Episode 13: Interview with Marvin Epstein


Marvin discussed how important it is to find your perfect partner and how can you tell if they are or not. He also gave an idea on how you can identify if you’re one of two people or you’re either of abundance or of acceptance. Listen as he talks about Trust, Integrity, Character and Certain Synergy.

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Podcast highlights:

01:56 – A Little Bit About David
03:14 – Finding your Perfect Partner
04:34 – Trust, Integrity, Character and Certain Synergy
06:26 – Approaching Things in a Positive Way
13:55 – What Creates Your Passion?



Marvin is a serial entrepreneur who has built a variety of businesses, including Karma International, an exclusive private membership organization dedicated to connecting exceptional and inspirational entrepreneurs both socially and professionally. Previously he created I.A.T. Capital, a private enterprise working with fellow entrepreneurs and executives in a variety of business investments including sports, entertainment, new media technology and hospitality.

Marvin’s most recent endeavor he launched an innovative entertainment media company, Pure Media Studio. A media and production company that produces relevant and consumer driven targeted content both in documentary and film incorporating an influencer marketing strategy to leverage direct distribution.

Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Marvin was an executive for a video display production company, producing events, marketing campaigns and sponsorship development programs for clients including MTV, World Cup Soccer, The Olympics, and Coca-Cola. Partnering with NASCAR and Speedway Motor sports Inc, he created the first closed circuit outdoor television network.

Marvin’s goal is to inspire fellow entrepreneurs and future leaders, sharing unique and effective business strategies while raising awareness and hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities to improve the lives of others. An experienced public speaker, he incorporated his strategy to create the topic of “Entrepreneurial Success through Humility, Integrity and Passion” “HIP” which he recently shared at his presentation at Harvard University.
His distinctive methodology of relationship driven partnerships has created an efficient and effective process to provide value and rewarding opportunities for himself, his partners, clients and friends.


Michael Silvers [00:01] : Alright everyone, I wanted to welcome you again to the mentors studio. Thank you so much for being on the call. Wherever you are in the world. You know, again, we bring the best of the best mentors to you and we’re really excited by another amazing mentor today. Remember again, the difference between coaching and mentoring to keep it very simple as a coach will basically will kick your behind to get to where you need to go. And a mentor is somebody who’s there already. A mentor is again down the road and it might not be somebody actually within your exact career or field or what you want to do, whether you’re an entrepreneur, whether you’re breaking into our entertainment, whether you’ve written your 20th book and you’re looking how to get that 21st done. Whatever that is, the mentor might actually have the lifestyle that you’re looking for.

Michael Silvers [00:42] : They might be enough service in a way you’ve always wanted to be, and that’s truly what a mentor is. Somebody who is further just further down the road than you are. But the great thing about it is listen to them because you can just literally lay back and listen to their brilliance, their expertise, maybe their life struggles, and you’ll find something inside yourself that goes, ah, that’s, that’s exactly why we need to go that can help me. And the great thing about the mentor studio for those of you joining us is you’ll actually be able to talk to them, live. Podcasts are awesome because you could drive in your car and do it, but we’re going to bring the best of the best to you in the world. With that being said, I have one of those gentlemen right now on the line with me.

Michael Silvers [01:21] : You can’t see each other, but we can see each other. And he’s done a tremendous amount in his life. I’m going to let him do what’s called in about a minute and earned the right for everybody who doesn’t know what that is. That is basically as you bring a speaker on, you can do two things. You build them up and then you say their name or you say their name and let them do about a minute of what their background is and then we’re going to have a chat. So remember, we always trained as we talked. So without any further ado, I’d like to introduce everybody to Mr. Marvin Epstein. Marvin Epstein. Welcome.

Marvin Epstein [01:49] : Thank you very much. Michael. Pleasure.

Michael Silvers [01:52] : So, Marvin, why don’t you tell us just a little bit about your background.

Marvin Epstein [01:56] : I was fortunate enough to grow up with, I’d say some very powerful matriarchs in my family and my grandmother, my mom, my sister, and they gave me the opportunity to, if I could handle the responsibility, I get the freedom. So when I was 12-year old I started my own paper out and the first thing I realized is there’s other people that want a paper out. So I brokered it and that’s my entrepreneurial, I’d say launching career when I was 12. And I continued down that path of really what I enjoy is building great teams of people to be able to launch amazing businesses that are fun based on the people you’re associated with and create success for not only ourselves but also the people we work with and then giving back to those and create an emotional gratification as the result.

Michael Silvers [02:44] : That’s so great. You all don’t know that Marv and I were having a chat. We actually just met today and you know, when you meet with somebody where there’s synergy and I think we both felt it right away, but those are the kinds of people that you’re also looking to have as mentors around you. People that you can trust and you don’t always know them so well, but you just feel that there’s something there. And Marvin, as you build your businesses and you’ve been in business. How important is that to trust that intuition part?

