Episode 66: The 7 Figures Expert: Secrets To Launch Successfully With Sys Savanh

TMS 66 | 7 Figures Expert


Do you want to build a high six or seven-figure online business? If so, what holds you back from doing so? In this episode, Sys Savanh, the creator of the 7 Figures Expert, discusses how you successfully launch your business and sell. The design of seven steps to seven figures is to be the exact seven steps, even if you lose everything. The essential part of the equation is to make people believe they can do it. Know what Sys Savanh’s secret sauce is today!

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The 7 Figures Expert: Secrets To Launch Successfully With Sys Savanh

Sys Savanh, the creator of 7 Figures Expert, thank you so much for being here.

Thank you.

I want to dig into the 7 Expert sides of things, but I happen to know that wasn’t the first thing you did. I want to get on the journey. I want to know where it began and how you came to create this 7 Figures Expert. Can you take us back a little bit?

One of the things I realized is in order for you to create new patterns, you got to recognize old patterns. Recognize patterns, understand them, and create new patterns in brand utilization. When I was building sales funnels, I found myself coaching business owners. A lot of times, they would come in and want to funnel build. We would find out that they didn’t know their offer, who their ideal client was, and their copy or anything. They didn’t even know how to take their clients through a buying journey.

TMS 66 | 7 Figures Expert
7 Figures Expert: In order for you to create new patterns, you need to recognize old patterns, understand them, and create new forms of using them.


As we were building, we were like, “You got to know these things.” I started crossing the line and coaching them. I’m adding a coaching service to my done free agency. It was successful. It was over the north of 1,000,005 every single year clockwork for about several years. I say, “This is a continuous pattern I keep seeing. If they don’t know, why don’t I teach this?” I was charging for it. Not only was I charging for building their funnel, but I also started charging them for the coaching, which is amazing.

I realized I wasn’t making enough impact because we were requiring about 200 clients or so on average every year. If I realized that this is a pattern that most business owners that I see, that means that if most business owners continued on this path, that is why most businesses are running failing businesses. I said, “How can I be in a room to impact thousands of lives instead of a couple of hundred people a year.” That is how it started.

How did you get into the whole funnel world? How did you start doing that?

The cool part is myself. You solve your own problems. That is the best business you can be in. I went online several years ago. I have been on for many years offline mainly. I did everything.

What’s your first business?

My first business was a sales and marketing company. I was training salespeople to go business to business, door to door, and make outside sales. We were getting contracts for large brands like AT&T, ADT, and Staples Office Products. We were their salesforce. I would hire my own salespeople and go in and represent their brand. We crushed it. We were the number one AT&T dealer. When we say number one, number two was nowhere near us. I had 300 sales reps in the field. We were doing $1 million a week in revenue. We were crushing at seven offices.

I was great at teaching people how to build relationships and how to not even sell but how to build rapport, how to answer questions, how to be influential, and how to take care of the client. That is why I did well. A lot of the other offices were teaching people sales. I was teaching people how to take care of clients, how to serve them, how to answer questions, and how to not sell them. They give them exactly what they want. They kept buying more from our reps. Our average dollars per order was much higher than everybody else’s because we taught people to take care of people would do what you would want to be done for you. We would walk into businesses and they would build this amazing rapport. We sell people things that they want.

How did you know that because most people are taught to sell and not to serve the client? Was that intuitive to you?

It was because I never did sales. My background was I was an engineer so I used to go into manufacturing companies. My specialty was to do two things. It was to increase productivity and decrease costs. Companies would freak out because I would go into these companies, stand there for a whole day and watch the assembly line. Nobody would know other than the CEO. I would go there with my clipboard, take notes, and stand there. They were like, “Who are you?” I’m like, “Bill sent me.” They call up the CEO and he was like, “He is fine. He is there.” I’m taking notes and all that stuff.

The next day, I would come in and rip out the whole assembly line. I have a team come in, rip it out, and do a whole makeover. My job is to say, “You are assembling something here, but you run every fifteen minutes over there to get your parts. It doesn’t make sense. Your parts need to be here.” It increases productivity. I would look at a fixture and say, “Why would you have a fixture that you can put one item in and solder it? Why would you build a bigger fixture, have somebody put ten items on, and solder it.” It increased productivity. I used to do that all the time.

I was good at understanding systems. When I got into sales, I was like, “I can create systems around sales.” When I first started sales, they were teaching me like, “Here is the pitch. Here is how you do this when you do that.” I’m like, “That is like robotic systems.” What about the system of building relationships, being yourself, walking in, and saying, “I’m here to help be able to walk into a business.” All of a sudden, that secretary, that pit bull lipstick on, or that gatekeeper would be not listening. I’m like, “I get that but if you guys want to save money on off splits, it’s 40%. If no, that is cool. If your boss wants to save 40%, we can do that for you. That is why I’m here.”

