Episode 60: The Components Of The Happiness Formula And Changing Human Behavior With Gary King

TMS 60 | Happiness Formula


Are you chasing everything down the road to be happy? What if you’re searching for the wrong things and places? Listen to Donna Campbell as she talks with Gary King about the happiness formula. Gary is convinced that every positively energized word he speaks and every Happiness sign he posts will ultimately have a ripple effect globally. In this episode, he shares his journey, challenges, and a near-death experience that let him look at the world through a different lens. He explains the importance of analyzing your source of happiness so you can assess what you want to do in your life. Tune in to learn more about mind and body connection, overcoming post-traumatic stress disorders, and the joy of uplifting other people.

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The Components Of The Happiness Formula And Changing Human Behavior With Gary King

Our guest is a speaker, an author and a successful entrepreneur. His background is so diverse and exhilarating. It includes powerboat racing. He’s an internationally known artist and sculptor. He has even been honored by President Clinton himself. He has been the General Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the television industry.

As a multi-business owner since 1972, he is an expert in event production, security risk management, and logistics. He has directed some of the largest motor boat sports events in the Tampa Bay Area, including the APBA Offshore Power Boat World Championships. For over 25 years, he was the director of security, road manager, operations manager, and a personal consultant to Tony Robbins and Robbins Research International with over four million international miles.

He has managed an international medical team and was the first responder for participants’ suicide attempts and the Baker acting participants. He has developed a passion for speaking with a profound message that he shares in schools, prisons, and teen groups on character, ethics, integrity and forgiveness.

He was even featured in Oprah’s Magazine, O’s Guide to Life, and numerous other articles with his book, which was released in 2016, The Happiness Formula: The Ultimate Life Makeover. He has been out changing the lives of people all around the world with The Happiness Formula and starting The Happiness Experiment. He is truly dedicated to being a renaissance man after being born with complex PTSD, bringing back the foundation of character, integrity and happiness to schools all around the world. Everyone, let’s welcome here, Gary King. Thank you so much for being here with us.

It’s an honor for me and a great pleasure. Aloha, everybody, from the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, which is where I live. I’m excited about this. I have spent many years creating what I call The Happiness Experiment. I will go into that in detail, and I’m sure it will mystify your audience and then some.

I’m excited to learn all about that. I know you have a book called The Happiness Formula, and I read it a couple of times. You’re open and candid about a lot of the events in your life. Why don’t you give a little bit of your background of some of the challenges and obstacles you had to overcome to get to happiness?

I was born with complex PTSD. What does that mean? That means that when my mother was carrying me, my father was a pilot in World War II. You can imagine the emotion she was going through while I was inside of her. When I was born, I was born pretty heavy. I was born 12 pounds and I was a premature baby. My mother told me I almost died in childbirth, as did she. That’s where the complex PTSD started.

From there, it compounded with things like many years ago, I accidentally ran over a five-year-old boy and killed him instantly. It was not my fault. I was in a home invasion and left for dead. My only child, Jason King, which it’s even more of honor now. This is the tenth anniversary of my son taking his own life. He did that on July 29th, 2012. I visited his grave and put a little angel on his gravesite. My best friend was murdered on my birthday. There are 31 of these traumas.

TMS 60 | Happiness Formula
The Happiness Formula

I also had a near-death experience in the ‘80s. The lens that I look through for life is different from people’s lens that they look through, not having a near-death experience. I see parts of life that the only way you could possibly see life that way is to have a near-death experience. There’s no shortage of people who have had them. There have been movies made about it and it’s real. I can tell you and I’m qualified to say this, “You can’t die. You just transition.” That’s my backstory.

What I learned is, unfortunately, most men are taught that vulnerability is a weakness. A huge strength of being vulnerable is strength. That’s why I wrote the book the way I wrote it. The first third of the book was my backstory. The second two-thirds was how to approach life. I’m writing my second book, which is called The Happiness Experiment. It will include a lot of the first book and the profound things that I’ve done in the last several years with The Happiness Experiment. It goes far beyond profound because I track the results of the experiment.

Thank you for sharing that because it’s not easy sharing parts of our life stories, but it connects us in a lot of different ways, especially where there’s a silver lining gift of happiness of what you learned on the journey with that.

