Episode 24: Exposing Life’s Truth With Steven Machat

Mentorship doesn’t necessarily have to be about business directly. Sometimes, improving and understanding other aspects of your life is more important, and will still have an effect on your business. In this episode, Michael Silvers and his guest, entertainment mogul Steven Machat, help us learn the truth about life. Discover the importance of sharing your thoughts and vision with one another in order to completely see your surroundings. Know the bad and the good of the world and how you can live in the rhythm of life and still achieve your dreams.

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Exposing Life’s Truth With Steven Machat

We have Steve Machat and he’s amazing. It was an amazing episode last time. He’s going to empower us to move forward with our lives as we do. If you want to know more about us, you can go to TheMentorStudio.com. We’ll have more mentors coming on. You can go back to that level and you can read about one of the gentlemen who started a huge financial company. I’ll tell you what to do and you’ll be able to have a place to leave questions. We’re going to work with the gentleman who ran some of the big Hollywood productions and still has one of the longest-running shows in Hollywood. Also, we’re going to be talking LinkedIn and making sure you’re dialed in from a social media standpoint with a gentleman who’s down.

The last two episodes also reached about 700,000 people. Many more shows to come and they’re all lined up. I don’t always guarantee that they’re going to be on because when you have a live audience, things change. I want to make sure that you’re reading this that you get the best of the best. Not every show is going to be on. We want you to join us at The Mentor Studio and we’ll tell you how to do that in the next episodes on how that goes. With that being said, I want to introduce Steve. They know who you are. They know what you’re about. Steve, how have you been?

It’s been good. I’ve been traveling. It’s the day of Mercury. Jupiter’s Thursday and then Friday, you’ve got Venus. Saturday, you have Saturn. Sunday, you’ve got the sun. Monday, you’ve got the moon and Tuesday, you’ve got Mars. Why did I tell that? Those seven planets are wanderers including the star. That’s the energy that creates all of us. The energy called the sun and the moon where we sit and we meet. Tuesday is the enemy of physical possession, the iron. Wednesday is the message. What’s the message? Thursday is Jupiter. It’s the knowledge. Whose knowledge? Friday is desire and love. Saturday is wisdom. That’s the ticket. You need to learn all eight things. That’s the arts and sciences and that’s what they don’t teach you in school. They teach you to shut up and behave. “Go make money. Get into debt. Let us own you. Let us control you. Don’t sit there writing with what the heart tells you to do. Hope we can use it for commercials to make people go buy more.” It’s insane. You sit there and like, “God is love and love is God.” They teach you God has a face. God has got no face.

When we talked a little bit about this last time, you have a heavy background in music. I know what you’re doing. We talked about vibration. If you can talk a little bit about the vibration of music and how it changes your soul, even some of the bands you worked with, and what it meant for you from learning, business, and vibration perspective. Anybody in particular.

I’ve got this movie and I’m trying to figure out how can I give you the vibration of death? How do we live in a world that says we believe in God and we go kill each other? There’s another part of the world called plants. We don’t understand that plants have vibrations. Someone that I’ve worked with who was close to me has a machine where he can pick up the vibrations of plants. These plants give off vibrations, which you’re not allowed to know because we’re supposed to be these green beans but we’re not. We’re just partners here in a dimension called Earth. We like the plants and the plants watch the movie. It’s a movie about a battle where almost two million people died. What I’ve done is the plants ended up being the instruments that scored the movie for me. You took their vibrations which are lower than ours. We have seven vibrations and we call them musical notes. It’s A through G. Each note has seven vibrations between each note. We live on 49 vibrations. Watch your dog. Your dog hears things you don’t hear because they can hear them here lower. Let’s say we might be plants and then make an album clip for the soundtrack to my movie.

Truth About Life: We live in a world based on debt and where we are now run and controlled by monopolies. 

Talk a little bit about the movie and from the business perspective, how it came together. It’s an amazing invite you got.

