Episode 57: The True Warrior Within And The Transformative Impact Of Mentorship With Kevin Parker

TMS 57 | True Warrior


Discovering the true warrior within doesn’t have to be a journey you take on alone. Today’s guest is Kevin Parker, the CEO of True Warrior Success, a motivational speaker, and the best-selling author of Winning Against All Odds: Discovering The True Warrior Within. He is a transformational success coach helping good men become great. In this episode, he joins Michael Silvers and special co-host Dawna Campbell to discuss how having the right mentors helped transform his life. Now, he’s returning the favor by extending that knowledge to others. Tune in to learn more about his inspiring journey and get valuable advice to help you on your path to success.

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The True Warrior Within And The Transformative Impact Of Mentorship With Kevin Parker

My co-host on the show is Dawna Campbell. She’s one of the lead trainers for The Mentors Studio. She also has her own incredible abundant career life. She lives in a beautiful place. If you want to know more about her, you can text the word Abundance to 26786 if you are in the US, and you should see what she’s creating. It is truly about being abundant but she’s also dealt with $500 million of people’s money, so she knows what she’s doing. She’s also done healing around the world.

We have an amazing gentleman at the show. If you want to know more about the show, we will tell you all about that at the end, everybody. Our wonderful guest is Mr. Kevin Parker, CEO of True Warrior, Motivational Speaker, international bestselling author of Winning Against All Odds. Transformational success coach that helps good men become great coverage advocates. One-legged warrior. Let’s give it up for Kevin.

I’m over at Powerteam. I’m a VP over there. We are all Rainmaker grads, and we are going to be this year. It’s awesome. That’s a two and a half-day business course, which is the best thing on the planet. Talk about that one day. We will have the Creator, Mr. Bill Walsh, on the show. Kevin, the audience always loves to know a little bit about your background and help them before we start diving into the meat.

As a young kid, I dealt with a lot of traumas. The way that I dealt with it was an addiction. I’ve got addicted to drugs. It destroyed my life as a young kid. At 25 years old, I was homeless. I winded up overdosing and ended up in a coma. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I winded up losing my leg but it was always a constant reminder of where I came from. From that point on, I became a self-development junkie. I started picking up every book that I can find, getting every certification. I became a speaker, coach, author, and I have been helped impacting many lives since I started this journey.

As you impact those lives early on this journey, the thing that also helps us as you were going through that, what is something that you either read or listen to, a book, tape, podcast or a mentor around you that helped you through that and kept you moving forward?

I will give you three quick answers to that. A book that I read in the time that I was dealing with that was The Secret, the Law of Attraction, which gave me a lot of hope and inspiration. A quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change.” It sweeps my whole perception around. It helped me turn my biggest weaknesses into my biggest strengths.

As far as mentors, I have so many mentors. I have spiritual, business, and relationship mentors. I have many people in my lives. I have a mastermind around me. It’s hard to give credit to one person but I truly believe in masterminds and having people that are specialized knowledge experts in your life that you can turn to when you need advice.

I know that I have gotten to know you a little bit because we met at some of the different events that we have been together on, and you have such a fascinating story to share. I know you gave a little bit of that but I want to know a little bit more. What were some of the things in your life that led you down that path to drug use and all of those different elements that happened, if you would not mind sharing?

It was one main particular thing that stood in my mind. As a young kid, that puts an imprint and who you become as an adult, and at two years old, my mother moved me out with my stepfather. He had two sons. One was my Age. Unfortunately, he got attacked by a wolf. It completely mutilated his face and ripped off the scalp. It even took one of his ears. This is a trauma that nobody should go through, no less than two-year-old.

Every day is either a blessing or a lesson, and lessons are blessings. So, every single day you go through is a blessing. Click To Tweet

Me, coming in as a perfect little boy, he was very envious and hated me. He thought I was the enemy. He never missed an opportunity to physically, mentally or emotionally abused me. I felt like I did not belong or wasn’t loved, and I did not feel comfortable with my own skin. At a very early age, I was suicidal. I thought life was hell. I did not have anything to believe in. As soon as I found drugs, that was my escape.

You have overcome all of these obstacles that were in your life. What are three great tips or things that you learned along the way that you can pass along to somebody else that might have something similar?

One thing that I live by is every day is either a blessing or a lesson, and lessons are blessings. Every single day you go through is a blessing. It’s either some golden nugget or some piece of information you need for character growth, or you had an amazing day and a memorable time. Another thing is you are who your friends are. You are the culmination of the five people you hang out with the most.

If you want to be a winner, hang out with winners. If you want to be successful, hang out with successful people. Find the people that you want to be. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Whatever you put out, you are going to attract. I try to put out as many positive vibes and be a help to people and be a mentor, and I attract that into my life as well.

