Episode 63: Think Big: Keeping The Multiple Streams Of Income Flowing With Jaime Gonzalez And Hoa Nguyen

TMS 63 | Multiple Streams Of Income


Holding multiple income streams is not easy and requires a lot of work. How can you manage these income streams and still have the time to spend with your family? In today’s episode of The Mentor Studio, our power couple, Jaime Gonzalez and Hoa Nguyen share their strategy for keeping their business growing. Though having multiple income streams, leveraging other people and working together allows them to have personal time. They also provide tips for creating an entrepreneurial mindset in the business community. Tune in to this episode with Jaime and Hoa, and learn more about how you can escalate your business today!

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Think Big: Keeping The Multiple Streams Of Income Flowing With Jaime Gonzalez And Hoa Nguyen

In this episode, I have two amazing exceptional mentors with us. It is Hoa Nguyen and Jaime Gonzalez. I’m going to share a combined introduction for both of them because they truly work together. They’re truly amazing. They’re partners in every area of their life. Hoa and Jamie are married and they are known as lovers. They have been together for several years.

They’re blessed parents of a ninja warrior daughter, Athena. They are also business partners, entrepreneurs for several years, accredited real estate investors, syndicators, authors and eye doctors with two successful multimillion-dollar practices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If that’s not enough, Jaime is also the President and Cofounder of Blacksteel Investment Group, which helps individuals obtain financial freedom and busy professionals and families to achieve even more financial freedom by passively investing in stabilized cashflow and multifamily real estate communities.

With their partners and investors, they co-own over 6,000 apartment units with over $460 million all around the country. Their passion is to travel the world, create impact and give back to different charities and orphanages, as well as living life to the fullest. I don’t know how they do this but in their spare time, they wrote not 1 but 2 international bestselling books. One is called Think Big. The other one is Powerful Female Immigrants Who Inspire Greatness, which includes 24 authors in over 18 countries. Thank you so much, both of you, Hoa and Jaime, for being here with us.

Thank you so much, Donna, for having us.

We appreciate the great introduction you gave us. Thank you.

I love that the two of you get to do everything together as a partner, not just in your businesses but in writing and raising your daughter. I do want to ask, how do you find to do it all? You’re always together, working together, but you have personal time and free time. How do you put this all together? It’s truly amazing.

Everything that we do, we leverage other people and we’re big into teams. I call Hoa an MD, Master Delegator. She has that title that we have fondly given her. It’s all about teams creating systems. First, you have to create a system, put the right people into that system and do other things that you love to do. A lot of these things that we do are what fulfill us. We give back a lot to charities, spend time and travel a lot with our families. It is all about leveraging other people and working as a team. We have been growing very quickly because of that.

Can you share with us a little bit more of your backstory? How did you become from eye doctors to real estate syndicators and have that ability? Where did you learn how to start leveraging the teams? That seems like that’s where some of that team aspect comes into place at.

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We’ve been practicing together for sixteen years as eye doctors. When Athena was born, the reason is that purpose of wanting to spend more quality time. We’ve hustled and been grinding. Being entrepreneurs, we were doing 50 to 70 hours a work week. We loved serving our patients. We worked hard to become eye doctors, but we were still trading our time for money heavily. It was that cross path in our life when that little girl was born and it took nine years in the making to have her. It changed our priorities.

How can we work smarter, leverage and get into the real estate avenue? We were fully immersed in deciding to invest money and time and learn a whole other avenue. That’s how we learned about real estate syndications and getting in there. We knew that we didn’t just want to pick up a second job. We were trying to create more time and freedom, learn, be able to do real estate syndications and have teams and partners.

Leveraging the ecosystem and investors helped us to be able to hire more doctors and continue to grow our practices successfully. We are more oversight. We practice part-time, but we own our time. We truly control it where we get to divvy up and do as much or as little in whatever area we are passionate about. That time freedom from real estate allowed us to learn, grow, mastermind and be connected to the right people for us to be able to grow.

