Episode 56: Shine And Embrace Your Uniqueness With Akemi Kajihara Of Shine Younique

TMS 56 | Shine Younique


Learn what is blocking you from your goals in life with the Shine Younique program. Discover how you can open up yourself so that you can move forward. Join Michael Silvers and his co-host, Donna Campbell as they talk to Akemi Kajihara about the Shine Younique program. Akemi is the creator of said program. So you’ll learn a lot about her life journey in today’s episode. Discover the elements that make you, you today!

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Shine And Embrace Your Uniqueness With Akemi Kajihara Of Shine Younique

My co-host is here. It’s Dawna Campbell. I’m not going to go through everything I’ve done before but I’ve been on stages for many years at The Mentor Studio. My business partner is Mary Glorfield, who was Tony Robbins’ VP for eighteen years. If you want to join us, go to TheMentorStudio.com. You can see how to join us on the front page. The membership is $495 a year and you’re a member. You could be a mentor and your life is good.

It’s great to have all of you on. We have mentors all over the world. I’m going to turn this over to Dawna for the introductions but she is one of our lead trainers at The Mentor Studio. She’s built an amazing business. She’s worked with healing all over the planet and also played with other people’s money to the tune of $500 million. It means that she is responsible for what she does but it’s about healing and making a difference in others’ lives that’s why she’s here. Let’s turn it over to Dawna Campbell.

Thank you so much. It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to our next guest. She started as a prep school teacher during college and what she did was she encouraged and heightened many students from the least performing to being the top in their performance class, through their mindset to conquer their weakness. Anytime she was given a plan, she promoted 1.5 times greater than the initial plan by introducing them and understanding the difference in cultural differences and communication. She is also the creator of the Shine Unique Program, emphasizing the cross-cultural differences through empowerment’s strength and research on mind development.

Through bullying and discrimination that she received in childhood, she was able to fast forward with all of those cultural challenges, divorce, abuse and moral harassment. She’s come to the understanding of spirituality and life and that can be combined to embrace your own uniqueness. She truly has a heart of gold. She is a mother of five and happily married. She’s a professional interpreter and she is a heart-centered life healing. Let’s all welcome, Akemi Kajihara. Thank you so much for being here. Share with us a little bit about your background and some of the things that you’ve accomplished along the way.

Thank you for introducing me. You introduced me pretty well. I have been doing healings for several years. Before that, I was a prep school teacher. After that, I was a salesperson. All the years I’ve been having all these challenges throughout my life until I started healings. The healings changed my mindset and realized what I was doing before I started healings. Now, I get to implement that into people’s lives and change their lives in order for them to move forward. That’s me and the truth is I have gone through the very end of the least, the yucky part of the life that everybody has gone through. I did find a way to get out of it and here I am in one piece.

I am healthy, strong and the biggest part of me would be I can see clearly now. I had glaucoma and I had to get over all the obstacles in order for me to recognize what was going on in my life in order for me to move forward. That was the healing part of my journey. Many things are connected with your problems in your life and I get to unfold them and share them with you to see what’s going on and change your life. That’s me.

The great thing is that there are challenges and things that come up in our lives and we have a decision at that point of which way we want to go down the path. You can’t see the forest through the trees. Sometimes it’s not clear I get that part but there has to be that decision point. Sometimes it’s other people around you or being of service to others. What propelled you to go down that path to get healed?

TMS 56 | Shine Younique
Shine Younique: The Shine Unique program is a six-week interactive program. You get to sit down, go through your life, and see what were the key elements that actually made you, you.


The beginning was I gave birth to my daughter and then the second one came. I was going through a bad marriage at that time but I still had kids. There are a lot of questions about it but life goes on. When I had my third child, they told me I wasn’t seeing well and I had blockages in my eyes. They told me, “You may lose your sight.” I’m like, “What are you talking about? I do have headaches. I am nauseous sometimes.”

The thing was if I can’t see my children growing up and what I have in my life, I’m not going to get the great piece out of my life. That’s the turning point. I thought that was the beginning but the real beginning was when I was in childhood that everything that was happening in front of me was something that I didn’t want to see and feel so I closed myself up and all this came when I had my children. That’s my turning point.

I know a little bit more because I’ve known you for a number of years. When you were younger, what were some of the things that happened to you that you weren’t able to see or didn’t want to see? I know it has to do around with bullying and cross cultures and being in different countries living. Share with us some of those earlier pieces.

What’s happening in front of me or to me was bullying something that comes from the outside but the things that were happening inside of me were not being able to be understood and not being accepted in society because I look different. Also, my parents or my mother were not in the best condition because we all moved to a different culture and they could not accept the changes themselves. They weren’t doing well. They couldn’t treat me well. Those little wheels are not going together and so what I didn’t want to see is what I didn’t want to feel.