The people in Russia were doing another movie and they went through the KGB files. When they went through the KGB files, there was hidden knowledge of how Russia won a battle called Stalingrad. In the battle, the Siberians were not part of the Russian army but Russia was about to lose the war to the Nazis. What happened is the people of Siberia, both men, and women came to join the battle without weapons and took out the German army. The Russians gave up a lot of lives to stop the Germans because the Germans have broken through Stalingrad. What would have happened was they would have had all the oil and all the energy from what we call Central Asia. That movie saved the world from a Nazi hurricane. A hurricane being people like you and me all of a sudden, became Nazis and they started killing each other. Where did this vibration of hate come from? When the war ended, everyone blamed Hitler for doing it, and Hitler didn’t do it. They did it. It’s interesting to get into the philosophical reasons why we hate and kill each other. That’s the movie. It’s a true story. I’ve been invited to showcase it for the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in May 2020. According to the invite with Putin, Trump, and Xi from China, the three world leaders who came out of World War II will be there.

It’s about showing the background, but it’s the vibration that is creating peace and creating that movement of how can we do better and how can we be better every day. It’s when we take a look at how we mentor each other and what that mentoring is. It creates a vibration even when you mentor people. You develop teams, build something and you create that mentorship of how we do better and what we can do. It’s like when you find somebody you want to work with and you’re not sure why. You know there’s something underlying it. The soul’s touch and the vibration meets, whatever it is. You never know what that movie is going to create in the world and what the difference will be with the plant-based music. With a lot of the acts that you worked with, they changed the world.

It’s not an act that will change anything, other than take the change from your pocket. I’m disappointed with what my generation did to the world. It’s sad.

We’re all doing the best we can every day. Every day, there are leaders and there are people within every generation that stood up and there are some that didn’t make it through. It’s like, “The goodness of man, the forgiveness and love.”

That’s where we should be going. We live in a world based on debt. I feel bad for everyone reading this, that my generation gave kids a 20% interest rate. That screwed up, Michael. When I was young, it was 6% and that was it. Twelve percent, you go to jail. It was called usury.

It’s part of who you are, part of why you are and what you created. When I look at your background, it’s because of the things you did and the experiences you had, good or bad, right or left. We are a culmination of everything that we’ve ever known, been or what we do.

Everything that we think is a step where you gain more knowledge, awareness, and wisdom.

You could be cynical in the world, especially with some people. The one thing that entrepreneurs having some trouble with is where is the world going? If I’m going to be an entrepreneur, can I truly make a difference? Please enlighten them that they can make a difference and being an entrepreneur, you can drive and help the world economy. It doesn’t mean you have to be Mr. Positive all the time. During any of your past backgrounds when you had those dark days, how did you come out on the other side?

I could walk outside and look at people. I look at them and I feel bad and they start crying when they don’t have. Michael, I can’t believe that we have not broken up Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google. Those are monopolies. We live in a world where we are run and controlled by monopolies. We’re told, “This is the program. This is all you can do.” I’m telling you straight up, it needs to stop. Living in a world with Joe Biden, who has dementia is the head of the Democratic nomination to become our president. I don’t want to get political. This isn’t political. This is the truth. What are we doing to our nation? Why do we have health care? You’re sitting here with a virus that they tell you is contagious but everyone reading needs to cough up money to go get a test and then buy the medicine. At the same time, you’re living in a world where we poison the water and air, and we feed people food in America that’s from Monsanto or genetically modified food. We’re not supposed to eat that food. There are bacteria in that food we can catch and China is one of the biggest users of GMOs. Where did these bacteria come from? What’s going on here? What are they hiding? What do they know that we don’t know? You need those answers and then that can tell us.

You can’t live life unless you understand you’re going to take other lives to live your life. That’s the truth about physical life.


If you take a look at where we are and the things that you know that you need to know that you don’t know what we don’t know. We’re living our lives every day. I don’t think we’re just spinning wheels. There are a lot of us out here creating a movement of health, peace, love and working hard to create a better environment. I know sometimes it does, Steve. It feels like an uphill battle at the same time, nothing is easy. If you were to take a look at the entrepreneur, the person who’s like, “It’s not only about me making money because it’s me about creating a legacy and leaving a business.” What are some suggestions you would give to them to get through the dark days where they think it’s all just doom and gloom?

