Episode 41: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life: Embracing Growth With Scott And Nancy Kiesling

TMS 41 | Embracing Growth


What sets the most successful people from the rest of the crowd is their firm adherence to lifelong discipleship. To them, it has always been about learning, moving forward and embracing growth. That’s how it’s always been about for Scott and Nancy Kiesling, a power mentor couple at The Mentor Studio. Scott and Nancy found their purpose in inspiring other people to live their best lives. Together, the make up a dynamic duo that lets you get a view of purpose from both sides of the coin. Catching up with Michael Silvers on this episode, they share what prompted each of them to join forces in the mentoring world and their shared passion for continuous learning and sharing that accumulated wisdom to the rest of the world.

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Change Your Focus, Change Your Life: Embracing Growth With Scott And Nancy Kiesling

For a minute, I forgot who I was and where I am. Isn’t that great? What’s great about what’s going on is we remember the homes that we’re in. I know my home better than I ever have in my whole life. For years, my wife and I have not lived here because we’ve been traveling. I found things that I didn’t remember I even had. It’s about what you make of any situation. Are you still making a difference? With The Mentor Studio, if you want to know more about the mentors and what we’re doing, we’re going to put more mission-driven information on the site, go to TheMentorStudio.com.

How many yeses? No matter whether you type it, you’ll still get to the same place. It is about being mission-driven and the mission is a strategy to get you there. The vision is to take this worldwide message of mentoring all around the world. We’re not going to tell people what to do. What we’re going to do is have them go along with us, drive it into villages, take it into the world, and make sure that they’re teaching themselves. We can’t teach everybody, but if we can teach one and they teach a million, life is good.

I wanted to thank you all. It’s going to be exciting because there are always changes. There are always things going on. I have an amazing couple. I’m going to let them, as we always know, earn the right why they’re here and why they’re going to be on. You want to hear this information. We have fun doing it. We have fun on the show all the time and they’re part of the team. They’re part of The Mentor Studio, they’re mentors on The Mentor Studio, and they will take your life to the next level. I’m going to let them talk a little bit about that. Let’s give a big round of applause for Scott and Nancy.

Michael, thank you for having us.

It’s a great day because we’re alive, our eyes opened and hopefully, we’re being of service to at least one person. Tell us a little bit about your guys’ background and what you do.

A little bit about me. I grew up in New York and I come from the film industry of 30 years. I was a special effects coordinator and I also owned a rock climbing gym and adventure guide service. The more I learned about human behavior in the film industry, the more I saw how we, the humans, walking around were characters, things that we did and said, and how we could uncover that for folks. I took my human behavior part of what I learned in the movie industry and turned it into a coaching business so that we could help more people to live their best life.

For me, I’m also from up North, from Rhode Island. I come from a female-dominated family. I’m 1 of 5 girls, I’m the baby. I have a unique perspective on women is what I’ve learned throughout my life. How I think is a little bit different than the other women in my life. That’s always been my pinpoint and I’ve turned it into a career. I help women who are struggling to find their true authentic self, find the love of their life, have their best life. I get to do it with my husband, Scott, and we get to be the model of what we are helping people to find. For us, together, it’s living that every day authentically so we can help people in the best way.

We’re going to jump into that but I can’t let go of this part. Are you from New York? Are we talking the Mets? Are we talking the Dodgers? Are we talking the Yankees?

We’re talking the Mets.

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That’s fine because that felt Seinfeld side anyways. The Mets are all right. It’s still all Dodgers for my family. Can you tell where they were from? We’ll let go of that. Rhode Island, what a great state to come from because if you’re driving through it and you blinked, you’re in the next state. I’ve heard it’s the best people on the planet. That’s what I’ve heard. Everybody from Rhode Island says, “We are the friendliest, nicest people on the planet.”

It’s a wonderful place. It’s cold a little bit longer than I like so I don’t live there anymore.

That’s a good thing. I was born and raised in LA and I’m going the other way. It’s the thing about with relationships. Everything is relationship. What people understand is when you find who you are, it’s how you deal them with business, how you deal with building grandchildren, nephews, nieces, aunts, cousins, and people walking on the street, socially distance and mask. Can you believe that’s going to be heard a few years from now?

