Episode 18: Hanging Out With Mentors


Whether you like it or not, you need someone to teach and re-teach you what you need in order to get life going. In this episode, Michael Silvers talks about the advantages of having a mentor and hanging out with them through expos and platforms like The Vertical Live. Highlighting the importance of engaging with as many people possible, he notes that learning entails giving back and reminding yourself that what you are doing is of service to others who need you. He stresses what mentors are entrusted to do and also talks about podcasting and Zoom and its awesome benefits.

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Hanging Out With Mentors

I’m hanging out with Mr. Bill Walsh, who again is amazingly brilliant, one of my mentors and you can check out. He’s at www.IPowerTeam.com. It’s amazing how there was part of me that thought, “We’re going out. How old am I getting?” I would’ve never had that thought when I was younger. That’s the thing when you learn those lessons from mentors, you do. If you’re offered, you do. You say yes because there is that tendency again of all of us not saying yes to things, not being able to say yes to everything that we do and everything we create. I’m telling you, the people watching me or watching me pace around. This is always fun. Again, everyone is jumping on. We’re about to do a big huge expo. The great part about it is there are over 11,000 people coming. We’ve got the mayor kicking off the show. It’s going to be pretty exciting. What I learned is, I learned to say yes a long time ago and to be of service, to take that piece to be of service.

Everybody heard my podcast with Mark and that made a big difference. Again, hanging out with the mentors, but it was interesting to have one of my mentors say to me, “I’ve learned as much from you as you learned from me. Let’s keep the education and lessons going. Let’s keep doing what we’re doing and making differences as many people as we can because again, that’s what makes the difference.” I’m spinning back around. Whatever city year-end wherever you are, because I took a look at in the last couple of months, I’ve been in seven different cities. It’s all people trying to make a difference. I met with part of our team who shot up from Australia, landed, shot right over, did education, helped a bunch of people and move forward.

As you continue to move down that path, we’ll have mentors on like we always do, but then we’ll have these walk and talks. It’s important to again establish a relationship because part of what you’re doing is you’re creating an engagement. Everybody, write that word down, engagement. Everything that you do is you say yes as you move forward with your business. Make sure that you engage with as many people as possible. There are many ways to engage with your audience. If you’re always being of service and willing to say to them, what makes a difference in life is to make a difference for those around us to make a difference and again, create better whatever it is that we do. How can I make a difference right now? How can I be a difference?

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I’m going to learn from things from my mentor that I’m going to share. I’m going to learn things from the mentors around me that maybe some of you who don’t have access to that I’m going to share. I’ve got a lot of them engaged too, which is great. If you want to check out www.TheVerticalLive.com, you’ll see that we’re bringing on more and more mentors. We’re bringing on more and more people who are there for you, for your education, for your knowledge, for your learning. What’s interesting is they’re all getting into the mission. They’re all getting into what are those things that we can learn because everybody does this. If you’re driving, don’t do this. Visualize yourself one year from now. I worked with some clients now. I said, “What if you took a look at yourself ten years from now? What if you opened your eyes and said, where am I? What have I done? What have I created? What is that part?”

Go ahead and try that for a week. Map it out but do it as if you woke up and it’s ten years from now. What does your life look at? What do you smell? What do you feel? What is going on around you? How would that make a difference in your business? I got a question too. Somebody texted me, “Why Facebook Live?” I could have done it as a Zoom. That’s a good way to do it because I do have an entertainment company and we have almost 300 podcasters. From that position, we do want the audio and the video because we have distribution for TV. We want the video part. We want content. We don’t want you talking about yourself and what you’re selling.

Those of us who have done it a long time could do that cause most of you trust us already. We want content. As you say yes to that next experience and remember to buy every course on the planet and read every book, educate yourself, grow and become bigger and better at what you do. As you continue to do that, you want to make sure that you’re always giving back, that everything you’re doing is of service. If you again look at your life and you say, “I’m going to say yes. I’m going to open myself up for opportunities. I’m going to be of service to others. I woke up, it’s one year, it’s ten years from now.” What did I see here in feel what was around me? What if you did that? What if you did that exercise?

TMS 18 | Hanging Out With Mentors
Hanging Out With Mentors: Establishing relationships is necessary because part of what you are doing is creating engagement.


What if you created that life and whatever that life is? What if you created a better you? What have you seen that in the future and lock it in? What would you need to go along that path? What’s makes a difference is that I realized that when I hit that ten-year mark and I looked back at what I had written, I’m like, “I overachieved everything that I was going for and I helped more people than I expected. I hit the mark. I met mentors that I never expected to meet,” but because I had a program wherein my life I want to go, that makes a big difference. It will make a difference. Now back to the podcasting quick. As you’re podcasting, we do want you on Zoom. Zoom is good because it gives you a good audio and video file.

You can do the same thing with Facebook Live. Now, how many people are watching your Facebook Live? It doesn’t matter how big you are because you’ll have some engagement, but it’s Saturday night. Most people I know are out or about. The Ozzies are probably playing because it’s Sunday. You have to look at when it is, but I’m doing it more from the standpoint of Facebook’s doing my activity for me at the moment, they’re doing my recording. It was easy. It was simple. I could have popped the Zoom. I have a Zoom account. Everybody should use Zoom. Zoom should pay us for that. Everybody should use Zoom because Zoom is pretty amazing. It gives you the audio and video.

