Episode 14: Michael Silvers Talks About Meditation


Michael talks about meditation. Taking a moment to breathe the weather through meditation or prayer. And homeport that is in your business to stay focused and how important it is for all of us to do something to sort of relax, calm, and meditate. He also shares how breathing will make us feel more relaxed.

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Podcast highlights:

00:36 – Appreciate the Beauty Around Us
00:59 – Take Care of Your Body
01:54 – Set Your Mind Forward
03:17 – Surround Yourself with Great People


Michael is Lead Trainer and Director of Coaching for an international personal development company offering 500+ trainings worldwide, in addition to directing his own
wealth and lifestyle strategies coaching company. He has been responsible for developing and coordinating training and coaching programs in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Michael’s strategic and tactical direction has been key to supporting the rapid growth of these and other companies over two decades. His expert recruiting and training of executive coaches and mentors, continual design and development of new trainings, mastermind programs, coaching models and techniques are key to his corporate, entertainment and individual clients’ success.


Michael Silvers [00:01] : Hi this is Michael Silvers with the mentor studio and I wanted to welcome everybody today. I’m actually in Los Angeles today at the Getty Center. If you’ve never been here, it’s actually an incredible views you can sort of see anywhere from downtown Los Angeles to the beach area and today’s beautiful. It just had a wonderful blustery day which cleared out the air, which is always an amazing thing. It’s amazing how you really create your life and you sort of set those things that you want to set in motion. And as up here thinking, I’m, yes, I do that at times. Isn’t that a great thing to do as a mentor? But you know, how do you, again, you start your life and how is it when you look around at the beauty around us, do something every day to not only be a service, but do you do something to sort of relax, calm, meditate, whatever that is for yourself.

Michael Silvers [00:46] : Business, sometimes what happens for the entrepreneur and those of us, you know, in the entrepreneurial spirit and an entertainment is we just sort of go, go, go and we forget about the other side. We forget about how we have to take care of our body and we’ll have somebody out eventually who talks about that side, but it’s really today. It’s also about your mind. What are you going to do to relax, you know, even taking sometimes a quiet five minutes just to relax yourself. It makes a big difference and again, it’s up to you what you’re going to do, but think of whatever. Wherever you’re sitting, you know, maybe you put a beautiful picture on your laptop, maybe you just sit quietly, maybe just count to 10. The Zen Buddhism way back, and remember, this is not geared to any religion in particular, but in Zen Buddhism they did a very simple meditation.

Michael Silvers [01:34] : Breathe in is one, breathe out is two, breathe in is three, breathe out is four. Go to ten and do it again. So what if you did that just for a couple minutes a day, or for those of you who pray, what if you took a couple little bit more time each day just to do a little bit of prayer, whatever that is. Again, for you, wherever background you come from, but the mind piece is huge. Really setting your mind forward. You know, we talk about setting goals and we’d do all that as mentors. We really create, we delegate, we create people around us, we create new businesses which is critically important and for a lot of you were going to, you know, really connect you with people who will help you do that and you know, you’ll be able to ask questions, of course, at the mentor studio, but the biggest piece here again is what are you doing on a daily basis?

Michael Silvers [02:19] : So that’s what you’re going to ask yourself right now. You don’t have to, it’s your choice. But again, I’ve been mentoring for a long time. I was coaching for 30 years, so I do have a tendency of a little bit of a telling you what to do, but it’s good sometimes you’ve got to kick your butt and just say, I’m going to do it. How’s that sound? So the biggest piece, again, this is going to be a short one today, just breathe in is one, breathe out is two, breathe in is three, breathe out is four, how simple that could be, you know, would that be with creating your life. And again, I know podcasts go on forever and people will listen to this 10, 15 years down the road, but this week is the launch of another business. And what I’m excited by is the people that I’ve surrounded myself with and yeah, it isn’t entertainment.

Michael Silvers [03:02] : And the great thing about that is it’s very creative and I liked that sides to be creative. I also like to promote itself. So I’m good at doing that too. And you really got to find what it is about you or the parts of you, as you build your business and then surround yourself with people who are great about doing that. But as I was doing that this week, we’ve got a lot of meetings in Beverly Hills this week. I realized it’s still about the breathing. Breathe in one, breathe out two, go to ten and do it again. Because again, as you’re building, as you’re growing, you know, it’s funny who worked with a lot of actors for a long time too, and that whole nervousness side, you can feel it as it comes up, you can feel that as relaxed as they go into a role or they go into an audition, it shows up greatly too with a lot of people that we’ve put on stage, how they get very nervous and you can just see they physically lock up and their voice guy like this and then you can’t understand a word they’re saying, you know, and that’s a big thing.

Michael Silvers [04:01] : Clear throat. Hold on one second. Once you do it away from the mic though, people always do it right into the mic. And I think that’s the funniest thing to. Turn your mic off right when you’re on stage in front of 10,000 people. Don’t go, you know what I’m saying? Take a drink of water, clear your throat, do whatever it takes. And you know, we’ll talk about stage techniques to one day. And again, we’ll get back to that. I’ll be doing q and a’s once a month too, for the mentor studio members, and on the q and a I’ll show you all the little tips that you could do on stage, you know, that we’ve done and what really works well and some that really don’t, but that’s OK. It’s all about the learning again. So again, this is a short podcast. Breathe in. That’s one that’s right. Breathe out, that’s two.

Michael Silvers [04:43] : I’ll do a couple of these a month just to make sure you do that and I’ll bring on some people who are amazing at meditation and amazing at prayer and amazing at while you’re building a business to keep that side of yourself really locked in to what you’re going to do and it makes a huge important part of everything that we do. This is Michael Silvers with the mentor studio. I want to thank you all for being on. Yep. Short, sweet. That’s the way we like it, right? We’ve got how much time do our lives do? We have to really take time and listen, and it’s nice when we have podcasts, we can just. Yep, I got it. All right, I’m out. All right everyone. Have a great day. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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