At the same time, relationships are the basis of everything we do in this life. It’s those fractured pieces or pieces that sometimes stop us from moving forward or decision that we’re still making not to move forward. Down this path you both went and also talk a little bit about it too because that is not always easy. It’s building more tools in your tool belt to get through whatever the times are. This is the Midwestern cranking your tractor or what book you read that started you down this path.

For me, it was Autobiography Of A Yogi by Yogananda. I’ve always been spiritual and I found that a big part of my life was self-centered and selfish. I truly came to a point where I needed something else. What I found through that book was what I was searching for as being of service. The way that I can be of service is I take people on adventures and not only change your mindset but your physiology. When I read that book and I recognized the gift that I was given that this is a gift I can give away and I can give it away to everybody that I meet. For me, that was the push.

For me, it was my mother. She was a life coach before life coaches were a thing. She was of service to everyone and anyone that she came across. If she went to a gas station, sometimes it would be a two-hour conversation with the guy behind the counter because something would come up and we’d be sitting there as teenagers like, “Come on, mom.” She passed away years ago and there was a line out the door of people that were strangers to us but that she touched. After that, when I came across Tony Robbins for the first time, it was the closest thing that I had ever heard towards how my mother thought and talked about life. I realized you can do this as a career. I’ve been helping people my whole life with advice, but why not get strategic on it? It then turned the corner after that and it became something.

You mentioned also about meditation and spirituality. My cousin was the first Roshi in the United States. He created the Zen Peacekeeper Movement with Jeff Bridges. They were the first group way back in the ‘70s. They got a group of Zen Buddhist monks and Roshis with Jewish rabbis and with Catholic priests. In New York, they have this whole meeting. It was one of the first like that right off J. Paul II and all the changes that were coming in at that time and people were talking to each other. Remember those days?

It was the beginning of that. It is those things that you sometimes read or longed onto. Something within your family heritage, as you said, with your mom. There is that side of us that we don’t realize we’re looking at it now. It makes those changes in our world because many years ago, we did a lot of network marketing. It’s successful which is why we’re home for many years. For my kids, it was a little bit of having to listen to the Zig Ziglar and the Jim Rohn. We listened to music but we never know what a difference it makes. We never know that ingraining will change like what your mom did with you. Look at all the years later and you’re honoring that moment.

There are many things that come up every day that I’m like, “Wow.” It blows your mind because it was a different way of thinking. You learn from it, you absorb it.

TMS 41 | Embracing Growth
Embracing Growth: We only know what we know when we know it but we’ve got to move forward. Acknowledge that you’re moving forward and embrace growth.


A great short story about Matthew McConaughey. Growing up in Texas, he was awarded an award as a little kid as Mr. Texas and his mom had this picture in the kitchen. Every morning, Matthew, as a little boy, would come in and his mom would say, “You remember, you are little Mr. Texas.” He found out through COVID that on the trophy, on the plaque on the bottom, it said runner-up. He said, “Imagine if my mom would’ve said you were the runner-up, would I be where I am now?” How powerful our language and what we put out there can do for us.

That’s always what you focus on like Richard Branson’s grandma. It’s such a great biography because it’s the things that we focus on that will stop us from being what we truly can be. We used the NLP: Don’t think of the blue tree. Stop thinking of the blue tree. It’s one of those things that it’s, where is your mind going at the moment? How are you using the skills and the tools that you have? How are you moving forward? You’re always investing in your future. The biggest way to be successful is have 3 coaches, 2 mentors and a mastermind.

I talk more about that in-depth and I’ve done it on calls. It’s having the people around you but at the same time, what’s the messaging that you’ve received so far? How have you taken that message so far? One thing I always like to do with this show is to know the audience, if they’re reading this and then they go off to Joe Rogan or somebody, they never come back. What are three things that you guys could give advice? It’s either something they could do in their lives, whether it’s a wake-up routine and go to bed, whatever that is. They never read this again. What are three things they can do that could make a difference in their life if they’re committed to it?

I’ll throw one out and then I’ll give two to you. Change your focus and change your life. If you’re seeing negative manifestations, you can be aware of that thought pattern, and you can change what you’re focusing on, you will change your life. As far as others, I would say grateful journal.