It is those things. You’re in Japan now. Sometimes it’s even within our own culture or communities that there are challenges. Challenges are not good or bad. Our perception is what we make of it. What stands out for you, a book you’ve read that everybody could go out and buy that can make a difference in their life or a podcast you’re listening to that’s something they should jump on?

The book that you can read to change your life was the book called Theta Healing because that’s when I started to look into my life and got the tools to see into my life. The other one is a book. Dawna knows the book.

It’s the Old Turtle and The Broken Truth by Douglas Wood.

If you can't see what you have in your life, you're not going to get the great piece out of it. Click To Tweet

That book had the messages that I needed for me. You got to read it. It’s a picture book for kids. It’s so easy. There are not many words on it but the truth is the biggest key. The truth that you think is the truth is not the truth, it’s inside you. You’ll get the message when you see the book.

It has some of the most amazing pictures and everything because you go on a journey to find yourself on the inside. What would be one of your favorite quotes or something that you use or that you say often for yourself?

I went to prep school so it’s an additional school to school. My teacher kept on telling me that I need to ride the tide when I’m nervous. Anything that’s happening, sad or wrong in your life, you’ll always have that rush in your body, that heart beating moment, ride the tide. Ride your emotions, not being sucked in it, ride it.

My previous quote was, “Rising tides lift all boats.” It’s quite an alignment there. It’s pretty fun. One of the things you started creating and putting together is the Shine Unique Program. Tell us a little bit about that.

It’s a six-week interactive program with you and me. I get to be the one that does the project and the program with you. We sit down and go through your life and see what were the key elements that made you, you. You’re going to go through what are the components that you have in you. We then dig down to what has been stopping you to move forward and what has been the points that you truly wanted to do but couldn’t do and we get to see what’s stopping you and blocking you. We take those blocks away and get to the true essence that you have and make it shine and use the abilities that you have to move forward.

It’s more likely to open up yourself and your boxes, see what’s inside and get it out and use it. That’s what it is. The boxes are not in this lifetime because I go to this spiritual aspect. It’s going to be in your ancestors, culture, group consciousness and all the goodies that you have in you. We’re going to take it out and implement it into your life so that you can move forward, shine and succeed.

As you have students who do that or people who need healing, I know you two also do a big live broadcast. If I was listening to your show or I’m reading to this one and it’s the only thing I’ve ever heard from you. I’m reading this piece. It’s all I have time for. I’m about to head back to work. What are three things you could help me with that I could put into action now? Three simple steps, what can I do?

TMS 56 | Shine Younique
Shine Younique: When you wake up, give yourself a good compliment. Praise yourself. If you feel anything negative happening, just tell yourself, “It’s just for this moment and let it go.”


Number one, first thing in the morning, wake up, give yourself a good compliment and praise yourself. If you feel anything negative happening, tell yourself, “It’s for now and this moment,” and let it go. Letting go would be the biggest key. Complimenting, praising, accepting yourself as who you are. That’s the second one. The third one is anything that happens in your life, negative and positive, all have meanings. Seek for the meaning and the meeting is always positive. It might be positive for you but it’s a positive thing. Ask yourself what you’re getting out of it and what are you learning.

You’re an entrepreneur and the entrepreneur road is not an easy road. It’s not that it’s easy or noddy. That’s what we make of it. I know you’re on a mission and I understand it’s about healing and it’s truly helping others and being a service but that road still has the bumps. Do you have an idea of the path you’re taking and where you’d like to be a year from now or so?

I do make plans for myself and it’s my ideal self in ten years and this is where I want to be. I always have that vision. I redo it every year so that I have something that is way beyond me. It’s my aim to move forward. I do have one that I always say is, “When I die, all the pictures and all the memories that I will see are good ones,” and that’s my ultimate goal. It’s to have a good memory on this planet and go home with that good memory and be proud of myself.

I had a client. It was interesting because she was 86 and she’d signed up for a lot of courses down in New Zealand. I was doing a little coaching with her. This was many years ago. I wonder if I could even try to contact her. We did the ten-year plan with them. You woke up in the morning, your eyes opened up, what do you see, hear and feel and you write it out for the whole day. There was a moment that part of me said, “Should I give this to her? What if she doesn’t see anything?” and I thought, “Then it’s all about me.” I gave it to her and she came back a week later with this beautiful life in ten years.

She’s like, “From the day I was born, I don’t know. Why would I not do that extra? Why would I not feel that into those ten years from now?” Her ten years were interesting because it was very much around people around her and where their lives would be but still focused on the beauty, gratitude and moment. She said after she wrote it that she loved life. She lived life to the fullest. She had traveled the world. Her life was amazing. She said, “I have so much more to do. I got to get on it.”