The interesting thing about what has happened to me, as far as I know, is I have never found anybody that has had a 100% cure for complex PTSD or PTSD. This is in my own research. I spent 4 to 6 hours a day researching. All you can do is manage it. You can manage it with therapy, drugs, EMDR, and all kinds of things. I had a 100% cure a few months ago. I have no symptoms of complex PTSD. I’ve had it since birth with all those traumas. I have no symptoms at all. I know how to teach that to other people. I know exactly what to do to get there.

After reading your book a couple of different times, The Happiness Formula, I do have a couple of questions that I want to look at and address. At The Mentor Studio, we talk a lot about one team, one family, and one community coming together to make an impact in the world. In your book, in chapter 19, you talked about the day that you got the phone call that your son took his life. You were on your way to Australia, but you decided to stay for the event before coming back to the United States because you needed to support the team and what your role was there. Can you share with us a little bit more about that? It felt like a real defining moment because you made some choices right there for you.

At events, I was always the first in and the last out. The night I arrived on the Gold Coast of Australia, it was midnight, my phone rang and it was my nephew to tell me what my son had done. I didn’t realize this either until the last couple of years. He suffered from complex PTSD as well. He got that pattern from me. I’m 8,800 miles from home when I get that phone call. I was there for ten days. It was day one.

I had to make a decision. I also contemplated and thought that my son had purposely waited for me. I was speaking at the University of California in San Diego, which I did for several years. I was flying from there to Australia. I landed in Dallas. I called him as I was boarding the plane. I said, “Jay, I’m on the way to Australia. I love you. I’ll talk to you from Australia.” He said, “Dad, I love you too.” Those are the last words I ever heard from him.

While I was in Australia, I knew the value of human connection. I already knew that part. Aside from what I did working in the personal development industry, I also spoke all over the world that had nothing to do with that industry. I was doing presentations on my own. I stayed there for the connection to people that I had been around for many years.

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The last time I checked, around 35% of parents that lose children to suicide do the same thing. On the way back, Qantas Airlines saved my life. The flight attendant kneeled in the aisle and held my hand. They walked me through the whole 8,800-mile trip. The pilots and all the crew knew. They radioed everybody. Qantas was amazing. I wrote the CEO a letter. He responded to the letter and he said, “You’ll always be part of the Qantas family.” You can imagine the level of trauma to travel 8,800 miles back home. I did my own son’s eulogy. I almost missed the flight and would have missed his funeral service. He put all those things on top of each other. That’s called trauma 10.0.

How was the culture with Tony Robbins Research, all of that being there at the event? I know you were there working the event. Share a little bit about how the community came together in that team environment for you.

I had established close friendships with a lot of the key people. I spent my time around those key people because there are participants. Some of the participants knew me, but I spent most of my time in close contact with the friendships that I had made over many years. That was what got me through it. The challenge was in the end, I was all by myself. I was the only person with the vehicle. I had to drive back to Brisbane by myself. When you go through that trauma, your mind won’t shut up no matter what you do. That’s what I did. I spent my time with the closest people to me. They were an emotional support system.

The people closest to us are exactly where we need to be and where we want to be because that’s where the love is.

That’s the irony in all my studies. The most famous study on happiness is the Harvard study, which was created in 1938. They took 743 men. They tracked them throughout their entire life. They’re in their 90s now. That study cost $20 million. The idea was to determine what is the source of happiness. Where does it come from? We’re taught that it’s the pursuit of happiness. It’s not a pursuit. That’s not what it is. It’s a realization.

This Harvard study is still going on now. The study is still taking place. The bottom line or the results of the study is that deep human connection is the source of true happiness. Stuff and money are not the sources of true happiness. That’s the chase. My main discovery and what I teach people is almost all humans manage the effects of their life. They don’t manage the cause. Why? Because they don’t even know what that means to manage the cause. That’s what I did. That’s how I had this transition. I completely cured complex PTSD because I started managing what’s called the original cause. When you manage the original cause, the effects no longer affect your life.

In marketing, it’s called the top of mind. That’s why marketers pay so much money for their logos. It’s because they want their logo to be at the top of your mind. It’s the first thought you think of when you go into a grocery store. Here’s my top-of-mind thought, “I am free.” That thought overshadows everything. Every morning I walk on the beach and that’s what I do. Every day and every way, I am free. Every day and every way, I get better and better. Every day and every way, I get healthier and healthier. That’s what I do because I’m reprogramming my subconscious mind. Anybody can do that. They just don’t know how. Most people don’t know how.

