Episode 55: Bring A Bat And Start Knocking Down Your Boundaries With David Chametzky

TMS 55 | Bring A Bat


You can have peace and love all you want, but it’s meaningless if you don’t act. You have to bring a bat and knock down all those limiting beliefs, boundaries, and non-negotiables. That’s the only way you can find that path to happiness. Join Michael Silvers as he talks to David Chametzky about growing through life’s obstacles. David is the host of the Peace, Love, and Bring a Bat Podcast. He is also the CEO, Mentor, and Speaker at On The PATH. Learn more about the Phoenix mindset and the path to happiness. Rise together with everyone in today’s episode of The Mentor Studio.

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Bring A Bat And Start Knocking Down Your Boundaries With David Chametzky

I wanted to welcome you to another episode of the show. It’s great that we bring the best of the best. Anytime you read something where you’re going to learn one thing, write this down, that’s a great day. It’s about some times when I can learn one thing because you’ve sat in a class. How many of us sat in college? I had a professor once who just read the book to us. I was like, “Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?” I decided at that point and I’ve learned this all through the years. Even Zig Ziglar talks about Proctor. If you get one thing or if there’s one tidbit you can get from it, you’ve had a great day. There’s something you can get from everything.

Know that when you listen to a show, you can listen to the full size. What is the one thing that I learned? Don’t say that I didn’t know before because it might be something you’ve heard ten times but you heard it differently because you’re in a different position. It’s a great day. I’ve got Dawna, my Cohost, out here, which you’re all getting to know. She’s one of the lead trainers for the show. She’s got an amazing background. She did play with people’s money over $500 million. She has been amazing and created healing around the world. She has an amazing business. She has been a godsend and blessing to the show.

I would like to introduce David Chametzky. His TEDx Talks is about rise and resiliency. We will all have a phoenix within us, “Cluberty™ is a word I personally trademarked about a growth I experiences. I believe we all should experience it as we get on the right track. When we find the R in our lives, we can grow in ways that we hadn’t expected.” There’s Peace Love and Bring a Bat Podcast and mindset. Goons for Good is a charitable arm. We can all do something. Talking about service on this planet, you’re all about service. That’s why you’re here. Let’s give a big round of applause for David. Thank you for being on, David.

David, normally we have you introduce and share yourself a little bit more some things about you and one thing that we may not know.

There are always a bunch of things that you don’t know. I’m Dave. I have a podcast. I do TEDx and all the things that Michael said. What gets me is that charitable part, Goons for Good because we all know somebody in how we connect. We can either know somebody who needs some assistance or people we want to assist. As Muhammad Ali said, “The price we pay for living on this planet is the service we do for others.” I enjoy it. It’s one of those things. That’s how I started Goons for Good piece.

TMS 55 | Bring A Bat
Bring A Bat: Peace, Love, and Bring a Bat is not about bringing a bat and hurting somebody. It’s about those non-negotiables, those boundaries. It’s those things in life that really set you apart.


I started knowing somebody that if you want us to animal rescue, I knew a ton of animal rescue places. If you want to help veterans, I help veterans and know veterans. There are a ton of opportunities. You just have to look for it. For the phoenix piece, May 11th, 2006 was my phoenix day. What that means is I was going through a big challenge. Dawna and Mike, I’m sure you’ve gone through challenges in your life. It hasn’t been sunflowers and rainbows your whole life. What you do is go through a phoenix moment. You’re in the ashes. You can’t get up. You don’t know how to get up.

What do you do? You got to get up. There’s always an option. Fall down seven times. Get up eight. That’s one of those great metaphors. Do as you get up but how you get up. When you’re a phoenix, you keep getting up. That’s part of the story. The interesting part about being a phoenix is that it’s in every culture. It’s not just in Eastern culture. It’s in the Native American, Greek culture, Jewish faith and the Bible. When people start saying that they’re birds, they’re not all called the phoenix, but they’re all the same bird who lifts their selves up.