It was one of those great experiences that it’s not about planning out your life because you’re not in control. It’s not what it’s about but it’s being able to see that 10, 15 or 20 years and you keep going. I love that you said that and had that visual and where you’re going from there and making it very visual so you can feel, hear and see it.

Ride the tide when you're nervous. Don't get sucked into it, just ride it. Click To Tweet

That 86-year-old lady had it right all along. It’s truly about love and loving life. One of the things I love to say is, “Live the life you love and love the life you live.” Share with us, what are a few things that you absolutely love in your life that are non-negotiable. For me, I love to travel, see other places, see cultures, experience life and then I love to come home because this is my grounding place. What are some things that are non-negotiables for you that you love?

What I absolutely love is the smell of my children. I hope they don’t grow up but eventually, they will. I’m counting on my grandchildren that they smell nice. The thing is smell is very important for me because when I go into nature, I smell nature. Smelling the scent and it has to be good. That’s something that’s non-negotiable for me.

I do like the smell in different countries so when I travel, I love to look into the places that you go and eat. There are all these different scents and the spices that they make. I do have a good nose so I am a little pretty picky where I go but the smell that I love is something that I can’t say no to. I have things I will say yes to.

Where’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to? I know you’ve traveled all over the world by your favorite smell.

I may be a little weird but it’s Montana in Bigfork. It’s like the beginning of the fire season. I liked the scent of the smoke that just starts, like the beginning of it, not the middle because that’s when you start suffocating but the trees give out this incredible smell that warns you and it teaches you so many things. I love that smell.

A place that I’ve been to, which some people say because it’s old and ancient. I love Rome. I’ve been to Rome, 5, 6 times. For me, there’s something magical within Rome. To me, it doesn’t smell moldy or old. Rome, it’s not dirty but it’s an old city. There’s some magic within that, let alone all the pizza places and the great food. There’s a magical smell to it. The minute I hit Rome, I know I’m there. I know where I’m going and right down from the Vatican, there’s this great restaurant. I know the smell of it.

When I start walking down the main avenue, that’s an olfactory and it triggers in us our memories, senses and how we’re feeling. It’s magical. I love that you could point that out so well that, that made such a difference. I still love the smell because I was born and raised in Los Angeles. We had a lot of smog. When I realized there were blue skies, I’m like, “Life is good,” but it is that part of ourselves that we take in. Tell us one thing about yourself nobody else knows.

TMS 56 | Shine Younique
Shine Younique: Anything that happens in your life, whether it’s negative or positive, all have meanings. So seek for the meaning and know that that meaning is always positive.


I love macaroni and cheese, American food, devil cakes and all those things that people do not say that spiritual and healers do not eat. I am a very junk food eater.

Mac and cheese are awesome.

Thank you so much, Akemi, for being on. Thank you for being part of the show. It’s been a joy. Thank you for beaming in from Japan for us and getting up early. It’s all about healing, education and entertainment. Would you like the audience to reach out to you? Is there a place they can do that?

TMS 56 | Shine Younique
Shine Younique: Old Turtle And The Broken Truth By Douglas Wood

They can type Akemi Kajihara on Facebook and you can find me. My Instagram is @Akemi_AstroHearts. You can also find me at Google, just put Astro Hearts and I’ll appear.

I want to thank everybody for being on. This has been great. We’re a worldwide organization. We’ve got to get somebody who’s up on the space station. That’s our next thing. We’re going to work on that. We’re going to put somebody back on the moon and we’ll go, “Say yes. I know you will.” I wanted to thank you again for being on the show.

For those reading, if you’re in the US, you can always text the letters TMS to 26786. You’ll get directly linked to us. You’ll get more information. You get put into the complimentary. We have a complimentary Facebook group for anybody. We have calls every single Thursday. It’s been a great show as usual for myself and Dawna. Akemi, thank you so much for being part of it. Any last things before I let them all go?

Thank you for having me here. It’s awesome. I learned a lot. Come and join because it’s a great community.

One family, one team and one community. It’s the best. I’ll talk to everybody very soon. Goodbye.


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About Akemi Kajihara

TMS 56 | Shine YouniqueAn Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master, Certificate of Science.
She has started Theta Healing in the year 2010 and has been an instructor since 2010. She lives in Osaka Japan and travels around the world teaching Theta Healing and translating for the instructor’s classes. She participated in more than 300 instructors classes and practitioner classes done by Vianna and Josh and Brandy including the ones that she has taken to become a Certificate of Science. She has taught 200 classes and counting more in Japanese and English.
She is a mother of 5 children. 2 from my current marriage and 3 from my previous marriage. She met her divine life partner through Theta Healing. And she has witnessed many instant healings including glaucoma that she had.


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