One thing that I’ve learned in my life is that no matter what life path you go down, there are always those silver lining gifts. I used to say, “It’s not a matter of right or wrong. It’s an experience.” If you like the experience, repeat it. If you don’t, do it differently. Even with your story and events in my own life, I realized that even if the experience wasn’t good, there was still a gift in that. For you, it’s happiness and The Happiness Formula. Share with us what’s in The Happiness Formula.

TMS 60 | Happiness Formula
Happiness Formula: Deep human connection is the source of true happiness. And money is not the source of true happiness.


On November 7th, 2019, I started the experiment. This is what I did. I went to a sign company and a guy I know well. I had this sign made. I had ten of them made. This is made out of aluminum and fiberglass to last 25 years. The colors are strategic. They’re red and yellow for a reason. The heart is there for a reason. The second one, I bolted it to a St. Petersburg City limits sign. I bolted it right to the bottom of the city limit signs. I took a picture of it and I put it on a Facebook page called I love St. Pete which has 90,000 followers. Within twelve hours, it went viral.

I had all the television stations, FOX 13, CBS and ABC all contacting me. The first one was Eron Murray from Bay News 9. They followed me around with a film crew as I put up the signs on the telephone poles. I started with ten. Now, there are approximately 350 happiness signs in St. Petersburg. What has that caused? I did 31 years of research behind this. This is scientific and technical. A lot of people think, “There’s a guy running around town putting up happiness signs.” The guy running around town putting up happiness signs knows that those signs will change human behavior. I know exactly how and why it changes because I track it.

I’ll give you one example of hundreds. I was in the downtown area. I was walking down the sidewalk in the 600 block of St. Petersburg. There was a girl standing at a podium. She looked at me and she said, “I know who you are. I used to work in Barnes & Noble. You were in there buying a book. I wanted to talk to you but I was too busy. You told me you were going to go out in front of the store and put a happiness sign on a palm tree.” I did and it’s still there on a busy highway. She said, “Because I couldn’t talk to you, I wrote you a letter.” I thought, “She wrote me a letter.”

Two weeks later, I saw her. She sat down and talked to me. I was at this table on the sidewalk. She sat down and talked to me. She said, “I want to share something with you.” I said, “Did you write me a letter?” She goes, “Yes. I have bipolar disorder. I have it bad. My life is hard. One day, I couldn’t do it anymore. I got my car and I drove to the Skyway.” It is the bridge that my son jumped off. It’s the East Coast equivalent of the Golden Gate in San Francisco. It’s enormous like that. It’s far off the water.

She said, “I got in my car and I was driving to the Skyway. I saw one of your signs. It reminded me of your story because I’m on TV a lot.” There have been eight breaking news stories about this. She said, “I remembered your story from TV. I turned around and went home.” It stopped her from jumping off the bridge. I see her all the time. She and I are great friends. She’s a different person now.

I could give you 25 stories that are heart-wrenching. It will make people cry. I have people call me and say, “Will you put one in my front yard?” I ran to a young woman who went through a horrible divorce. She has two boys. She’s struggling. She said, “Will you put a happiness sign on a telephone pole in front of my house?” I said, “Absolutely.” I went there within hours of her asking me. She emailed me and said, “You have no idea how this has changed everything.” I do. I knew exactly what it does.

I was invited to an 8.5-acre complex for homeless people and veterans. It is an enormous complex in Clearwater, Florida. They house and feed hundreds of veterans and homeless people. I was invited up there. I spent two hours putting happiness signs all over this complex because I knew what would happen. I know what it will do to the behavior of people in that complex.

I want to show you something fascinating. I went to my sign guy and I said, “I want you to do something for me. I want you to make me a copy of the happiness sign. I’m going to give you a word that has nine letters like ‘Happiness.’ I want to show people how dramatic and what this does.” I had this sign made. Why did I do that? I put 350 signs that say “Spaghetti” all over St. Petersburg. They’re on every major road. They’re at every intersection. They’re everywhere. If I put spaghetti, here’s what would happen. You wouldn’t be able to find spaghetti in the store. It would be sold out. What’s more strange is people would come home with the spaghetti and go, “Why did I buy this? I have no idea why I bought this.” That’s the subliminal side.

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On top of that, here’s what people don’t get. When you see the word “Happiness,” it produces endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin in the human brain. People’s behavior is changing. Now, I can’t go anywhere in St. Petersburg. Every place I go, I’m recognized because of all that coverage. It doesn’t matter where I go. I can go into a Home Depot or Walgreens.

