I heard you talking to some of our students. I’m like, “That’s brilliant.” It’s that thought process and doing that part. We talked about future pacing. They won’t know what that is if they’re not in NLP. For somebody to look out to the future, tell us a couple of simple things they can do to lock that in so as they hit the bumps in the road, they can still move forward.

Never ever stop and always learn from something. I always talked about 10%. The reason why people give up is that the picture, the illusion, the imagination of what you have to do instead of what you want to accomplish gets in the way. That’s a distraction. That’s what I call a pattern interrupt for the motivation for your success. You’ve got to break that pattern that says you can’t do it because you’re focused on what you have to do. If you have the desire to do something, how many times have you said, “I want this, I don’t know how I’m going to get it but I’m going to get it?” You’ve found a way to get there. That’s because you’re focused on the results, not on what you have to do.

When you have enough reasons why you want something, you’ll get it. Here’s how you break that pattern with your mind if you think, “I’ve got to do all these things.” I was coaching somebody and they said, “I had this list of things and I never seem to get my list on.” I said, “You’re not supposed to ever get it done, but if you’re focused on the 30% you didn’t do instead of the 70% that you accomplished, the next time, your list is going to get smaller and you’re still going to fail.” I never get my list done. You’re not supposed to. It’s progress. You’re making progress every day. You keep adding to your list and that’s what you do. Apply the 10%. If you can improve 10% in one little area, would that make a difference on your bottom line?

If it took you 90 days to increase your business by 10%, what is that over a year? If you go, “I’ve got to increase it 50%,” your mind says, “I’m not doing it.” It shuts down and goes back to say, “I need to have another excuse.” You create another excuse why you don’t move forward. You buy into that story and it stops you. It procrastinates you and allows fear. One thing I realized is that people aren’t afraid of the noes. The illusion is, “I’m afraid of no.” No, it’s not. You’re afraid of the commitment of the yeses, but how do you get through that? Find a mentor who’s done it before. Let them walk you through. They take away the fear. They have the experience. They’ve made the mistakes. Surround yourself with people that make more money than you in your business, not your friends. Your friends are different. I’m talking about in your business and the way you want to feel about. If you want a healthy relationship, surround yourself with people that have healthy relationships. If you want to make money, surround yourself with people who make more money. Stop taking advice from people that are broker than you. They’re not going to give you the right advice. If they haven’t been that road, what makes you think they’re going to take you down the road if they haven’t been there?

That’s great advice because for you and I, having those mentors, we are who we are now.

TMS 10 | Finding The Right Mentor
Finding The Right Mentor: If you buy into society’s belief system, it holds you back. That is why the moment you feel you’re not ready is when you’re most ready.


We have accountability and all my mentors are smarter. They’re more successful and they’re better than me. That’s how you grow. If you want to be a great tennis player, you don’t play with somebody that’s worse than you. You play with somebody better than you. We always have to do that. Think of sports like boxing, basketball or whatever, they all have mentors. They have mentors because they pushed them. Tiger Woods had a mentor. The number one golfer had a mentor, had a coach and it’s not because he didn’t need it. He had to have it to keep his status when he was on top. Everybody does. Everybody has a mentor. You’ve got to have that.

I’m glad you said this too because what we hear a lot, you and I have been on a lot of stages around the world. What we constantly hear is, “I’m not ready yet.” Where does that lead people if they keep saying, “I’m not ready yet?”

It gives them an excuse to procrastinate because they don’t feel that they can do it. Everything we have in life is based on what we feel we deserve. What happens is that people let society to convince them that they don’t deserve it. It’s not that they’re judging the people that are saying that, they’re judging what they’re incapable of doing. It’s not you but if you buy into their belief system, it holds you back. If you’re not ready, that’s when you’re most ready. That’s when you need a coach and a mentor. When you start rising in that success ladder, then you realize the value of your mentor more than anything else and you wind up getting more. You get more mentors and more coaches. The coaches that I have, they’ve all been in the Tony Robbins level. They work with Tony a lot of them.