When you think about the flight and how birds fly, it is that lifting moment. What does it feel like to soar? That’s the real powerful part. Don’t you all want to soar when you fly much like the phoenix? We rebirth. The challenge is not to always go back to the same thing. As you both know, you’re both great mindset coaches as well as other types of coaches. You don’t want to keep repeating those cycles. It’s breaking the cycles or leveling up. What I talk about is not repeating it if we break the cycle and then how you want to level up. Don’t we want to keep soaring higher? That’s that phoenix moment for me.

That’s the great part as you soar. The greatest thing that you said though is you talked about contribution. A big piece that sometimes people miss out is, “I want to soar.” Many people are like, “I want to be a rockstar.” That’s great. I’m not taking that away at all. That’s great but who are you taking this? Who are you being a service to along the way? That’s the piece especially if you take a look at when people talk about depression in life. There’s so much we can go into. It’s that moment of being a service. It takes you out of your stuff but it makes chemical changes.

I had a situation like that. Years ago even though I was a coach and I knew the right resources, I wasn’t using resources on ourselves. That’s what a lot of coaches don’t do or entrepreneurs. They’re willing to help out everybody and over-give in a lot of cases. I was one of those people and then life got too hard. My dad passed away. I had to move my mom. There were personal challenges. I tried to hurt myself. I talk about that in the TEDx Talk. For 36 hours, that was my goal.

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I wasn’t successful. Thankfully I wasn’t because I knew the right resources. I just had to use it. It’s like having that gym membership. If you don’t use that gym membership, you’re not going to reduce weight. What I did is now that I got to where I got to on my path, much like in Dante’s Inferno, it’s that deep dark wood. In the weirdest place, I found what I needed to find. I found it and now I use my resources and make sure you make those boundaries. That’s what Peace Love and Bring a Bat is about.

We all understand peace and love but the Bring a Bat piece is not about bringing a bat and hurting somebody. It’s about those non-negotiables and boundaries. When we have those things in life, that’s what sets us apart. I know for myself I can’t just say, “I know it all.” I had that disease, “I know that already.” When you do that, it’s great. You can have as much knowledge as you want but if you’re not using it, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t get you anywhere.

You have to do things. That’s why I say peace and love. We all need peace and love in our life. Sitting on top of a mountain also isn’t going to solve your problems. It’s just keeping you away from everything. You need to Bring a Bat and find out your non-negotiables. Know where those lines in the sands are and what you need to do to keep it working. It’s those boundaries, what you know and what’s in your heart because it’s being heart-centered all the time.

Here’s one of the things that I think about when you say Bring a Bat and the boundaries. What are some of those things around us and those walls that we put up around to eliminate or grow? In my mind, it’s all about stepping outside of the comfort zone and pushing yourself another level to the next level because if you stay in the comfort zone, you’re going to just be status quo. What are some of the things that you had to bring up back in your life to expand your energy and what you’re doing to overcome or get through a barrier that was set up?

Using the phoenix mindset, you always keep leveling up because the story of the phoenix is that it goes through its whole life pattern and then turns to ashes again. It doesn’t die. Most people think that it dies. It doesn’t. It’s born out of the same ashes, which we all know. It sounds like we die but it’s not. It’s the spark. I would love everybody to think about it. Who can tell me that they don’t have a spark inside of them? No matter what you’ve gone through, you still have a spark that goes within you that can reignite your flame. What I did for myself is I created that process of Cluberty™.

TMS 55 | Bring A Bat
Bring A Bat: A rising tide lifts all boats. That means, if you work together, you’ll rise together. There’s a law of attraction. If everyone is working together and rising, the right things will always happen.


Cluberty™ is that moment in life when you have a clue. It’s as simple as that. It’s like puberty. It’s a growing process. As we get older, we sometimes have these filters in our lives. The filters hurt us at times. They’re the obstacles, the negative talk and the limiting beliefs that we have had in our lives. When you have those limiting beliefs, it holds you back. Until you can start cleaning it through what I call the love filter and having conversations or looking back at things and having that opportunity to look at it through the filter of love, life becomes a whole bunch different.