Grateful journal, I’m going to say as well. For me, that was a life-changer. Adding in things that I’m grateful for that I no longer have in my life which was a little twist to it. Looking back on your past and writing out everything you did that you aren’t happy with and letting it all go. Acknowledging it but letting it go and giving yourself compassion that you’re working on becoming a better person. It’s okay. We only know what we know when we know it but we’ve got to move forward. Let that go, acknowledge that you’re moving forward, and embrace it, embrace the growth.

That is that piece about embracing the growth. I still always go back to get somebody to work with you. The critical piece here is get somebody to work with you because we’ll do more for others than we will for ourselves. If it’s Scott and Nancy for you, fantastic, but get somebody to work with you because that will make a big difference as you’re doing those techniques. That’s a critical piece.

You’ll only go so far. That’s the biggest thing. You’ll stop yourself in that process because it gets scary or things come up. When you have an accountability coach, it helps you dive into where you need to go.

For the coaches out there, a lot of you know who I am because I’ve trained many, but everybody is a life coach. Find your group because 98% of life coaches aren’t working. It’s the same as actors. You need to find that place at the same time, tag onto something larger than yourself for now, in the beginning. That’s that piece of getting your ego out of the way. That’s part of looking at yourself and thinking, it’s the posturing that you can do more and part of that, in the beginning, starts with tying yourself to another group, in another organization. I’ve done it.

You guys have done it and that makes a difference to be able to take your mess. I couldn’t have got my mission, my wife and I, out to a million people if we hadn’t tagged along or been part of larger organizations that already had a machine and then we could have had ours anytime, but there was a decision made why. We’re truly loving what we do, the vision fits where we want to go, and we go from there. That’s been years. You guys have a deep background in coaching and training. Talk a little bit about that.

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I’ve been a trainer and a coach for many years in a few different realms. The movie industry being the big one for me. When I opened my climbing gym, that was the adventure side of me getting out to get in there.

For me, I’m newer than him. I’m a few years of coaching, Tony Robbins and some NLP background. What comes to the surface more often than any of it is my life experience. I got to watch the house full of women go through. It was constant and I was the little kid at the table absorbing it all until I was a grown adult and then I was there myself. Going through the coaching myself and learning why I struggled in my life to have the relationship that I truly wanted and going through that to get to the other side opened up a whole new gamut of possibility. That’s what the coaching side aspect of it now enables me to pass on to others because it’s like a Pandora’s Box that you get to open with somebody else and go, “It’s all there. You get to dive in and look at it a little different.”

The amazing part is it changes every day and it doesn’t. There are things about ourselves that even though they don’t change, there’s a reason that it’s there and it’s helping us move forward. This is not sometimes about tearing everything down. The fear of moving forward sometimes is completely different than who I am now. Sometimes, it’s a little tweak or a little nudge. Paste, paste, lead in the NLP world. What makes a difference is we’re working with clients and we’ve done a little bit of that. At the same time, we’re always working on ourselves. Talk a little bit about, because I talk about it too, you need to invest in yourself to continue to move forward. Sometimes, people will say, “Does that cost?” It’s a cost to you not to. Talk a little bit about the investment that you’ve done in your life, the courses you’ve taken, and what’s got you to where you’re at.

I am a lifelong learner and the amount of training that I’ve taken would take up all the time to talk about because I learn all the time. We hired another coach and not an expensive coach. We want to level up to help more people. The only way that we can do that is utilizing others. Nothing great has ever been built by one person, ever. We all get in our own way. For me, hiring those mentors, hiring those coaches that have gone through what I’m going through who are successful in where I want to go in serving people, then they’re my roadmap. Now we jump in our car, we have a GPS so they’re my GPS because we wouldn’t jump in the car without it. There’s so much value in their knowledge and how they can take us through what they’ve already done to be successful in serving others.

What they’ve already done that we’re looking to do. That’s the biggest thing. You’re seeking out someone who’s already where you want to be and then following their footsteps of how they got there. The same thing, life learner. I love to learn. I love to research things. Some of it I’ve spent money on and some of it I haven’t. It’s my own self-education but the stuff I’ve invested in and put the dollar amount into, it’s amazing how you show up so differently than you ever would before. For me, I know when it’s something that I need to do and go into. If I invest in someone that’s going to hold me accountable, show me the way, I’m going to show up different than I would if I go, try, and learn it on my own.