Everything grows from grain. Grain rhymes with pain. No pain, no gain. You will not have everyday sunshine because if there’s sunshine, you end up burning yourself out. You need days and you need nights. Day divides the night and night divides the day. It’s simple. You need to reflect that’s where the moon comes in, Monday. At the same time, you need to put together a team that has the energy and the common vision where you go out to win. When we had bands in the ‘70s and ‘80s, we went on the road. We went to go to win. We went to enlighten people with what was called progressive music with Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, ELO, even Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

This was enlightened music. We wanted to share the knowledge that was not taught or given to you. All of a sudden, they called it classic rock. Classic rock is nonsense. That’s called paid for rock and I was one of the biggest perpetrators of it. I had all those bands. We lost our soul so we became a new commercial, which is okay. There was nothing enlightening listening to Tainted Love. That was about love. That was a huge song, or Come On Eileen or John Waite, I Ain’t Missing You or Bobby Brown. We wrote that song in my house. My prerogative. The Beetlejuice, Ain’t My Thing. What happened was I went to see Beetlejuice and I left them alone in my house with Teddy Riley. He wouldn’t come with me, he says, “I’m not watching the Beetlejuice.” I’m like, “Why not?” That’s where the lyrics came in Ain’t My Thing.

I couldn’t get these stories nonstop. The New Edition, Seal, The Brand New Heavies. When you’re putting together your team, you dream. Ozzy Osbourne, that whole thing I did. Sharon Osbourne didn’t do that. She married Ozzy to get even with her father. These are all stories that are in the book, Gods Gangsters & Honour. What happened is I woke up one day and I’m like, “I’m making celebrities so I could feed off them.” That’s what goes on. I don’t want to feed off people. I want people to understand. If the New Edition could have a hit record, so can every single one of you reading this. How do you do it? You put together a team that will help you have your dream. What’s your dream? They’re telling you the new way social media, there’s nothing new about that. It’s a different messaging system.

When you need social media, you need people to become attracted to your dream. When they become attracted to your dream, you have two things to do. You could put them in bonds and create a new matrix or you could take away the matrix and make it where everyone understands this special, unique and extraordinary. No one is better than anyone. We’re all from the same creative force. We’re all energy and you don’t die. You lose your body and the body goes back to Earth, but you sit there. You have a choice about where to go. We are dimensional. We’re more than one-dimensional characters. We’re energy and energy never dies and that’s the truth.

Why do some make it, why don’t? Is it that dream? Is there one example you could give? One thing entrepreneurs run into a problem with is how to keep that dream alive? How to build that dream. One of the bands that we would know or somebody we would know so there’s a relationship to a song. How did you create the dream or visualize the dream or had them visualize the dream, and they made a difference? Is there any story around that you can relate to and we could lock into how I personally can create a dream with a team?

No, because each dream is different. I’ll give you an example. In 1978, Steve Biko died. This song changed my life. Steve Biko died in September of ‘77. Who’s Steve Biko? Steve Biko was the black that they killed in South Africa. I have a different problem with Nelson Mandela because when you study the truth, what he did was he took over a country. Instead of putting the practice that enslaved the country into jail, he gave them lifetime jobs. He put the country in bigger debt than they ever worked because he didn’t understand. They separated politics from economics, but you can’t do that. Every breath you take is related to your life. It’s not the way they teach us. You have to understand. You’re living in a sundial of energy and you need to live on Earth. You need to understand the darkness and you need to understand light. Darkness is if you turn on the light, you get it. Light always comes through and you need to understand when you stand in the center of the light, you have no shadows. You can’t hide what you do. You need to go and tell the truth.

In ‘77, Peter Gabriel’s new app came out. It’s done. He’s joined Atlantic Records. I bring the record in and I play it for about 85 people. The whole company’s listening to the new Peter Gabriel record and at the same time, I’m working with a band called Chic, which broke up. They’re three people and I had the third. I’m working with an artist named Cerrone. Why are they relevant? Because they were dance artists. Peter was not a dance artist. He was a thoughtful artist. What happened was all these people are in Atlantic and they’re looking at me like, “We can’t market that song.” I go, “Why can’t you market that song?” “It’s not like everything else.” I said, “That’s why you can market the song. This song makes you think and makes you feel. It doesn’t let you just go into ecstasy where you’re high as a kite and you’re dancing away your night.” What happened was they refused the record. I didn’t know what to do so I said to them, “You refused the record. Give me back the contract.” They look at me and they go, “What?” I said, “We’re not changing. This is what Peter wants to communicate and this is what we’re going to do.”

Truth About Life: Today, it’s easy to contain an idea by shutting down the borders. It’s also easy to spread an idea by opening up the borders and sharing it.