I believe in that because you are the sum of the people that you are around. It’s having those connections and personal relationships with those to learn, take that, implement what you’re taught and then share it with the world. In creating that entrepreneurial mindset, what are some of your number one tips that you can share with our business community around entrepreneurship?

I didn’t come from an entrepreneurial background. My parents worked very hard and had multiple jobs. They wanted to go up in the ranks in their company. Hoa, on the other hand, grew up with an entrepreneurial mindset. She started working at age ten. Initially, you have to surround yourself with entrepreneur mindsets. Get a mentor that teaches entrepreneurship. Start reading some of these books that are about entrepreneurship.

This show is a great way. I’m so glad you came up with this because this is a great idea for people to read and learn about other backgrounds, demographics and lifestyles about how people got into entrepreneurship but are mega successful. I wish I had that entrepreneurial mindset whenever I grew up as a young child. I’m so lucky to have so many ways to connect with other entrepreneurs and share.

One of our passions is to have a trickle-down effect in this community and a legacy for our community. Hoa had that opportunity to be an entrepreneur and she passed it down to other people. Her mom taught me about entrepreneurship and didn’t even speak English. She had six businesses in the United States without going to school and not speaking English. She had a different mindset a long time ago that she wanted to be her own boss, control her time, travel a lot and be with family. What you are doing is a great way to get started.

We’re putting it together with an entrepreneurial mindset, business leadership and strategies which have been some of the top mentors and coaches for you in your community to help you with your entrepreneur mindset.

TMS 63 | Multiple Streams Of Income
Multiple Streams Of Income: You have to surround yourself with entrepreneurial mindsets.


At the very young age of ten, one of my first role models and mentors was my mom. She was not educated but working with her and seeing her work ethic was probably the biggest mover in my journey of entrepreneurship. I always remember the quote she told me. “Pursue your passion and be your own boss.” She never pigeonholed me wanting to become a doctor. A lot of people tease a little bit like, “If you’re Asian, your parents want you to be a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer.”

She was like, “Do whatever you want to do.” She was one of my early mentors. We have mentors in the business world. Bill Walsh has been a big part of that in the power team. I honestly would not be speaking had it not been for Jaime mentioning that he could envision me doing that one day. If it wasn’t for Bill as our business coach pushing us forward and putting me on that stage and constantly out of that comfort zone.

A big needle mover for both of us is to get out there and get on stage. We have personal development. We look at Tony Robbins. There are a lot of mentors in the personal development and business space. When you are personally developing, it touches every other avenue of your life. The trickle effect on your business, your level of confidence and the impact on the number of people will escalate. It’s the vision in the book, think bigger. The more circles and spheres we’re opening ourselves to learn and grow, the more that we realize we’re still thinking too small.

If I could add one more mentor, his name is Kyle Wilson from the Dallas area. He’s all about personal growth. He owned the Jim Rohn company for a long time. He’s a marketing genius. At the same time, you get to be an author of a book. If people ever want to be authors, he’s a great source as well to get part of that author circle. As the other business coach Bill Walsh said, “A book is today’s business card.” Somebody taught us a while back. You get interviewed even more in other podcasts and they invite you more in different stages, but a book is very powerful.

Being pushed out of your comfort zone to even more greatness, your book, Jaime, is called Think Big. Tell us about your new number one international bestseller.

I’m very excited. It got released in 2022. It’s number 1 in 24 categories. In that 1st week, we went over 20 categories. It’s about thinking bigger. Ninety-nine percent of us are still thinking too small. From where I came from, my backyard was a landfill. I was a dumpster diver. My thought and goals were to have a good job and be stable. I was thinking too small and then I was thinking, “My goal is to be an eye doctor.” I already attained that several years ago. I was still thinking too small. I want to help even more people and a lot more charities.

We call it the moonshot. Shoot for the moon. Set those goals almost non-attainable and something that’s going to scare you a little bit. That’s what mainly the book is about. There are a lot of good authors in there. Brian Tracy is in the book as well. It is a great book for people to have a different mindset and entrepreneurship. Set your time. We want to have time freedom. What gives us satisfaction is spending time with whomever we want at any point in time.