You’ll do more because of them. Sometimes, we’re looking for the magic bullet. Everybody wants the magic bullet. The great thing about this is it takes time. Sometimes, you get it the first time, people have you, or I’ll deal with Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive. Some people have gone 20 times, and the 21st time they’re like, “Did you see the shift?” Their life is different from then on, but it’s having the resilience to keep coming back. It’s like once a year tune-up, having the resilience to do and take those things as many times as you need before you get to the place where it’s time to move forward because it doesn’t always work that way.

That’s something that’s got to be well-known. It’s not about going to a course one time then you’re going to be completely different. No matter what anybody says, the speakers want you to, we want you to be different that day, but it could be years of work while you’re still putting into action the practices to create multiple streams of income because that’s all we’re ever talking about. That’s the big buzzword. That’s what people truly want. They want to be better and they want to enjoy their life, but they don’t want the stress of money all the time at the same time. It’s the thing where you go into action then you get the coaches, the mentors, the mastermind. That’s a great point. Any last things for this audience before we go, before I give them a little wrap?

I feel like we’ve covered a lot of stuff.

We’ll do this again in 2021. Scott and Nancy are part of The Mentor Studio. They’re one of the mentors on the team. You all will be hearing a lot more. We’ll do some live calls too. We’re looking for big ramp-ups. We put out over 200 hours of virtual networking and events. We’re also ready, looking at the big stages again for 2021. There was a call, they’ve already started to book the stages. We’ll go with the flow and what happens happens. We always look at, not the entertainment division so much, but we take a look at large concerts, and they’re not booking anything until the end of 2020. Everybody is looking at what they’re doing to see what else everybody else is going to do. We’ll get rolling all this. Small events have started already. People need to know. It’s odd to see a room that can seat 300 with 25 people in there spread around, but it works. We don’t hug, kiss and high-five.

TMS 41 | Embracing Growth
Embracing Growth: Seek out someone who’s already where you want to be and then follow their footsteps of how they got there.


I miss it so much.

I can give you all the moves. I’ve done it but it’s the thing we’re excited to have you guys on. If anybody wanted to find out a little more information, what’s the easiest way to get in touch with you?

You can go to our website which is ScottAndNancyKiesling.com or type Scott and Nancy Kiesling into Google. You’ll find our Facebook page or LinkedIn and other avenues as well.

I’ll give you guys the advice like I give to everybody else, make sure that you have a text opt-in, always have a text opt because 90% of the world is moving to text opt-ins and people can remember, “Text SAndN5999.” It almost came out. That could be bad if you type it wrong. People will do that and they’ll remember it. Also, audience remember when they do your text opt-in, but they get back. It’s not only a little bit of they get the five greatest tips you’ve ever had. You lock them into wanting more at that point.

If nothing else, you’ve given them something to walk with and that’s always a big piece. I wanted to thank you two for being on. This has been great. We always have fun here at The Mentor Studio. TheMentorStudio.com. Make sure that you go there, you sign up. It’s $400 a year. It went up. What can you do? We’re still looking at the vision is to take this accountability and make a difference in the world. It has been delayed until 2022 because we do some prep work before that to be a team and a family.

We’re going to the big virtuals. We’re going to the big stages. We’re looking for more mentors but we’re slowing down on that part. My business partner was Tony’s VP for eighteen years and her coming on board, I got more mentors than I know what to do with. We’re still picking and choosing, which is great, and they’re all on the mission together. It’s awesome to have you two here. From myself and The Mentor Studio, we thank you for being on.

Thank you for having us. We enjoyed it.

It’s been great. From my team and everybody else out there, thank you, whether it’s your morning, afternoon, or evening. Make it a great one. We’ll talk to you soon. Goodbye, everyone.


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What happens when you take two people from completely different journeys, and bring them together to impact the world?  You get a view of purpose from both sides of the camera. Prior to meeting, Scott & Nancy had very different lives, however, they were on the path to elevating who they needed to be in order to become the perfect fit for one another! Their uniting could never have happened at any other point in time and been as kismet and powerful as it was.

Together, Scott & Nancy have found their purpose in inspiring others to achieve what they believe to be impossible in order to live their best lives! This dynamic duo has experienced life through becoming entrepreneurs, adventure specialists, life strategists, authors, filmmakers, and world travelers who find true happiness in encouraging people to push beyond their perceived limitations towards new and previously unexplored heights. This is accomplished through a variety of unique techniques that enable rapid, transformational change.


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