We got into it and Ahmet Ertegün, who I did love and was a clever man, ran and created Atlantic. I said, “Ahmet, you have all the people.” I knew him because of my father. My father, for those who don’t know, was one of the first music lawyers going way back into the ‘50s. He had all the bands. Dad was a lawyer and he ended up with the Beatles. He had the Rolling Stones, The Dave Clark Five, Sam Cooke, and James Brown. It’s in my book, Gods Gangsters & Honour. What I did is I used musicians to help wake me up to the truth and why we do the things we do, which in my book, Colonization of Earth. I’ll tell you who made our matrix. I’ll tell you here’s how it happened. It took me 50 years to put that together.

My whole life, I did it through song and dance. What happened was I got the contract back for Peter Gabriel. I made a one-off deal with a company called PolyGram because they wanted to prove that they were into intellectual artists. What I did is I sold that album and you’re talking about being an entrepreneur. I sold it to Virgin in the UK, PolyGram outside the UK, and the other territories that I called in the United States and Canada. I gave it to Geffen Records in the United States and Canada. We had two shots at the apple and this was different. If you go to Spotify, everyone in the world can hear the same songs. Back then, we had borders. Your radio station had to be only licensed in that one territory. Now, it’s easy to spread an idea. It’s easy to contain an idea by shutting down the borders or opening up the borders and sharing an idea. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens because this is the Age of Aquarius and the information can’t be hidden. We’re going to learn a lot of truths.

It’s one of my all-time favorites and the song still moves my soul. Peter Gabriel was one of my favorites forever but when I first heard that, I went, “That’s a soul-moving song.” The vibration and rhythm, everything about it were good.

You made me think of something important. I’ve discovered more than ever that human beings have a bass and a drum. The plants have the wind. I’ve discovered the difference between wind instruments and bass and drums. It’s fascinating. This is the world we live in. I love it when people tell me they’re vegetarians and they don’t eat meat because they don’t want to kill life. Plants are alive. You can’t live life unless you understand you’re going to take other lives to live your life. You can’t do it. That’s the truth about physical life. You need to understand that it’s all part of a process and it’s a circle because at the end of our physical lives, our body goes back to Earth and we become Earth. We become worm food. The worms eat us. That’s the truth.

We are all part of the whole. We have a tendency of wanting to separate ourselves. We are no more or less than anybody else. We’re all heading the same direction. We’re going to go back and feed the worms. A big piece that we all have to know is we are responsible for who we are at the moment and what we create around us, which is why we talk about volunteering all the time. Doing more for others and giving more for others. Everything I create, there’s always that giving component, not because it looks good but because it’s important for everything that we do.

You have to understand when you live on Earth, you live by the rules of your heart. Your heart takes in oxygen and gives out carbon dioxide. It’s called give and takes. That’s what life’s all about. When you learn to give and take, you’re living in the rhythm of life. If someone gives everything, there’s something wrong with them. Someone that takes everything, you’re going to fall on your butt. If you give everything, you’re going to fall in your face. You need to be balanced. You need to give and take. You need to live a balanced life. Night and day. Male and female.

We all have our roots. We all came from somewhere and we all have this tendency of moving somewhere. You’re a people person. You’re an extrovert and you like people. People are your currency. If you go back to a time in the first twenty years of your life, was there anything that in a way you felt stopped? There are always roadblocks and there are things that block us. We were younger and you had a different mindset. You’re moving forward and you looked at it. You felt it, you overcame it, and you then moved forward. How did you do that?

My father threw me in the fray real quick. I used to be the bicyclist that would run with a boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson. I was never intimidated when anyone said they were for what we believe they were. I worked at a young age. We’re all here to help each other. Even your three-year-old son will say, “I’ll help you.” That three-year-old son or your three-year-old daughter is going to teach you what love is. Love is sacrifice. Love sharing and giving. When you learn those truths, don’t be intimidated by anyone because when you see someone that you don’t feel their energy, my advice to you is to get out. When you see someone that you would never eat with, why would you do business with them? You have an inner knowledge that tells you exactly who you can mesh with and who you could join forces with. You can tell in a heartbeat, “No, I was never shy and I always had a big mouth.”

Life’s all about give and take. When you learn to give and take, you’re living in the rhythm of life.


I started to think that but that’s okay. You don’t want to assume anything. There was a question, Steve. Andrew wanted to know, can you slowly give the exact title of the book and a little bit of a description of the cover so they can order online and a little bit about the book itself?