Both of you gave credit to Hoa’s mom for mentoring or following her lead and example. Hoa, your book is Powerful Female Immigrants Who Inspire Greatness. Share with us your international bestseller.

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I was born in the Philippines in a refugee camp. Imagine my parents fleeing Vietnam after the war and coming to America to find that American dream. We’re living proof of it. I came when I was eight years old. It’s not just my story and my mom but 24 women from 18 countries sharing not just where we are but, more importantly, the challenges and the strategies of how we were able to go from that point to building, creating impact and living the life we are living in that book.

You hear so many different perspectives. The goal of the book is to uplift and inspire women all around the world. This is a movement for us, so we will be traveling to different countries. This is 100% pure profit. All of the sales for these books, not just for a short period but forever, will go to charity. It’ll go to end human trafficking. That’s a big part of what we like to do, but also all of the 24 women can travel to different countries for this movement. We’re super excited about that. We launched it on August 5th, 2022.

Share with me here quickly. How are you fulfilled? What’s next for you? What’s coming up? You’ve already accomplished so much. You’ve been so inspiring and there’s more to come. What are some things you might be working on?

What fulfills us is giving back. We were so shortsighted thinking, “We’re making a lot of money. If we make more, is that good?” We came to realize that we make more money and the more we can distribute and help others, that fulfills us and makes us happy. We can see changes in what we give to different charities. We like to teach a lot of the youth about financial literacy. We think about financial literacy, whenever we’re young. If you don’t know financial literacy, that’s where a lot of the problems start. Once you have a family, if you don’t have financial literacy, then you’re going to mount those problems as well. A lot of the issues with marriages and things like that are because of finances.

One of our goals is to teach more about financial literacy, especially to the youth. We have a financial freedom show. We have guests that are entrepreneurs that talk about how they got to the point where they are, but they give a lot of tips on how they get there. This all started from all different types of demographics. We had one particular lady. She was in jail for a period of time but she came out and was very successful because she developed a different mindset in the short period that she was there.

We want to develop platforms for more kids to gain that financial literacy. That’s something that I’m very excited about and about financial freedom with the apartment investing we do. We have a lot of passive investors that get passive income by investing in some of these apartments that we purchase. We call it mailbox money because they don’t have to do anything or be a landlord, but every month or every three months, quarterly, they’re getting money whenever they invest in these communities.

At the same time, we help these communities improve, get better and become an actual community from that apartment complex. We help out a lot of other charities as well. We want to help more people and charities. We want to travel more so we can expose our daughter to some of these other cultures that she can learn from.

One of my other passions besides what Jaime is saying is we’re getting a platform to go speak internationally. We’ll be spending two weeks in Vietnam to speak. I’ve been invited to speak to a group of international women in South Africa. I love uplifting, inspiring others and helping people find their inner light, shine and radiate out. That’s one of our passions, why we go and pick up speaking.

TMS 63 | Multiple Streams Of Income
Multiple Streams Of Income: If we want time freedom, we should have a different mindset in entrepreneurship and set our own time.


I push through my fear of public speaking. Every single time I get on stage or anytime I speak, I still get those nerves. When I understand and know the deeper why, it’s so fulfilling. It’s something that we’ve been honored and blessed with. I want to make sure that we do our part to pay it forward.

One last question here for you. What is something fun about each of you that others may not know?

I’m known as the hustler in bowling in Texas.

She is a hustler and great at bowling. I can attest to that. She has trophies. She used to compete and win. Probably something about me, I want to have a health span of 120 years old, so I practice a lot on longevity.

If people want to know more about entrepreneurship mindset, business, real estate, books and all the great things you are doing, how can they get in touch with you?

We do have a website, which is more real estate entrepreneur based. It’s called PassiveWealth23.com. You can email us if you’d like at Jaime@Blacksteel23.com and Hoa@Blacksteel23.com.

We are truly blessed and inspired here at the show that you get to be a part of our community. Thank you so much for spending this time here with me.

Thank you so much for having us, Donna.


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