I’m going to share an experiment. I spoke at a huge hospital complex in Dania, Florida. The staff and the residents were in the room. It was a packed room. I did an experiment. I’ve been doing this for many years on the road. It is shocking to people. They can’t figure it out. I had two envelopes. I asked the staff person. I said, “Would you come up here and assist me in this demonstration? Are you right-handed or left-handed?” She said, “I’m right-handed.” I said, “I want you to take this envelope, put it in your right hand and hold it over your heart. For a minute or two, I want you to get a sense that you’re holding something over your heart. I want you to stick your left arm out. I’m going to take two fingers, and I’m going to put them on the back of your hand. When I tell you to resist, resist me pushing with two fingers.”

I handed her this envelope and I said, “Resist.” I slammed her arm down against her waist. I gave her the second envelope. I said, “I want you to put this over your heart and I’m going to do the same thing.” I couldn’t push her arm down with my hand. I could lift 200 pounds but I couldn’t push her hand down. I said, “I want you to open the envelopes. I want you to show the audience what’s inside the envelopes.”

She opened the first envelope where she had no strength at all. This is what was in the first envelope. This is what was in the second envelope. This is all my outgoing mail. Why? Because 50 people handled this. The mail carriers, all the companies, the people who distribute the mail, and the big companies are handling the word. When they handle the word, it changes their behavior but they don’t realize it.

I’ve done that experiment for many years. People go, “What in the world?” I go, “What you don’t understand about your own body is you have intelligence but your body has its own intelligence. Your body senses the frequency or the energy of a word. I can take broccoli and refined sugar and do the same exact experiment. It’ll turn out the same way. The broccoli will be strong and the refined sugar will be weak.”

What that tells you is nothing more than the common sense part. I’m not going to go into this part because everybody knows this part. In the last few years, words and images have been used. Those words and images make the human body weak, but worse, those three words in the human body produce cortisol and adrenaline. When you overproduce cortisol and adrenaline, it shuts your immune system off. It turns it off.

I’m 77 years old. My voice doesn’t match my age. I get that on the phone all the time. In my lifetime, I’ve had one surgery. I was four years old and I had my tonsils out. For the rest of my life, I’ve supposed to have had twelve major surgeries. I tore both ACLs so badly that I couldn’t walk. I tore both rotator cuffs so badly that I couldn’t use my arms. I was supposed to have emergency cancer surgery within 48 hours. In all twelve surgeries, I never showed up for any of them, not one of them.

This is my disclaimer. I’m not suggesting that people should do this. I’m saying, “This is what I did.” The reason I did it was because somewhere along the line, I recognized the mind-body connection. Unfortunately, Western culture doesn’t teach the mind-body connection. When I do presentations, I ask the audience, “I’m curious. In the last twenty doctor’s appointments you’ve had, has a doctor ever said to you when you sit down, ‘How’s your stress level? How’s your relationship? How’s your job?’” They don’t do that.

TMS 60 | Happiness Formula
Happiness Formula: There’s power to the truth. You can’t tell the proverbial white lie. There’s no such thing. You’re either honest or you’re dishonest. You can’t reside in the middle.


That’s where everything comes from. That’s what I did. I started this experiment to help my own complex PTSD situation. I did not tell the person this in the interview. It’s one of the CBS ones. When the news anchor presented it and it shifted to the on-the-road reporter who was interviewing me and the piece was introduced, the news anchor said, “The St. Petersburg man cured himself of PTSD by putting up the happiness signs.” I never said that but that’s what happened to me.

I have zero symptoms. I know why and I know how to teach it. It’s all about cause and effect. That’s what it’s about. When you’re a child and you’re three years old, parents call it discipline. A three-year-old child takes it in as trauma. That’s how they take it in. Don’t do that. Don’t touch that. Open your mouth again. I’ll get the belt. To a three-year-old, they can’t process that. They don’t have any cognitive skills.

What you’re doing with the school buses?

There are 480,000 school buses in the United States. That strip on there is a piece of magnetic material that I painted the school bus yellow. I stuck it on the side of that bus to cover up what was on the side of the bus. All 480,000 school buses in the United States all say the same thing on the side. It doesn’t say school bus on the side. It says the district that it serves. Does that matter?

That image on there is three times bigger than this one. If that was on the side of school buses, the behavior in the city would change and people wouldn’t know why it changed. They would have no idea why it has changed because the brain takes the word and captures the word. When it’s repeated over and over again in your mind, your behavior changes. Technically, 90% of human DNA is programmable and 10% is not. I can get technical and go, “You can change your DNA by the words.” I can use another statement that a lot of people will be familiar with, “In the beginning, there was the word.”