The book is called The Colonization of Earth and the Making of Mankind. It’s the scriptures all over Earth that tell you how our Earth was created and how mankind became what we are. It’s hidden in plain view. No one’s ever had the nerve to marry it to the Creator of all. In this book, it took me my whole life to write it because it’s hard to understand. I wrote it as a rock and roll opera. It’s a play. I’ll introduce you to the aliens that landed on earth and I tell you why they came to Earth. They came to get the gold. Everyone sits there and everyone wants gold but did anyone ever ask themselves, “Why gold? What are you going to do with the gold?” You can’t eat it. You can’t reproduce with it. You can’t even sleep on it. Let alone carry it. It glitters. Everything that glitters is not gold. I’ll tell you why gold. I’ll give you all the answers.

Here’s where I was blessed. I’ve made music in over 100 nations. I’ve represented the top artists in their time and space when I met them all over the world. I’ve had the top artists in Africa, Brazil and all over. I had it in Norway and I had it everywhere. Even Russia and all over England, the United States and Canada. I feel blessed because everyone thought about this lesson. We’re all from the same source. I wanted to know who divided us. When did this all happen? Why do we not understand that each of us is special, unique and extraordinary individuals from a common goal? This book gives you the answers. It’s written in seven acts and I can pollute it with my thoughts.

I’m going to be lecturing at the Comic Convention because, in another life of mine, I worked with Stan Lee. We had a company together called Stan Lee Media. What we were doing was we were making webisodes and we were taking musicians to school at the webisodes. We were doing it with the Wu-Tang Clan. Except in my book, Gods and Gangsters. I’ll tell you what happened to that company. Stan Lee got in bed with the thought that Bill Clinton would do a webisode. Bill Clinton got Stan Lee to give Hillary Clinton money in the year 2001 for Senate, and that was it. I’ll leave that story for another time. If anyone buys the book, The Colonization of Earth and the Making of Mankind and you don’t like it, I’ll buy it back from you.

You brought up that you’re going to be speaking at Comic-Con and I know a lot of people reading this go to Comic-Con. I know you’re going to be talking about what you did with Stan Lee but what in particular or what is your premise to be there? What is your outcome?

They asked me to join him so I could go through the book. This book tells you where those characters came from. The descriptions are there for all of us to read. If you look up the word Anunnaki, it’s thousands of articles. It’s not Steve Machat being crazy. It’s Steven Machat being the astrologer to connect the dots of human life. Anu stands for the king. Ki means that this will be the space travelers that came to earth from planet Nibiru. When I was a boy, I couldn’t get out of Superman. I’m like, “What is this story? Where did this story come from?”

I learned that the people that created these stories knew about Anunnaki. The Vatican did everything they could to stop you from knowing what I’m telling you. Without going into it, I give you all the answers. I give you the conspiracy and the matrix. If I do nothing else on Earth and I’m able to open up people’s minds to love and support each other, work together and build a community of mankind called heaven here on Earth. Also, we allow other people to say, “No, your job is here to work for us in service. As you’re working for us and serving us, next time you get to go to heaven and sit with God.” Do we believe this crap? It needs to stop.

Truth About Life: Be healthy. Don’t let fear into your body because fear will eat your body.

The great thing about what we do as entrepreneurs are, we are trying to make a difference. We don’t always agree with them and they don’t always agree with us. If there are people reading and somehow, there are things you’re agreeing with Steve and you don’t, great because that’s called conversation. It’s one thing as a human that has gotten lost in some of the governmental organizations. It’s the way it is. Let’s get back to talking to each other. You have an idea and I have an idea.

We need to poke, provoke each other and elevate all of us. If you have a thought, share your thoughts. I can’t see everything with my eyes. Maybe I could see 240 degrees. I’m missing 1/3 of what’s around me. I can’t see what’s behind me, but the lovely person I’m sitting with can surely see behind me. She can tell me what’s going on through the window. You need to share. The only way you’ll be able to see 360 degrees is you share and you need to understand this 360 degrees. If you and I are sitting at 1:00 in the sundial, our back is a part of the world. You need to know what’s going on.