Marvin Epstein [03:10] : Oh, I’d say it’s one of the key components. One of the things I talk to people about is called finding your perfect partner. And one day, you know, realized that that’s more important than actually the business and writing a business plan and everything else. So one of the things I tell people and I did it myself, is I got to a certain point in my business career where I was picking what I call people that were not in alignment. And what happened was, is because of the way I’m wired, if we’re not in alignment, no matter what, we’re not going to be able to create success or I’m going to sabotage it. So I thought to myself, I said, well, I’m very touchy-feely person. So I thought to myself, how do I pick the perfect partner? And what I came up with is the idea of if you want to know if this is the perfect partner, pretend you’re on the world stage.

Marvin Epstein [04:01] : The universe is watching. And now with social media, they really are. But bottom line is you’re looking at and the universe is watching you and whoever it is that’s going to be your partner to work with or your partners. You all have to stand onstage. Lock hands, hold tightly and raise them to the sky to let everybody and acknowledge that these are the people that you’re gonna create greatness with and if for one second you flinch, uncomfortable your hands get sweaty, just thinking about it, then don’t waste any more time. That’s the wrong partner. And so to answer your question, that comes with trust, that comes with integrity, that comes with character, that comes with a certain synergy and you know, without being cliché chemistry that says, I really want this person to be as successful as I am, if not more so, and I care about this person. I want everybody to know this is my association.

Michael Silvers [04:58] : That’s a great piece because it is in our lives. There’s this tendency sometimes have we seen a shiny bauble right? Or we see some kind of opportunity, but there’s something in our gut that says it’s just not right. How many times have we would not earlier lives taken that and it’s not worked out exactly the way we thought it should.

Marvin Epstein [05:17] : And I think you’d have to be positive about that and say it didn’t work out. So it’s like lessons and you know, I’m sure you have the same philosophy in the sense that you learn more from the things that don’t go well, then the things that didn’t go well, right? Because it’s just the human nature and the things that don’t go well. Those are the things where we reground ourselves and say, OK, I’m responsible for my own actions and my own opportunities. What do I need to do to change this? I didn’t achieve the desired result. I’m the one that can make that happen.

Michael Silvers [05:48] : That’s right. And you know, as entrepreneurs, we do because again, failures only feedback, right? And the more we fail faster, fail faster and do it as much as you can and be excited by it. And you will learn. And it’s, you know, some people says, but it’s not always fun. It’s not about always fun. But you can have a good time while you’re doing it. And what are those things that you’ve learned from it that always make a difference in your life? You know, we’ve all had obstacles, obstacles come up, things like that. What is one of your greatest obstacles or challenges you’ve had to overcome it?

Marvin Epstein [06:22] : Well, first of all, I always want to approach things in a positive way because if I approach it positively that I’m always going to find a way to get to the other side, which is success. So instead of calling myself a problem solver, when I started a consulting company, I called myself a solution finder because what I realized is no offense to anybody, nobody really cares about the problems you have because everybody’s got their own anyways. But what I realized was, is what they really care about is finding the answers. So hone in and focus on finding the solution because that’s really what they’re asking for. And so, to answer your question, I think the, you know, no different than anybody else and entrepreneur find all kinds of peaks and valleys. One of the things that was difficult for me was being able to transition from being in a very specific world of finance and the hedge fund world to just recreating myself and starting a new career.

Marvin Epstein [07:27] : And I wasn’t. It wasn’t that I was fearful. I just was uncomfortable, I didn’t know what was gonna happen next, but I knew because of the people that I was associating with, I needed to be away from them. They weren’t in alignment with me, so I told myself, I’m just going to tell everybody that I’m looking for things I enjoy and that’s what I wanted to do and hear what people say. And low and behold, I went to a CEO roundtable event. I met a gentlemen that was telling you about a passion that he had to put together a community of entrepreneurs that are character driven and very much in the world of success and pay it forward and right then and there I said, OK, stop everything. My Universe is screaming at me now and I tell people, you can be hit by a brick or a rock or a boulder. Well, I was hit by the mountain and I just said, stop everything. I’ve found what I want to do. And then fast forward, that’s how I became a partner in the company we have today, Karma International.

Michael Silvers [08:31] : That’s great you know, tell them just a couple, because some people don’t know what Karma International is, I think it’s phenomenal what you’ve done, just a little bit about it.

Marvin Epstein [08:40] : Sure. It’s an entrepreneur, a membership organization for entrepreneurs that I’d say enjoy life and can do what they want when they want and are very much pay it forward and giving back and had a lot of fun.

Michael Silvers [08:56] : It’s just like we keep going back to that having fun

Marvin Epstein [09:06] : And boy we have fun.

Michael Silvers [09:09] : I’ve heard. That’s great. I love it.

