Episode 5 -Interview with Marie White


Marie explained why you will fall behind if you are not on top of the things that you are doing at all times and why you have to work with someone who’s on top of that at all times.

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01:46 – About Marie White
03:02 – What keeps you moving?
03:57 – Fast Moving Industry
05:36 – The Importance of Having a Coach or a Mentor
09:25 – Taking Advice from Other People


Marie White, is the author of seven books, including the award-winning #1 bestseller Strength for Parents of Missing Children: Surviving Divorce, Abduction, Runaways and Foster Care. She is also a non-denominational Christian missionary, traveler, entrepreneur and reaches over half a million viewers through her YouTube channel, Bible Stories for Adults. She owns Zamiz Press (Za-ah meez), an inspirational publishing company. Marie encourages people from all walks of life, experiencing a variety of struggles, to know that there is hope.




Michael Silvers : Hi everyone, this is Michael Silvers. Welcome to the mentor studio again. It’s another great day, and I know I’ve said this before and everybody’s going to hear this because they usually have, but we bring mentors and we bring coaches to you. Of course, people that you normally wouldn’t have access to it. But the great thing about that is realized that the coach is the person to make it simple who’s going to kick you behind. Yes, we use the term behind, have to have you move forward in life. And we also bring mentors and mentors are typically the people that are already where you want to be. And it might not even be in your career or profession, but it might be about lifestyle. It might be something you’re trying to achieve or it might be part of your business that you realized you needed or you always wanted to do, but you weren’t sure how to get there or who to contact you.

Michael Silvers [00:43] : And so we’re going to bring the best of the best on the planet in one place for you to have that. And you know, doing that, the person I have on today is one of those mentors, one of those people that is, she’s been in her field a long time, has a tremendous amount of experience in a field that a lot of people don’t truly understand and I think we get all these questions and you can tell people just they don’t. And it’s changed in many ways. So I’m going to let her do the intro is we do on this show and I want all of you to give her a big, huge round of applause. Please. Welcome Marie White everybody.

Marie White [01:19] : Where does that applause track in the background? People standing in the back. There’s the wave going on. This is incredible. I love it.

Michael Silvers [01:31] : Is it in there? They’re pouring into the room still, so we’re just trying to handle that from the back.

Marie White [01:35] : We should probably wait for a little bit then until everyone sits down.

Michael Silvers [01:38] : I think so. I think so. I think that standing ovation, that’s still going on. So tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

Marie White [01:46] : As you said. My name is Marie White and I’m an author. I’m actually the best selling author of seven books and another book. It’s a collaborative also. I also have, one of my books has won an award. I can’t talk this morning and I also own a publishing company and a [inaudible] for health service. So that is what I do.

Michael Silvers [02:08] : That’s an interesting piece because there’s a lot of people out there, obviously whatever industry they’re in, there’s this thing about writing a book, right? Does that come up all the time? I want to write a book and I mean, you know, it’s being driven obviously, you know, it’s amazing how she had just walked into one of our local malls the other day as bookstores are shutting down and guess who just opened up a huge new bookstore?

Marie White [02:28] : Amazon.

Michael Silvers [02:30] : So it is great living in the Seattle area, but there’s so much around the industry because it’s not just about writing a book. There’s a business behind everything that you do. There’s this young generalization while ago. So I handed out my book, what do I need to do, but today’s podcast is, of course, a little bit more about you, so we get to know you a little bit better and really, again, taking a look at the end in mind and everything you create, the businesses you’ve created. Is there any phrase or sort of what’s created your life success? What keeps you moving?

Marie White [03:06] : I love Mark Twain’s quote, I said the two most important days in a person’s life are the day they’re born and the day they find out why. And I think that’s what moves me forward, is looking for my why for the reason behind everything that I do and to see what that angle is almost like I’m standing on Tiptoes, I’m looking at in the horizon to see what the next thing is going to be.

Michael Silvers [03:27] : Right. That’s actually a great. So do you do this once a week, once a month? Have you really planned out the next three to five years of your life? What does that look like for you?

Marie White [03:37] : I’m always looking forward. So even as you were talking about the publishing industry, you know, the things that were the normative 30 years ago in the publishing industry are no longer in play anymore, they really don’t apply and honestly, the things that were valid three years ago almost don’t apply today as well. So it’s a constantly fast-moving industry. If you are not on top of it at all times and working with someone who’s on top of that at all times, you will fall behind.

Michael Silvers [04:04] : Yeah, that’s actually a great point because that’s most of the industries we work in things or look at the Internet, look at Facebook, right? And if you don’t have that person who knows exactly what’s going on is they change their algorithms. All that money you just spent is really wasted.

Marie White [04:19] : Absolutely.

Michael Silvers [04:20] : And it’s. So what in the publishing industry, can you give one example just of what’s really changed?

Marie White [04:26] : I think even just what you just said with the facebook algorithm, I mean literally the same post that I put out three months ago reached thousands of people. I put the same one out a couple of weeks ago. It reached 57 people, if you’re not aware that this stuff is changing and have somebody you’re working with that knows that then you are going to spend that money and get 57 people looking at a post and it is the same within the publishing industry. There are so many people that I go in and evaluate their books, look and see what do they have already or what is it they want to do and see if there’s even a market for it now. And if there is, how we can tap into it in a way that no one has started before.

Michael Silvers [05:06] : Yeah, that’s great. That again, everybody listening to this call that is truly a mentor. That is, that you really just showed sort of what mentoring is and you know, there’s so many people that, well, I want to self-publish, I want to do this and they want to do it on their own. And again, you’ve had, I’m sure in your life, your own challenges and obstacles. How did you get through those and where did you, or when did you learn how important having a coach or a mentor is?