I’ve gone through the Cluberty™ process and grown. I figured out all the obstacles. Maybe it’s not all the obstacles because there are always things to improve on. I looked back at my life and saw the challenges and the filters that weren’t as clean as they are now. I feel so much lighter. I might not be lighter on the scale side but I am lighter on a mental side and carrying around less baggage. You give yourself permission to not know what you know until you know it. At that point, it’s a choice. You continue to do the things you need to do or do you want to change?

As we talk about this, we have dealt with a lot of students over the years. Sometimes we get stuck in the place where it’s the attitude of, “I’ll change one day. I’m going to change.” We get stuck in this instead of, “Where are you going?” Do you know where you want to be 1, 2, 5 or 10 years from now? What’s that legacy piece that you want to leave in your lifetime? It’s creating the map.

The knee jerk is, “I shouldn’t have done that. I want to change,” instead of, “Where is it that I want to go? How do I want to get there? What’s the plan along the way?” Relationships, business and life are work. Work is not a negative term. They used to malign the old job, “You have a job.” What is wrong with that? It pays the bills and life is good. A job is okay. In a way, what are your vision and mission? What is that legacy you’re leaving?

That’s what it is. We’re all on a journey. That’s why my mentoring practice is called On the PATH. PATH stands for Personal Attitudes Towards Happiness. Everybody’s vision of happiness is different than anybody else’s. The three of us can sit here and have different versions of happiness. Michael, you have grandchildren. My girls are teenagers. I don’t want to have grandchildren yet. There are lots of different pieces of happiness and how we go along that vision. You need to see it.

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That’s why vision boards are so powerful because when you have a vision board, you know what you want. It’s not just putting it out there on a vision board but it’s how do you do it. You have to do the work. The trick that they don’t talk to you about is the Law of Attraction. It’s all about doing the work and not, “I hope that this is going to happen.” What are you doing to make that happen?

Those are some of the key points there. One of the things in your intro here says, “When we find the R in our lives, we can grow in ways we hadn’t expected.” I’m going to have to ask. What is the R?

The R could be anything for everybody. What it comes down to is getting grounding or when you ground yourself, put yourself in a position to be grounded and relaxed, understand yourself and bring comfort. Let’s be honest. Earth and heart have the same letters. It’s just rearranged differently. When you ground yourself and then put yourself in your heart using your love filter, life becomes easier. Your R could be anything. For me because I’m a phoenix and everybody has a phoenix in them, it’s rise, resilience and repetition.

Doing it one day doesn’t change your life as Michael was talking about how we want to change things if you don’t do repetition and consistency, which doesn’t have an R. I tease people about Rs. We can start getting a whole bunch of Rs. It’s also respect. When you’re creating those boundaries, is somebody giving you respect? That’s the R in heart. I have a great t-shirt line about it. It’s powerful. Part of it is concentrating on what you want to do. Remember all the things who you are and who you want to be.

Here’s something that an audience always likes to know. Some of us started either reading a book or there’s something we’re doing that keeps us moving forward. All the time, I always talk about Think and Grow Rich and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. What is a book for you that you still read or a podcast that helps keep you moving forward every day?

TMS 55 | Bring A Bat
Think And Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is one of those books that you read and you’re like, “I missed that the last time. I’ve read it four times. How would I miss that?” You look at it differently. The magic of when you read a book several times is the perspective. You don’t know where you’re sitting even though you have the same perspective or point of view. It’s important in any situation. If all three of us had gone to the dinner, we might have had a different take on that same dinner even though we’re at the same place for different reasons. Think and Grow Rich is one of those books that I enjoy reading and reviewing using two Rs often.

Think and Grow Rich is one of my favorite books as well because there are so many little pieces of nuggets in there and different phrases that you can use for quotes. I want to know from you. What’s one of your favorite quotes in life or a quote that you have that you say often?

I use the Muhammad Ali line that I had mentioned but one of my favorite quotes is by JFK, the former president. For those who don’t know, it’s, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” What that means is if we all work together, we rise together. You could say, “It’s because of the moon,” but there’s an attraction. That’s what I’ll talk to you about. It’s the Law of Attraction. If we’re all together in rising with the right boats, the right things will always happen. I like that opportunity to rise with people. That’s why being part of the show is important to me and the right community. I’ve been a part of a lot of communities. If you’re not with the right community, that’s the biggest challenge.