These signs have changed because if I were going to guess, I would tell you that 75% of the population of St. Petersburg knows about these to the extent that people write to me and they go, “My kids want me to drive around town like a scavenger to hunt and look for happiness signs.” I have people go, “My grandparents want to ride around and look for happiness signs.”

You can have a scavenger hunt for the happiness signs at St. Pete’s beach.

There isn’t any meaning to it. It’s a word, but the colors and the presentation change everything. That experiment that I showed you with the envelopes considers the human body has no physical strain when the words fear, paranoia, and hate are sealed in an envelope. The body has no strain. If the body has no strain and that’s the environment, happiness is connection. That’s what it is. It’s connection.

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When you did talk about my bio, I became an international artist for fourteen years. I traveled all over the world as a guest of different governments. I was a guest of the Japanese government and Singapore government. How did I even learn to be a sand sculptor of sand castles that were 55 feet high? How did I learn? I volunteered. How did I get into Robbins’ world? I volunteered. That’s how I got into it. When I was at the homeless place putting up the signs, I met with the staff and the CEO. I said, “I have to be a volunteer here. It’s a must.” That’s where the deep happiness comes from. It’s from serving other people, not by being served.

We speak a similar language. I get called a mind whisperer out in the world because that 90% of that energy and the subconscious are reprogrammable. What I do for other people instantly is reprogramming from those lower vibrations to the higher vibrations for them. The three core values people are always asking about are happiness, prosperity and love. Prosperity is all things. It’s not money but being prosperous in all areas of your life. I know you have The Happiness Formula here, and you talk about the core values of The Happiness Formula. Can you share with us quickly what those are?

When I created that formula, I had to make this thought-provoking. I took the formula and I put it in the context of the periodic table. I had a ball cap made and I had The Happiness Formula. I then put the formula in there and I wore that all over the world. I was researching demographics. Who’s going to ask me what the formula means? Is it going to be mostly men? Is it going to be mostly women? Is it going to be younger people? Is it going to be older people? Does it have anything to do with poverty levels or being wealthy? Nothing. It was across the board.

I would be in a grocery store and a nineteen-year-old clerk would go, “What does that mean?” I would be at UCSD doing a presentation and the college students are writing it down. Why did I do that? I was checking to see how much of that information I could pass out by being asked questions. Here’s the formula, F2. That’s like H2O, 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen.

I asked people, “Do you have any idea what the F means?” They go, “Fun.” No. Nobody has ever guessed it. What the F and the 2 means is this. The F stands for forgiveness. You must forgive yourself and other people always. People go, “Forgive other people?” Yes. Forgiveness is a gift. You are not giving it to somebody who hurt you. You’re giving it to yourself. It’s a gift. You give it to yourself. You don’t give it to somebody else. You must forgive yourself. You must let yourself off the hook because if you don’t, that’s another part of the formula.

HT2, this is the big one. You have to be honest with yourself and truthful with other people. No exception. I know the statistics. That was my first presentation in 1992 in Australia. I was asked to do a presentation. I had never done one before. It was a room full of 500 people who paid a lot of money to learn to be a leadership trainer.

“What’s your presentation? What’s it called?” “The Power of Truth.” I stood on stage for 90 minutes delivering a message, The Power of Truth, which was being honest all the time because that’s what happened to me in my near-death experience. I couldn’t tell the proverbial white lie. There’s no such thing. You’re either honest or you’re dishonest. There’s no place in the middle. You can’t reside in the middle. That was my presentation. It was dramatic.

I got to the end. I was given the five-minute sign from the back of the room. I went, “I need to make this personal. How am I going to make it personal?” I’m standing on stage looking at the 500 people and I go, “I got it. I challenge everybody in this room to be completely honest for 24 straight hours. No exception.” It’s called the 24-Hour Truth Challenge.

TMS 60 | Happiness Formula
Happiness Formula: The eighth step is happiness and fulfillment to the power of 10, because it exponentially grows. As soon as you start doing that, your life completely changes.


I said, “Here’s what you’re going to find out. You’re going to all of a sudden be conscious of all the lies that are auto-responding. You don’t even realize you’re auto-responding. You’re then going to think about, ‘Why did I tell that lie? What was I trying to get away with or get away from? Why did I withhold the truth, which is also a lie.’” I said, “What you’re going to find out is you’re going to get a feeling right here in your solar plexus.” That feeling is called synchronicity. Your whole body is going to be synchronized. The word for that, and you don’t hear it often, is your constitution. All the parts are all together. They’re all working together.