I did a tour of the White House in the Senate and there was a wonderful ex-Congressman in the ‘80s and ‘90s touring us around. He said, “Even if we didn’t agree with each other, we talked, we had lunch together, we spent time together and we were a community. We agree to disagree and then figure out what we need to do.” In his eyes and his world, that’s all God. He told me about the people that would have lunch together every day and I’m like, “That’s sure doesn’t happen in the last several years.” We have to come together as a community and that’s the big thing about an entrepreneur. As entrepreneurs, we can create that flow, that movement and move forward. Steven, any last thoughts before we let you go? You’ve been amazing.

I’m asking you all to please feel this energy. Don’t let our government panic you. Take care of yourself and take care of your health. They suspended all the NBA games. Something’s going on that’s bigger than anything you and I have ever done. They’re scaring you. They’re scaring us into a pandemic that’s something not right. What we need to do is we need to take hold of our bodies and understand that something’s not right here. Be healthy, be with the ones you love and let go of fear into your body because fear will eat your body. Believe in the Creator. Don’t let what’s going on destroy you because it will end and it needs to end in peace with love, not this harmony in governmental control with the military behind it.

The Colonization of Earth and the Making of Mankind: The Book of Earth – Opus I – A Rock Opera

Everybody, do what Steve said. Live in love. Live and take care of yourself. It will all be okay. Steve, thank you so much. This was amazing. Steve’s website is StevenEMachat.com. If anybody has any thoughts or questions for Steve that come up, post it on Facebook and I’ll get it to him. I’ll make sure that they’re answered.

Please let me know if I’ve touched you because by doing that, you’ve touched me, we could become more than we were. I’m not going to sell. I ran for the US Senate. They wouldn’t let me in the debates. I ran for Congress. I’m not part of their system. I don’t believe in this matrix we live in. There’s something wrong, people. Remember one thing, you’re bigger than what they’re telling you. If you have any questions, I’m at Michael’s system and I would be honest to answer whatever you want.

Post the questions on Facebook and I’ll get into Steve. It’s not a problem. He is here for us. He’s one of the mentors of The Mentor Studio and we’re here for all of you.

When the United States banned cigarettes from all airplanes, they did it in six hours flight or under. There’s only one flight that was more than six hours in the US. Do you know what it was?

No, I don’t.

Miami to Seattle. You and I are the longest distance to the United States. Here we are communicating as if we’re next to each other. I love you. I welcome and I support everything you’re doing. You’re helping people become aware of your array of energy and the Coronavirus. Do you know what Corona means? It’s the energy of the sun. It’s the crown energy. We’re all in it. I send everyone reading my love and support. Keep your feet on the ground and don’t panic.

Love is sacrifice. Love is sharing and giving.


Thank you, Steve. You’ve been amazing. Thank you, everyone.

I want to thank you all for being on from The Mentor Studio, myself, our team, my wife and everybody who makes this happen. Thank you so much. Farewell, everybody.

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About Steven Machat

Steven Machat is one of the World’s most successful entertainment moguls. He has been involved with producing and/or marketing music and artists all over the world and is legally trained as an attorney.

Some of the artists he has worked with are ELO, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, Snoop Dogg, and Bobby Brown. Also Mani Dibango and Angelic Kidgo from Africa, and Rita Lee and Gilberto Gil from Brazil. Movies he is credited on include Anaconda, Street Fighter, and Judge Dredd.

People he has known in social circles include Stan Lee, HH Dalai Lama, and Prince Andrew. He has taught and lectured at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, and music festivals and book fairs in over 100 countries. He sought election to the US Senate in 2016 and the US House of Representatives in 2018. He has not ruled out a late entry into the 2020 Presidential race.

Machat delivers his sixth tome to you like someone on a personal metaphysical and philosophical journey. Machat has traveled the globe as few have. His travels over the last forty-plus years have allowed him to research and experience the insights contained in this book.“The Book Of Earth,” subtitled, “A Rock Opera,” on account of its references to music culture, arrives December 9th. In the book, Machat expunges the accepted concepts of religion and asks: Why are we slaves to the few? Who are they? Why do we acquiesce to this systematic humiliation? And for that matter: Who are we? Why are we here? How did we get here? Machat says of his new offering: “the accepted ‘truths’ of the origins of cultures, religions and our very civilization are robustly challenged and debunked by a man who has traveled the planet to unlock the truths.”He is rumored to be in talks regarding a film adaptation. Steven Machat, always outspoken and the consummate raconteur will be undertaking interviews coast to coast throughout December, before an international speaking tour early in 2020

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