I tell my reps not to be rude. I say, “It is all about results. Don’t tell them who you are. Tell them that you can do this.” The first lead-in is the act because what people pay for is results. They were like, “It makes sense.” They then build a relationship. I’m like, “If you don’t want me, no problem. I’m not pushing. We will leave.” Most people are like, “I’m sorry.” You don’t know what the other person’s feelings are and what they are going through that day. Be nice to them and tell them that you can help them, not even wanting to sell them anything if it makes sense to them.

That is why my reps never got kicked out of buildings. They never got the police called on them or anything like that. No security because people are like, “You are nice.” That is what I taught my guys. I said, “I would want that done to me in my business,” instead have somebody walk through their doors and be like, “I can truly help you, but I get it. If you don’t want me here, no problem. We are not pushing you. We want to stop by. This is what we do. That is it.” I’ll leave it to them. They will be like, “I’m sorry.” You never know whatever happened to them. It was a natural thing.

The cool part is I did it. I didn’t just teach my guys how to do it but I showed them how. Before I built my company, I went to the field first. Everything I did first. I believe that the best example of leadership is leadership by example. That is what I feel. For every product launch and every new contract we got, I was the first one in the sale to test it and build a relationship. After I had built the sales process and the sales pitch, my guys would get it.

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You had the intuition way. I had to learn all this stuff from people like Sys. It has been several years since that first company but the line did the funnels. You got 7 Figures Expert. What has changed in your mind and philosophy? Is it remain consistent?

It’s remained consistent. I am a true believer that it is leadership by example is the best way. 7 Figures Expert was created because I saw these patterns. I said, “If I see these patterns with other businesses, what if I launch myself?” I created a coaching program, launched it, and it hit seven figures. I decided, “I’m going to launch my wife’s business, her VA business.” We use the same systems as I did to launch my coaching business. She hit seven figures. She hit $1.2 million in nine months. I said, “Now I believe and I feel I am qualified to teach other people how to launch and how to build it.”

I take what they love doing and what they’re great at. They put it into an offer, launch that offer, and make money online. I said, “I did it for my wife as well. Two companies in one year generated over $2.5 million. If I can do it, I can show you how.” The most important part of this whole equation is you get people to believe they can do it. You can show them examples and proof.

People ask three questions mainly. With many experts, gurus, and so much noise out in the marketplace, even registering for a webinar, people still ask themselves three questions before they do, “Does this work? Does it work for me? Is it easy?” If you can answer those three questions in your messaging and copy, they will register for your webinar. They will show up and buy your stuff. You will have a high conversion.

There were tons of social proof that it worked, but I still had to overcome the hurdle of, “No, this will work for you too. This is what we did and it is easy. Let me show you a method where I tell people, ‘Don’t buy my stuff. I’m going to invite you to a one-day merge and three-day boot camp for free. Let me show you how it is done,’” and then I will make an offer for them. I love adding value to people first and then making them an offer. Here is how I show people that they can do it. I said, “It is because I did it. I’m going to teach you in a step-by-step format.” The whole mindset was if I woke up one day and I lost everything and had to start all over, what would I do from start to finish step by step? That is how I teach people.

If you lost everything, this is the formula you are going to go back to.

It is not a bunch of information, frameworks, and strategies. I taught it and created it in a way where if I woke up and I lost everything tomorrow and I had to launch all over again, these are the exact seven steps that would take.

For someone who is reading, where in the process of the business do they have to be? They know they have an idea, but they haven’t done anything. Can you start at the beginning, or do you have to have something running?

They have to have two important things. They got to be great at something and they got to love what they are doing. That is all we need. That is a secret sauce. If they have those two things, we can take them and teach them how to launch, how to put it into an offer, how to launch that offer, and how to make money online.

TMS 66 | 7 Figures Expert
7 Figures Expert: We need to be great at something, and we need to love what we are doing. That is all we need. That is the secret sauce.


What if they love it and are great at it but are terrified of showing up and what might happen?

When we are able to show them step by step, that is great because they can see, “I can turn what I love and what I’m great at into this offer. Sys is able to show me how to launch an offer with this step-by-step.” One of the things that we did add was the mindset. Even though we can share these step-by-step with you, we added a whole part. On our first day, it is all about mindset. It is all about having them get out of their own way and showing them that on November 15th of this year, we hit 8 billion people.

Your job is not to try to acquire, market, and sell everyone. Your job is to sell those who believe in your why. If your why is aligned, that is all you need. After that, people realize, “I don’t need to try to sell everybody.” Even if I feel like I’m in Imposter syndrome, if that is how you feel, show up authentically and tell people that.

Your job is not to try to acquire, market, and sell everyone. Your job is to sell those who believe in your why. If your why is aligned, that is all you need. Click To Tweet

I believe in this quote, “Authenticity doesn’t guarantee success, but inauthenticity guarantees failure.” Show up as you. Even though it doesn’t guarantee success, you are going to be successful. It doesn’t guarantee it, but if you show up inauthentic, that guarantees failure because what is going to end up happening is you are going to attract those that look like you.