You have a very powerful story. You have a life-changing event that truly happened. Let’s say, though, that I’m somebody working with you or I found you online or I looked at your stuff. I haven’t had in my perception that big powerful moment but I know I need to make some changes to be an entrepreneur or I want to do something different, so I have more time with my family. What are three things you could advise that I could do now from reading this that I could put into action?

If you are going to be an entrepreneur, you have to have self-discipline. Create a morning routine and a night routine. I call it Bookending Your Days because those are the two times in a day that you have complete control. Start a routine, get a regimen and start a system because patterns and habits create success. If you don’t have any structure, you are going to be lost.

The biggest thing that I have struggled with as an entrepreneur was you are your own boss, so nobody is pushing you. If you don’t have a direct mission and a goal, you don’t know where you are going. You are frolicking in the wind. One thing that I find important is having a mission and a strong enough reason why. When the bad days happen, you don’t quit. You need a bulletproof reason why to get through those days because it’s not going to be easy every single day. It’s going to be difficult. You are going to want to quit but you got to do something that’s passionate. You’ve got to find a reason that sets your soul on fire and go after it.

Those are all great, and it leads to some of the things that you may have learned or have been with other people. You mentioned having mentors. You have a mentor for everything. You have spiritual and business mentors. We are here at The Mentor Studio. What impact have mentors made in your life, and how have they helped you?

Mentors have been the single most important, valuable resource in my life. Mentors will cut years. If not decades of trial and error out of your life. You want to model what they did, take their advice so you don’t fall on the same stumbling blocks that they went over time and time again. You get to leverage their expertise and jump light years ahead of what your knowledge is in your state.

TMS 57 | True Warrior
Winning Against All Odds: Discovering The True Warrior Within

I know that I don’t know stuff but I do know a guy that knows how to do it. A mentor gives you that specialized knowledge to propel you in the right direction. It gives you a library of information that you would never know on your own self. You will have to read hundreds of books, and there’s nothing like life experience. You could read it in a book but your mentor has experienced it. If you have somebody in your life like that, it is such a powerful leverage tool. I highly suggest everybody having a mentor because it’s the most powerful thing that you can ever have.

It is true, and there’s a tendency of we either come from the attitude of, “We know it already,” so we don’t ask. We come from the attitude that there’s the belief that, “I’m not worthy enough or that person would never talk to me.” It’s the funniest thing because people in the mentor position typically have more time than you ever would know but you have the fear of asking or thinking, “I know that.”

Anytime you are in a course or you learn something, it’s always coming into it saying, “I don’t know.” I’m going to come in as an open book, and I’m going to see what in my life or what changes that can be written from what I learned. That makes a big difference in what you are doing, what you are doing, and what you are creating. Obviously, getting out there and mentoring, and you are going to be on stages and all the ways that you are going to make a difference in people’s lives. First of all, how’s the way that people could connect with you?

You can text the word Warrior to 55312. It has all my contact information, a free copy of my bestselling book, and anything that you need to know about me. You can visit my website, TrueWarriorSuccess.com or look me up on social media. I’m very easy to find.

It’s the greatest thing because it makes it. Everybody out there, if you are building or starting a business, make it easy for people to find you. Basically, two clicks, and I’m off anyways but in text, opt-ins are huge because there’s a 90% response rate on text opt-ins. It’s simple and easy. I can see if I want to deal with it or not. It’s a great way to drip information on them, and we will do a show all on that and talk about that, too. Kevin, where are you off to next? What are you working on right now?

I’m working on two seminars that I’m passionate about. One is called True Warrior Success. It helps train good men to be great. It’s a deep dive immersion training for a weekend to help men step into their masculine energy, into their power, to be mission-based focused, and driven, and be the provider, protector, and decisive, confident man that they are supposed to be. We are lacking that in society.

Another thing I’m passionate about is I’m doing relationship repair and recovery seminars. It’s for couples in recovery because a lot of people deal with addicts. No people deal with the relationship aspect with the enabler and also the relationship component to it. It’s a culmination of a relationship seminar and in addiction, therapy, treatment seminar-type thing. It’s all has an NLP, CBT.

My partner is Dr. Cali Estes. She’s The Addictions Academy CEO. She’s a therapist. She has been in the recovery field for many years. She’s incredible. Between her and me, we have a 1, 2-pack punch, and I’m excited to roll that out because I haven’t seen that anywhere. It’s an important need because people don’t understand the dynamics of that toxic relationship when you love somebody that’s addicted or that you are the addict and you have somebody that’s enabling you. The trauma that goes with it, the unforgiveness, and the boundaries that don’t need to be set. There are a lot of issues. I’m excited to roll that out and start impacting people’s lives.