We’re always looking for great content. I’ll tell you, anybody listening to the podcast. As we build our podcasting network, which has grown tremendously and in a very short period of time, we’re looking for great content. We’re looking for podcasters who won’t die out after 21 shows. If you look at your life ten years from now and there is some message in there that you want to get out to the world and you’re making a difference and you have great content, contact us and that would be great. I’ll give my email address. You never tried to do this because you should see the email you do get.

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You can go to MSilvers@vtgrp.com. Again, and if you have a radio podcast in existence that you want to move over and be part of a large syndicate because we help and promote each other. The person who runs our platform is going to be the number one speaker on the circuit in podcasting. She’s driving it as we’ve never seen before. She’s been asked at big huge conventions to speak. If you want to be part of that, that would be fantastic. Again, we’re going to discriminate as you know, because some of you will fit the platform better than others. Anybody can be on the platform, but if it’s going to move towards being part of our syndicate in what we’re creating, we want to know what you’re about because we’ve got some pretty big names on there and everybody plays together.

Will you play together? Is it all about you? It’s about others. Again, if you take a look at your message and I’m talking fast, I had a member once who was in another country, said slow down a little bit. We’re trying to translate to the team around us. I can’t do it too excited. I’ll do it on other podcasts. You should’ve heard my last podcast with Mark Yuzuik. He was like a speed demon. I’ll be having lots of mentors on the podcast. I work with them almost every single day. I might even hit some of these at the expo. We’re all going to be at the Small Business Expo in Los Angeles. Again, I know this is time-limited podcasts live there forever.

Realize that the Small Business Expo in LA again, has 10,000 people coming. That’s called bringing an audience to you especially when you’re the main promoter and that makes a difference. It changes your life as you said yes. If I look at the last ten years or when I started in 2005 to 2015, hit what I wanted and re-triggered it for another ten years. I’m hitting all my marks and I’m ahead of some. Some have had little shifts but be careful when your shift because sometimes shift comes out of fear. Fear will be that part of you that says, “I can’t do it, but yes you can.” Again, write down on a piece of paper right now, ten years from and what you’re going to do over the next week is you absolutely going to write out your day in your life and what that means to you and how it feels.

TMS 18 | Hanging Out With Mentors
Hanging Out With Mentors: Some shifts come out of fear.


I’d love to look at everybody’s, but there’d be too many. Again, I’m shamelessly promoting everybody got that. If you want us to be closer to you for $200 for the whole year. Go to www.TheVerticalLive.com. Sign up, it’s $200. You get mentoring for a whole year with some of the top mentors on the planet. It’s two calls a month. We’re moving to that format. It’s interesting. We always had a one call format and we’re always full. I opened it up to more members and we’re going to a two-call format because I have so many mentors who want to do it and they don’t sell anything. I said, “Why?” They said, “Because your mission is bigger and because your mission is driving people, your mission becomes bigger.” Write that down too. As you build out those ten years, do you know what your vision is? Are you clear on where you’re going? If you’re clear on where you’re going and other people understand what you’re doing. With The Vertical Live, part of what we’re doing is we want to take phones into communities that can’t afford in our country and other countries.

I used to say a lot. I did in other countries, but I realized it’s our country too and give them the mentoring that they would never have. Here it is Vertical Live. It’s complimentary for you. Congratulations and welcome. That’s our big part of our picture. We’re rising our membership. We’re very careful who we bring on and who is on The Vertical Live. I usually almost never talk about it on the podcast. We’re at a place that we can open it up a little bit more. Again, we have so many mentors coming on. I have booked a year and a half of speakers if you can believe it and most do a three-part series because I don’t want them to do a drop in and that makes a big difference.

Right now, we have a gentleman named Aaron Young. He’s great. What he’s doing is taking a look at your structure in your business. In December starts one of the YouTube influencers and that will be fun. That’s going to be a three-part series of how they got there, why they moved into podcasting, how they got on TV and all of that. We’ll go from there. You guys have been amazing. This might be a little bit of a shorter podcast. I’m going to meet Bill Walsh. He’s one of my mentors over at Power Team and we’re going to have fun. Work hard, play harder, but have a good time while you do a change a lot of lives make a difference. That’s from another one of my mentors. Your mentors will make a difference. Again, everybody’s got their homework. You have no idea how much I’ve worked off my system. It’s been great. It’s been amazing. Thank you so much for being part of this.

We have lots of events coming up. There are expos I’ll be flying around to. They’re all around the country that’s in the US for now, but we have a lot of things going on in other countries at the moment. We’ve got the whole Australian crew. We got London. We got parts of Europe. The podcasting is worldwide. Our podcasters podcast everywhere in the world as you guys know. That’s great to have them as part of it. I wanted to thank everybody again for being on this. The podcast will be produced and will be shot out and its content. I want to thank you so much from The Mentor Studio. You can hit us at www.TheMentorStudio.com. Thank you so much for staying on. I’ll talk to you all soon.


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