It is that community piece because that also takes us outside of ourselves. It’s something we strive for too no matter how much of an introvert. I’m a big introvert. Being part of a community that is making a difference and changing the world is great to be part of. Last but not least, I like to leave the audience with this. If they never read anything else but the last little piece of this amazing blog, what are 1, 2 or 3 things they can do and take away to start moving in a direction?

It is all at the title. Find peace and love. Those are important, even if it’s self-love. When I was going through my challenges, the first question somebody asked me is, “Do you love yourself?” I had to think about it. I can honestly say that now I don’t have to think about, “Do I love myself?” Bring a Bat is find your sweet spot and whatever makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be about money. There are so many people who are burdened by the fact of having money that they’re not happy. Find your sweet spot, swing away and hit a home run. That would be the real answer to it, whatever that means to you.

Dawna, is there anything else?

Earth and heart are the same letters; it's just rearranged differently. So when you ground yourself in your heart, life becomes easier. Click To Tweet

No, it’s great. I’m so mesmerized by the quote, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

David, you made a change in somebody’s life right away. Do you see how that works? You never know.

That’s the magic. You never know that one person who might need to read this. I know you will have a lot more people reading. You never know who you’re going to touch their lives. That’s why it’s good to get out there and do whatever is comfortable for you.

I wanted to thank you so much for being on. How do you want people to reach you? What’s the name of your podcast?

It’s Peace Love and Bring a Bat. I would love everybody to be part of it. It’s part inspirational, part motivational and part perspirational because there’s always going to be something that you can take away and grow from. We plant seeds of growth in everybody. You could check that or you could check me out at DavidChametzky.com, which is my website. I’m on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. I started bringing awesome thoughts and moments every day. I would love everybody to join and say, “Let’s hear an awesome thought.”

David, I wanted to thank you so much for being on. It has been a great experience, Dawna. It’s always fun. It’s about making a difference. If you want to join what we’re doing, be a member and work with mentors around the world, one of our business partners and mentors is Mary Glorfield, who was Tony Robbins’ Vice President for eighteen years with her 82 countries, 4 million miles and 3 million participants they did together. She’s here to bring the mentors together to make sure that we make a difference in the world. If you want to join us, go to TheMentorStudio.com. I wanted to thank you two. Wherever you are in the world, have an amazing morning, afternoon or evening. David, thank you so much.

Thank you for the opportunity, Michael. We will talk to you and Dawna as well.


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About David Chametzky

TMS 55 | Bring A Bat

David Chametzky who is also known as “Uncle Dave” is a highly authentic person who wears his heart on his sleeve because he has a special passion for empowering and serving people who are looking to level up and improve themselves in many ways. In life we go through a process which Uncle Dave trademarked called CLUBERTY(tm). Its a process where we learn to grow constantly by not only looking back at our obstacles in the past but learning how to avoid future obstacles. I’m just like you – just a regular guy who has at times struggled in all phases of my life but found the proper resources and techniques to find resiliency and growth to not go backwards but forward. Dave shares from personal experience and techniques what has worked for him and thousands of others – success through hard work and dedication will help in your ability to overcome your challenges.

As a motivational speaker,  Dave’s stories of rising from life’s challenges and overcoming obstacles by finding your P.A.T.H and finding the ability to rise from the ashes of those challenges that have been placed in our path. Through hard work, and perseverance as well as the unique and charismatic way he communicates will inspire any audience to find Peace, Love and understand where we need to Bring a Bat by finding our non-negotiables and creating personal boundaries to be our most authentic self.

With years of experience in both his personal life as well as years in the corporate world, Dave has shown he has the determination and knowledge to level up and become a successful mentor.  He has helped change lives of all those who have come across his path on the journey and those who join in the journey become like family of this tribe/clan.  Through the journey he has faced challenges, learned from those challenges, gained valuable teachings and learned to create the best path for him through resiliency.


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