There was a married couple in the audience. I had known them. They’re personal friends of mine. They got married right out of high school. The guy was on my security team and his wife was a good friend of mine. Ten minutes after I ended, he came up to me. He goes, “I need your help.” I said, “What’s the matter?” He said, “I took your 24-Hour Truth Challenge. I went and told my wife that I had a bunch of affairs. Will you go talk to her?” I said, “Yes, I will.”

I went and found her. I told her two things. She didn’t want to hear either of them. I said, “First of all, you have no idea how much courage it took for him to do that.” She didn’t want to hear anything like that. I said, “There will come a day when this experience is one of the most valuable experiences you’ve ever had in your life.” She didn’t want to hear that. Every six months, I’m in Australia. Every six months, I see him. I said, “Have you talked to her?” He said, “She moved to the United States.” Six months later, “Have you talked to her?” He said, “I had one phone call with her.” Six months later, “Have you talked to her?” He said, “She’s talking about moving back.”

I’m going to fast forward. I’m back at the same venue ten years later. I’m walking down a hallway and it’s all glass. It overlooks a golf course. It’s a beautiful day. There’s a blanket laid out. There are two people on the blanket. There are two young children running around, and there’s an infant. I walk out there and it’s the two of them. She looked at me and said, “You were right.” I said, “I wasn’t trying to be right. I was giving you something to contemplate.”

What happened was she realized for him to do that, how much courage it took. The chance of him ever doing anything like that again wasn’t an option. The chance of him lying again is not an option. She realized the value of that because statistically, several years ago, it was 90/10. Now it’s 98/2. What I mean by that is that 98% of the population is not completely honest.

What does the SW stand for?

The SW is self-worth. If you don’t forgive yourself and other people, and you’re not honest with yourself and other people, self-worth is impossible. It cannot be. What it turns out when you do that thing is called other worth. It’s not called self-worth. It’s how you get other people to see you and accept you. I call it the three As. When I do presentations, I go, “Here’s what you learned when you were a child. It’s called the AAA club and it’s not about cars.

The AAA club is you learn to pursue approval, acceptance and appreciation. That’s what you were taught. You go through your whole life doing that and you do it unconsciously. You’re seeking approval, acceptance and appreciation. We never had been taught self-approval, self-acceptance and self-appreciation. What a concept. That’s called self-worth, self-appreciation and self-approval.

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All of this gets us to The Happiness Formula. If we want or need one of those happiness signs, can we get one? How does that work?

Here’s where I am with the happiness signs right now. For The Happiness Experiment presentation, I now have a serial number from the trademark office. The signs are in process. That’s why they have TM on them. I’m in the process of writing the book as well. Soon, the book and the sign will get released at the same time.

Somebody gave me a suggestion, which is brilliant. It’s called Adopt A Bus. You go into a city and you adopt the school buses. You donate the money to have the image made to put on the side because it’s all upside. There’s no downside to that. It doesn’t harm the bus or the paint. It doesn’t do anything. It’s all upside. The formula is F2HT2SW=HF10. The HF is happiness and fulfillment to the power of ten because it exponentially grows. As soon as you start doing that, your life completely changes.

You’re going to have to keep us updated on when all of that is done because I need one. Not only for the school buses in the little town that I live in here in Montana, but even in my own home because I put words around the house for the reason. You’ll see faith, trust, belief and love in my office. I realized as we were talking that I don’t have one that said, “Happiness.” There are hearts on my logo. I love that you have a heart on it. I love it. I did a happiness sign.

All you need to do is message me and you’ll get a surprise in the mail.

Thank you so much for being here with us and sharing all of your expertise. I feel like I can sit here and talk to you for another six hours, but we do have to come to close this.

I have lots more. I could do eight hours on The Happiness Experiment alone.

We might have to do a part two.

Absolutely because I get the results daily. It was an honor and a pleasure. I know how to cure complex PTSD and PTSD. I’m looking forward to this path because it’s the path to happiness.

It is your calling and purpose. You love it and you’re passionate. I believe in everything that you are doing.

It was an absolute treasure to be here with you. I love it. Message me an address and you’ll get a little surprise package.

Thank you very much.

You’re welcome.


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