If there was a pathway to success, it seems like you have been hitting every single one of those marks and covering everything around in an entire full spectrum because you are not meant to do it alone. You are meant to do it with other people or have a team. Oftentimes with partners and people in relationships and couples, that other person is overlooked. The other person’s advocate is their support person in that. I want to change the focus here a little bit. Work aside things. What is one quirky, funny thing we wouldn’t know about you?

Get a regimen and start a system because patterns and habits create success. If you don't have any structure, you're going to be lost. Click To Tweet

I can scratch my back with my foot. I have a prosthetic leg. I get half-price pedicures.

I didn’t expect that, Dawna, did you?

No, I did not.

I actually used to be a righty but when I was in the hospital, I lost all feeling in this hand, and I was supposed to never be able to move it again. I learned how to do everything with my left hand. I went from right-handed to left-handed, and now I’m ambidextrous but I’m more left-handed.

It’s amazing what the brain can do, what we can do, how we can adapt, and how that goes. Is there anything that you can perceive that it’s different now that you have flipped the switch?

My handwriting is sloppier.

I better switch soon because mine is terrible. It probably gets worse than forget it.

I’m not cognitively. I have not experienced anything differently but it was one hell of a journey to learn how to do all the things with your other hand. You would be surprised at how many things that you do with your dominant hand that you can’t do with your other hands. It was challenging but it was another challenge that I overcame, grew from, got stronger, better, and wiser from. I welcome all those crazy little things in life.

This has been a great show. Thank you so much for being on here because sometimes we need to hear somebody else’s story. We need to hear where they are from. We need to hear that I’m not alone and it’s not just about me. Show the book.

TMS 57 | True Warrior
True Warrior: Mentors will cut years, if not decades, of trial and error out of your life. You get to leverage their expertise and jump light years ahead of what your knowledge is in your current state.


Winning Against All Odds. You can get a free PDF copy if you text Warrior to 55312 but it’s on Amazon, Audible and Paperback. It tells my whole story, and there are a lot of life lessons and self-development that you can implement in your life if you read the book. I hope you enjoy it if you get a chance.

You are awesome too, and everybody knows that you can go to TheMentorStudio.com. His book will be in there and everything you need to know to get that. Make sure you do because, 1) You are honoring the person who spent time with us. 2) There’s always something in there for you. Whatever your background is, wherever you come from, whatever it is you are in your life, there’s always something to learn. Pick up that book. Pick it apart. Pick the pieces. Maybe start in the middle, whatever that is for you. Kevin, you have been a blessing to be on the show.

We thank you so much. The Mentor Studio, for those you want to know a little more, you can go to TheMentorStudio.com. We are rebuilding it, and then it’s going to be totally different. We are going to make it very simple. Page one is how to join us and testimonials of people who love us. Isn’t that great?

Page two is probably going to be the show page, and then we will have The Mentors page. From myself, The Mentor Studio, Dawna Campbell, my co-host, everybody else, Mary Glorfield, and the rest of the team, we want to thank you so much for being on. Kevin, this has been a pleasure. I’m looking forward to it. We will see you in June 2022 in Chicago.

It has been an absolute pleasure, Dawna and Michael. I loved being on this show. I have been on many but this was an absolute pleasure. I’m honored to be on the show and thank you very much for having me as a guest.

Everybody, from myself and The Mentor Studio, wanted to wish you a wonderful day. We have more episodes coming up on a weekly basis. Make sure you tune in to the next show as it drops. Thank you all for being on. Have a wonderful morning, afternoon or evening. Goodbye, everybody.


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About Kevin Parker

TMS 57 | True WarriorKevin Parker travels the country and the world helping men and women personally and professionally find their true warrior within and overcome obstacles of any size. His never-ending journey of learning new techniques and strategies so that he can pass them along to his clients is what makes him, and his clients win against all odds in this crazy game we call life.

As a young adult Kevin dealt with major depression, anxiety, and heavy drug addiction. For almost a decade it ran rampant through his life until he was lying in a coma for a month due to an overdose. After dying three times in the hospital, being read his last rights, and waking up to a dismal reality of multi-organ failure and the potential future of being left completely brain dead and losing all four limbs, he realized he needed to make a drastic change. After 4 months of praying, fighting and never giving up he walked out that hospital with just one missing leg and a new found purpose and appreciation for life.

Kevin Parker was born and raised in New York, NY and now resides in Staten Island, NY. Kevin Graduated from the College of Staten Island with a major in Psychology. Kevin holds certifications in Recovery Coaching, Drug Interventions, Family Coaching, Sober Companionship, Nutritional Coaching, Fitness, and Neuroscience through The Addictions Academy and for the past Five years Kevin has been working in the self-development and recovery fields.

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Kevin Parker
The ‘Winning Against All Odds’ Speaker and Coach


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