If you are an introvert, you are like, “My coach taught me how to do this webinar. He gave this amazing framework. I will be honest with you. I’m scared to death because I’m not an extrovert. I’m an introvert.” The person on the other line, maybe half of them are extroverts. They will be like, “I don’t want to buy from this person.” That is okay but then the other half is like, “I’m an introvert. I’m scared too.” “I want to show you how to do it with the same framework that I was taught. It is successful. You don’t have to show up as an extrovert. You can be you. That is what I’m going to show you here.” The people that connect with you are like, “I’m going to buy from this person.” You show up authentic.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I’m an extrovert. I love talking and being on stage, but I wasn’t always that way. I was an extrovert, but I did not feel like I was good enough. I love talking to people and I was never afraid to talk to people. Outgoing, never. When it came to information, knowledge, wisdom, teaching, and training people, I always wanted to do it. I was always fearful that I was not good enough.

Two more questions. When and how did you discover you were good enough?

I started realizing that the only way that I could overcome that was by doing first. That is why I make it my point to lead by example always to say, “Even though I don’t feel it, I did it.” I have proof. That is how I overcame that. I said, “If I don’t feel like I’m good enough, I better be good enough and show it.”

How long did that take you from when you first realized it? A lot of times, we don’t think we are good enough, but we can’t vocalize that. From the time you realized you weren’t good enough, how long did that take you to feel to be able to own your presence?

I realized one thing. Since there are 8 billion people in the world and everybody is further than everybody, there are certain people further than you, and you happen to be further than other people. What does that tell you? If you got a result, even one result or you said you’re not an expert on finances but you were able to save $1,000 this month, there are a lot of people who can’t save $1,000, and you found a way to do it. It makes you an expert at that, so teach that. You are going to show up and tell the truth. Be like, “I was never good with money and I saved $1,000 this month. I want to teach you how.”

The key here is the fact that people will show up as their authentic selves and show that,
“I got this result.” There are going to be people in the room who would be like, “I’m having a hard time saving $1,000. I need to learn how to save $1,000.” There are many people that need help. If you are not willing to put what you love and what you are great at, even saving $1,000 into a course, program, or event, and get it out there to the world, what ends up happening is there is a lot of people who need help, and they are not getting it.

How do you define success for yourself?

For me, it is freedom. What do I mean by freedom? Everybody determines freedom differently. It is about going where I want, when I want, staying as long as I want, and bringing as many people as I want. I am not a huge fan of my kids and us learning from a classroom. I am all about experiences. That is why we homeschool our children and travel 6 to 7 times a year. We have travel time and being anywhere else other than home because I believe in giving back and going to places. I use it as a history lesson.

For example, we go to Vietnam on February 11th, 2023. For my kids, that is already part of their homework. We are going to Ho Chi Minh City. We’ll find out when it was established, what is the population, why would we go there, what are some of the things we can do, what is Ho Chi Minh about, and what World Wars were fought there. Now they made it as part of their class, so they are already researching it.

When we get there, what could we do to help? We do this every time. Every trip we take, “Kids, what could we do to help? What could we do with resources, money, and time? What do we want to do?” My kids will come up with a list, “We should go to this school of the deaf to spend some time with them to teach them something or even give back. Here are some temples we can visit. Here are some people who need this. There’s a program that builds villages for people who don’t have housing and electricity so let’s go do some work there.” We are going to spend six hours at this place doing some manual labor and we are going to donate some money. Even if it is a little bit, it doesn’t matter. It is part of our life. For me, that is freedom.

One of the things I love about living my life this way is I live my life with one question. I will answer one question from now on after I realize that freedom is how I want to live my life. Everything that somebody asks me to do, I’m thinking about doing, or a decision I need to make, this is how I make a decision. I ask myself one question, “Does this contribute or contaminate my freedom?”

There are people who asked me if I would go into business with them because there is a part of my expertise in marketing and sales that they need. The money was amazing, but I declined them. Why? It is because it contaminated my freedom. I would have to be here. I couldn’t visit, travel the way I did and take my kids. In a few years, we were thinking about putting our son in one of the top private schools in Dallas. We couldn’t do it because they would contaminate our freedom. My wife wanted to start her VA business. We said, “Does this contribute or contaminate our freedom?” Does it take you further away or closer to how you want to live and who you want to be? For everything, I answer with that one question.

How do they reach you?

It’s 7FiguresMadeSimple.com. If you go there, there is going to be a list of all of our free training and some low-ticket stuff. If you want to attend one of our free training, 1 hour, 2 hours and 3-day boot camps, sometimes we do a three-day boot camp for free, click on it, register, and you will learn a ton. It is like any other company. We will make offers at our 1-hour, 2-hour, 4-hour, 8-hour, and 3-day boot camps but we want to add value first before you even make an offer.

There is a lot of noise out there. There are tons of people. Sys is the real deal. I have seen his success. More than that, I have seen people that have been to his boot camp and seen what they have done. It is the real deal. Sys, thank you so much.

No problem. Thank you for having me.


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