Marie White [05:39] : You know, as soon as I started writing I knew that I needed to know more than I knew and so I went ahead and I got a Mentor, Jerry Jenkins – Award-winning best selling author of the entire left behind series. I mean, just an incredible guy has written like 50 books. They’ve all been New York Times bestsellers. He’s crazy good. But I had him as a mentor and he really took me under his wing and helped me to see things sometimes painfully that I didn’t want to see or that I couldn’t see. And him being an expert to him, they just came like nothing. And now when I see other people’s work, I see it through his eyes and that’s an amazing thing to have happen.

Michael Silvers [06:16] : Wow, that’s fantastic. I love that. So I’m brand new and I wanted to write a book and I reached out to you. What is like the first advice you would give me? Because I want to do it on my own at the same time, even though I’ve reached out to you, I still think I can do it better than anybody else.

Marie White [06:34] : Absolutely. You’re like all of us then. So exactly what we think we can to a point. And then we start to look at, let’s compare some different books by people who have done it themselves and people who have hired someone to come and do it with them. And then we look at the difference between the covers. We looked at the difference between the formatting inside. We look at the back blurb and kind of get an idea of what the difference looks like between doing something yourself and having an expert who sees things that you don’t see. So that’s the first thing we look at when we’re looking at, types of publishing. But when we’re looking at what you have, what your story is, I want to know why you want to do this. Why do you want to write the book? What is your goal and what do you really want to express in it? Because you may have it 75 percent done when we talk about this, you may decide, wait a minute, I need to go redump that because I haven’t even bigger message to share.

Michael Silvers [07:30] : Are People just not reading anymore? Aren’t they really just listening to everything. Why would I write a book?

Marie White [07:38] : Sure. And you know, Amazon’s Kindle has changed the world obviously. And people were saying that you know, brick and mortar was going to go actually this year in 2017 with this past year, more independent bookstores opened than at any other time. So there’s a huge boom in independent bookstores, but the mega-bookstores like Barnes and Noble, they’re going under. They just can’t compete anymore. But the e-Book market has changed the game for everyone because now it’s so easy to get in and compete. You can actually have amazing books and amazing best selling and New York Times best-selling authors who have spent a fraction of the cost. And we’re reaching a multitude of people, um, in a way that they never were able to do before.

Michael Silvers [08:28] : Wow. It has really changed the world and in many ways that’s actually great. You know, and again, as you keep momentum moving, that we’ve done a lot of podcasts and those of you out here want to be podcasters, just talk and have fun. That’s all. That’s our mentoring advice, just talk and have fun and to keep your momentum going. What do you do on a daily basis to keep moving forward as a mentor and as an entrepreneur?

Marie White [08:56] : You know, I’m very big on schedules so I get up at 5:00 every morning and I work from five to seven without fail. So doing that allows me to have two extra hours in the day that most of the people don’t have, which adds up to days, weeks and eventually months.

Michael Silvers [9:11] :  Wow, that’s fantastic. That’s all right. Five o’clock in the morning, I have to think of that one, but it is true. Will you? Are you willing to do what others won’t, you know, are you willing to create those things that others won’t and how, how well are you at taking advice from other people?

Marie White [09:27] : Do you know? That is a hard one. I tend to think of myself as pretty thick skinned and able to take advice, but it’s still hard to do. I mean, it hurts when people do it, but one of the questions I always put out there and I put it out to people on facebook, I put it out when I have Beta readers going through my books, I always tell them I would rather have the truth right between the eyes and let me mull it over. I may walk away going, that was wrong. I am not going to do that. That is a terrible at, you know, suggestion. And then later on that day and I think, well, and the next day I’m thinking, you know, they probably have a point and then the next day I’ll go, you know what, I’m going to change that.

Michael Silvers [10:03] : That’s right. That’s fantastic. So I’m, you know, sort of wrapping up, what’s one piece of advice you want to give our audience out here? And then of course we know everybody is driving along as they’re listening to this and I’m not going to be writing everything down. So, you’ll be able to go to our website and find more information regarding a Marie but obviously at the end of this to give out your website and you know, this is on podcast, right? They’re all driving and they’re like, yeah, I heard that, but. So we’ll, again, we’ll have a repository for information so everybody can get more on that and she’ll also be helping collaborating with us. So you’ll get to know her even better. And again, really these were mentors there for you, but again, for the end of this, wrapping it up, thinking of again, what is the last thing that you’d like to give to the audience or even a piece of homework for them? Anything you’d like to say?

Marie White [10:55] : I think that the biggest change, the biggest difference between somebody who’s successful and isn’t successful is that were the ones that come up with the ideas in the shower and the car, all these different places in the middle of the night and we stop and we do something about it. What did you record it on your phone or you write it down? Those are the ideas and the people who make things happen. Everybody has a million dollar ideas. It’s the people who write it down and act on it and make a difference and write it down and act on it and you can definitely reach me at zamizpress.com and bookoverhaul.com

Michael Silvers [11:33] : Bookoverhaul.com. Fantastic. Well Marie, thank you so much for being on the show today. It’s been my pleasure. It’s always great and those of you are not seeing this because we are actually zooming in, so we’re so we are seeing each other and in bright smiling faces. You’re up and ready to go.

Marie White [11:51] : Thank you Michael. Thanks for having me on

Michael Silvers [11:53] : You’re welcome. So for those of you again around the world listening to this, we thank you so much for being on. Maybe it’s your morning and evening or afternoon. Have a great, wonderful day. Take the advice step forward, really listened to mentors in your life and let also coaches, again, as we say, kick you behind and thank you all for being on the show. Marie, again, thank you and we’ll talk to you. I’ll sit and listen to the next show when it’s coming up. All right, everyone. Have a great day. Goodbye everyone.

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