Marvin Epstein [09:11] : Have somebody that has a title director of fun in the office.

Michael Silvers [09:15] : Oh, see, that’s even better. Everybody wants that job. But it is so true and enjoy what you do, right? If you love what you do, find the thing that you love. People say, well, how can I do that and earn money? And we used to talk about that in the programs all the time. Find the thing that you love to do and then be able to, if you’re really, if you’re being of service, we talked about this earlier. If you’re being truly of service, it will always come back 10 fold, but you can’t have the mindset. You want it to come back tenfold.

Marvin Epstein [09:44] : Well, one of the things I tell people is you’re one of two people or you’re either of abundance or of acceptance and pretty much I wouldn’t say everybody on your show or your listeners, everybody. You’re all of abundance. And if you don’t believe me, if I can share a quick segue exercise, take 30 days, put someplace in your apartment, your house, your Condo, wherever you’re dwelling and carve out like a little piece square circle, whatever you want to call it. Abundant and square, abundant circle, and every single day when you wake up in the morning, you’re gonna put something in that circle that you don’t need anymore and that’s now going to be given away one way or another, you never it get back. And for 30 straight days do this and see how easy it is to find something, whether it’s a book, a piece of technology, a hat, nail polish, stuffed animals, whatever it is, or something bigger.

Marvin Epstein [10:41] : It could be a microwave, it can be a vacuum cleaner. It’s something you never need again. And you will see how much you put in that circle and realize that you are abundance. I mean, and I’m sure you know, you feel the same way as we’re point zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, one percent of the world. We travel, we watch tv, we have friends, we pay attention to the universe, but we’re the minority. And, and the way I look at it is we’re the minority, but we’re the leaders were the ones that are of abundance and it’s our reward to be of abundance. And part of our reward is to share with the people that accepted.

Michael Silvers [11:20] : Wow. I don’t get anything else to say because actually I was going to ask you if you could give a little homework out and that’s awesome. You just, you were ahead of me on that one. That’s called a natural segway. Everyone, by the way, that was awesome. But you know, it really is. And this has been great because, and you came from a distinctly different world in many ways into another, you know, you were willing. The transition of career is always scary. And what if I fail? That always comes up again. So to, for you to have that, you know, people say, then there’s no more one career anymore. It’s a very, it’s a different world, a different world for a long time

Marvin Epstein [12:07] : In your audience. I keep saying your audience, but your audience is about trying to achieve success or they already have achieved success. So recreating themselves shouldn’t be the thing that they’re scared that should scare them. That should be the excitement, the opportunity. You know, I joke with people that tell me, you know, I’m going through a midlife crisis of like, so is that a good thing or a bad thing? The fact that you recognized it. Now let’s do something cool. Let’s do something with it.

Michael Silvers [12:38] : Right. Well I’m still going through midlife crisis by the way. You know what I’m saying? I love every day for the rest of my life. So that. Thank you. Well Marvin, thank you so much. This has been great. You know, and again, everybody listening, there’s so many tidbits in this. Really. Again, we’ll do a little bit of, you’ll all be able to see the notes from the call and listen to the call, but there’s so many things that Marvin said and Marvin actually has accepted. Thank you so much to be one of our faculty members and he does have brilliance in careers and what he’s created and really what they do with Karma. And so if somebody you’re going to want to listen to, he’ll do live calls. You’ll be able to ask him directly when things are going on in your life and he has many different talents to bring to the table. So be there. Be Part of us. Marvin. Thank you so much for today.

Marvin Epstein [13:29] : Thanks. If I can leave the audience with one thing, I will say everybody knows what drives them and their peer group knows it more. Obviously. Sometimes you do. If you don’t know what you’re looking for or what’s important to you or what you care about, talk to somebody you trust and let the inquiry you about any topic you want and see the expression on your face. What creates that emotion? What creates that passion? What creates that value? And then take note of that because that’s really what you enjoy and your body or your body reacts to instinctively to these, these messages and these triggers. So if you get excited, if your voice heightens, if all of a sudden you get more animated, your hands start to move, those are things that you want to recreate it and you want to repeat. So you want a career counselor. You are your career counselor. Find Your career and find your passion. And I only wish everybody a great success and Michael, I can’t tell you how honored and appreciative I am to be a part of the faculty.

Michael Silvers [14:30] : Yeah, no, thank you so much. I’m so honored and everybody listening to this call, thank you so much for being on. I know your time is as important as ours. You’re either driving, listening, hopefully, you’re not taking notes if you’re driving, it’s either morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever the world you are. And again, we really are creating a community and a family. I believe in that very strongly. That’s how the world becomes a better place. So thank you all so much, Marvin. Thank you again. All it will. You’ll hear all of us. You’ll hear us all on the next show. We’ll talk to you soon. Goodbye. Everyone.

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