Episode 16: Michael Silvers talks about Taking Action Steps


Michael shares his speaking journey and why it is important to create a greater consciousness around you. Tune in as he talks about growing your network and becoming one of the top influencers.

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Podcast highlights:

01:53 – Being in the Right Place at the Right Time
02:25 – Move Yourself to the Next Level
03:59 – Growing Your Network
04:39 – Building a Relationship


Michael is Lead Trainer and Director of Coaching for an international personal development company offering 500+ trainings worldwide, in addition to directing his own
wealth and lifestyle strategies coaching company. He has been responsible for developing and coordinating training and coaching programs in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Michael’s strategic and tactical direction has been key to supporting the rapid growth of these and other companies over two decades. His expert recruiting and training of executive coaches and mentors, continual design and development of new trainings, mastermind programs, coaching models and techniques are key to his corporate, entertainment and individual clients’ success.


Michael Silvers [00:01] : Hi Everyone, this is Michael Silvers with a mentor studio. Wanted to welcome you all back again. It’s going to be a little bit noisy because I actually just spoke at a big stage in Philly, it’s what a great day was actually also, I just took a Gary Vaynerchuk off the stage. He’s amazing. And we got Tony Robbins coming up. So it’s a great day. It’s great for education. It’s great for learning, you know, because I keep coming to events, but first I got to speak to. So it always makes it a wonderful day because it’s, again, it’s never about us. It’s about imparting the information and if you think of yourself as an actor or a trainer, somebody wants to speak on stage, it’s what does it take to reach that level? What does it take to get out there to as many people as possible.

Michael Silvers [00:46] : And what you do is you have to start really with that internal world. But part of what we hear too in part of what’s going on is, are you building your social media sites? Are you going to be the next influencer? You know, how are you going to monetize all of that? So we are going to have some shows that will relate to all of that, really taking that to the next level. We’ll bring some of the top influencers in the world will be coming up on the show, to really sort of tell you their story. Sometimes there’s the rise to fame and there’s still think of what did I do differently? How did I reach, you know, 30 million people and why are they following me? Even at the same time, some are very strategic and know exactly what they did and we’ll be bringing the different ones on.

Michael Silvers [01:30] : You know, for me the first time that I was ever put on one of the stages, it was in front of 3,500 people in Singapore. And what I realized it was just part of the journey. And I know that always sounds funny. I mean, that’s part of it programmed out because again, I’ve done, you know, coaching and build coaching programs for the last 15 years. But what I realized is that I also was in the right place at the right time because I allowed myself to be, because when I’m asked to go somewhere, I go, if I’m asked to go to Singapore because they need another speaker or they need somebody on stage and I’ve got 24 hours or less to get there, that’s nothing. Get on a plane and go. Don’t even think about it. If that’s trying, if you’re really trying to build that.

Michael Silvers [02:12] : If you’ve got a casting call and you were told you were in LA today and you need to be in London tonight, you know what? You jump on the fast as quick as playing and you get there. You do whatever it takes to make it work. You do to move yourself to that next level and it truly will create a greater consciousness around you. You’re also opening yourself up to the world. You’re opening yourself up to be better, to be more of a thought process and also how many people can I take along the way has always been really what I’m saying and part of the reason we built the mentor studio was how do we take people along the way, how do we open up our networks and my network, which has been built very well for the last 20 years. How do we open up this group of producers, actors, directors, casting people, social media, social influencers, but how do we open it up so we can bring more people into the fold and they truly are not having to have that many barriers to entry because various entry is always an issue because they’re set up for a reason, right?

Michael Silvers [03:15] : They want to make sure who is truly interested in what you’re doing and who’s truly interested in creating that next, whatever that is. So, again, I’m actually watching the time too. It’s funny, I’m doing a podcast and watching the time because I got to go back up in a minute. And then we’re going to really rock and roll this day and we’re really right now on stage. They’re talking about mindset and what are you willing to do that others won’t do? So instead of yourself right now, what is one thing you’re willing to do this week that’s no harm to yourself or others that somebody else in your position might not do to reach out and not only help somebody else, but to get the thing done that you want to do? Right? So again, is it social media? Do I need to reach out to one person that’s doing it?

Michael Silvers [03:59] : Do I need to find agencies? And I understand too, a lot of you have asked, we get this all the time. Who do I talk to? Who Do I know I’m going to be on another show, another podcast show. He’s the number one in personal development on itunes. He was one of the first 400 podcasters and that’s relationships built by my stage work, but at the same time it’s relationships build because there was a time that he needed help and basically needed somebody else to sell his product, right? Because he was feeling pretty piss poor and I just said I’d be happy to. Didn’t take a percentage or anything, didn’t even. It wasn’t about that. It was about can I help somebody off? And now I’m going to be on the number one show in personal development and I’ll probably be on several times.

Michael Silvers [04:38] : So. But that’s how you build the relationship. That’s how you make the relationships work in your life around you. So what is one thing that you can do, and I know I talk about this a lot and you’re gonna hear about this a lot between myself and the interviews you’re hearing that one theme. And I can tell you the shows coming up. We’re going to be pretty spectacular. It’s going to be, some of the creators of some of the largest actually cartoons ever on the planet and what they did and what they went through. It’s also going to be some of the largest social influencers coming up. We’re gonna have casting directors, producers. We actually have so many people lined up. I’m keeping it all in a little bit in check because they’re also joining us as faculty. When you’re building a business and you truly say it’s about legacy and it’s about leaving whatever that next step is and making a difference.

Michael Silvers [05:25] : It’s amazing how many people will join you because it’s truly what we’re all looking for. So back to say, I gave you time to write for a minute. That was like musical interlude. So now that you’ve written that thing that you’re going to do this week, how do you commit to get it done? Right? So the commitment to get it done is I want you to tell one other person. So I want you to reach out to one other person and we are going to create a community because I believe that communities what’s really important, we’ll create the mentor studio community. For those of you who joined the mentor studio, yes. You think I’m selling you something but it’s not about selling you something. It’s about making a difference. It’s about making a difference in the community and making a difference to move things in a certain direction.

Michael Silvers [06:07] : Right? And the community makes a difference that we always talk about investments. It’s going to be very low investment, but we’re also in a great community out there of like minded individuals of the faculty members. That’s what we’re putting together, who are really thinking about making a difference, creating something new. And again, having us challenge each other. So a little bit shorter show today. I’ve got to get back in. I want to thank you all so much. For those of you ever wanted to get onstage. Always happy to talk about it. Having talked about it on further shows. Have really the steps in some of the best things that you can do. For those of you, again, who leave reviews and comments, thank you so much. We really appreciate that. That makes a really big difference for us. You know, if you liked the show, please go ahead and review it. If nothing else, leave a five star, four star, whatever that is for you. And again, we’re going to have on the mentor studio the Info area where you’re able to really ask also what it is that you’re interested in who, because again, we have a huge network and our huge network we’re bringing to you. So we want to know what people are looking for and interested in class who were already going to bring already. So thank you all so much and I’ll talk to you all on the highway. All right, goodbye.


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