Why do I do that? Because I know that they have accountability and they’re going to keep me accountable and vice versa. They’re my mentor, I’m their mentor and it’s so critical. If they don’t think you’re ready, get yourself a different mentor that tells you you’re ready because you’ve got to have a mentor. Three years ago, you were alive and if you’re not where you are three years later, what’s the problem? You didn’t have the right coach. It’s not that you’re not capable, not that you’re not willing, not that you’re not motivated, not that you don’t have the knowledge, it’s that you don’t have the right mentor behind you saying, “You can do it and you deserve to have that.”

Get out of your own mind and think, “It’s all about me.” It’s not about you. It’s about paying it forward. It’s how you can affect other people as well. I use it on stage all the time and so do you, Michael. When you focus on what you’re not getting, you’ll limit yourself. When you focus on what you can pay forward and pay people back, you will skyrocket. Imagine where you bring your family when you rise and you keep them accountable. Sometimes your family is not the best coach, but they’ll always be your family. Do the best you can and love them as much as you can by you being successful and inspiring them.

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This has been great. I got nothing else I can say. Everybody reading this, read it several times because Mark said many different things and he gave you homework within it. Take those pieces and start moving their life. Take the 10% and take a look at your life. Make sure you bring the mentors. In the beginning, I know some people say, “I don’t have the money to buy a bunch of mentors.” Okay, fine. You can use us in the beginning. Use the phone calls, use the podcast, join The Mentor Studio. We’re giving you that way to tap into an environment you couldn’t before. Eventually, you will have the mentors, not only in business around you, whatever business you’re in, whether it’s entertainment or anything. Eventually, you’ll be able to say, “Here’s $10,000 for your hour. I need you right now.” You will have that. We’re giving you a way to start first. We’re giving you a way to be able to have mentors and to use this type of device. It’s been great, Mark. Any last thoughts or words before we let this go?

It reminds me when you said you’ll get to the $10,000. People probably went, “That’s too much for me.” They stopped believing in themselves as soon as they say that. They’re thinking like a consumer instead of an investor. How much could you make? I remember when I wanted to create my 90-minute presentation. I paid a gentleman $100,000 and those who told me I was crazy and stupid are those that made less money than me or him. It was the best money I ever spent. He should have charged me $500,000 and it would have been a deal.

Within three events, not only that I get all my money back, but I kept the knowledge. It’s already paid for. It’s paid for over and over again. Not that you want to spend $100,000. I’m not saying that. The people that are on top, they have spent the money to get the right mentors so they get their goals. Start small. You have an awesome program. They could start somewhere. Keep them accountable. Stop listening to people who are dragging you down. Get someone that’s going to say, “You’ve got what it takes to do it.” If they’ve been to any of your events, they have the knowledge to be more successful than they already are. What’s stopping them is getting the right mentor and getting the right coach.

Keep it simple because we complicate all the time.

Keep it simple and don’t overwhelm yourself. I do a lot of lose weight seminars. The first thing I tell people is, “Never ever deprive yourself.” Don’t you dare deprive yourself because you’ll never keep the weight off permanently. What you would do is you get a temporary satisfaction. You’ll be unhealthy and you’re right back as soon as that diet stop. Don’t ever go on a diet. Don’t ever deprive yourself. Don’t join a gym and start putting on the pain so you take off the pounds, forget about that. I teach them about the 10% in four or five different areas. They take two to three pounds a week off permanent and they change their life. Generally, their business grows because they feel better about themselves. This is not just, “I want to change one thing.” When you change one thing, you start changing everything. Your relationship gets better and your health. Your finance is getting better because you have more confidence. I bought the plane and it gave me more confidence to move forward. It’s funny but it’s a great lesson I’ve learned.

This has been great. Mark is phenomenal. You’ll be reading much more of him. He’ll be one of our faculty members too, which is awesome. Mark, it’s been a pleasure as always. Thank you so much for this.

Thank you, Michael. I appreciate it very much.

You’re very welcome. For everybody reading this, we appreciate you being on the show. We appreciate you being with us. We’ll talk to you soon.

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