Episode 17: Being A Coachable Coach With Mark Yuzuik


Good coaches are always coachable, and in order to fully succeed, you have to open the door and share your vision with the right people. In this episode, transformational speaker, master hypnotist, and host of the Get Your Mind Set podcast, Mark Yuzuik, talks about being a coach and speaking to millions. Believing that he needs coaching himself, Mark makes sure that his events always have room for mistakes because this is where growth happens. He also touches on the crucial things that hold people back from achieving their goals and being successful.

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Being A Coachable Coach With Mark Yuzuik

What’s important as you’re building your show and as you’re creating the things that you want to do in life, is you get those people around you. You get those mentors around you who are either in business with you and you want to be where they’re at. Maybe it’s a lifestyle they have that you want to achieve, which is a great part. I surround myself with the best of the best. One of those is with me. We did an event. I’d like to introduce Mr. Mark Yuzuik. Mark, how are you doing?

Michael, it’s awesome to be here. I want to thank you. When we talk about doing an event, it’s not my event, it’s our event. It’s a student’s event. When we talk about mentors, you’re one of my biggest mentors because we keep each other accountable. There’s a good balance. We have different energies about us and what I think is right or you think is right. There’s no right or wrong. It’s a matter of how do we come together and grow for everybody out there? What experiences do we have that we learned over every event we do that we can pay it forward? The event we had, it’s always different than every other event. We have a format, but it always changes. In life, you have to be willing to change.

If you do the same thing over and over again, then what’s going to happen is you’re going to get bored, you’re going to lose your customers, you’re not going to have variety, and where’s your business going to go? That’s the one thing we teach in every event, be open-minded. Have the right energy. Know what you want at life, why you want it and go for it. I love working with you because even though we joke around a lot, we have a direct focus on how and can we pay it forward for the students and everybody there? It seems like we grow more than they do.

It’s amazing that as coaches, mentors and trainers, what happens is we learn more than they do because we’ve learned to take the information and the biggest thing is to become coachable. If you’re coachable and you’re willing to listen and learn and do the actions and make sure you keep the coaches in your life that move you forward. As coaches, mentors and as trainers ourselves, we learn that what the students don’t understand is we’re learning more than they are. Let’s say there are 1,000 of them in the room, we have 1,000 people we’re learning from. It’s a great synergy that’s created in that room. The one thing I wanted to say is that Mark’s been in front of about eight million people in the last few years. At the same time, he’s been on tour with Robert Kiyosaki, he’s been in London, Poland and Romania and going off to Masters of the Century in Singapore. You’ve been in front of eight million people. How has that impacted or changed your life?

I see that everybody has a different way of life. They have different thoughts, feelings, beliefs, directions and challenges. When you can understand that there’s no wrong way, no right way, there is a way for each individual. When you take that in, you can grow. The one thing you had said as far as being a coachable coach, isn’t it funny that we got done talking about one of our students that coached me and pushed me forward to create a program that I had been procrastinating? I’m the guy teaching procrastination and I procrastinate on my own program because I started developing this thought, “Do they really want it?” I knew in my gut, I knew it wholeheartedly, I know they want it. She said, “Go for it,” and I did. The results and the feedback were phenomenal. Even as a coach, we still get stuck. That’s why we got to have mentors and sometimes the students are the best. We had 1,000 people mentoring us. They think that one person mentoring 1,000, it’s the opposite way, but you’ve got to be a good listener. A good coach is always coachable. Some coaches out there are not coachable. They know everything. You’re trying to serve yourself. You’re not trying to serve the better good of other people.

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Even some of the greatest mentors like Oprah, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki are coaches. You think about the top of the top, Jay Abraham, they have coaches but they listen because they want to grow. Life is never about not growing. It’s progressing. It’s learning and it’s progress. That’s what I love about what we’re doing. We’re always growing. We intentionally create a different format for our event, our seminars for one reason to make the mistakes, knowing we’re going to make the mistakes so we can learn. What works? What doesn’t work? If we always do what works, how are we going to grow to know what can work better by not making mistakes? Welcome mistakes. They’re a little embarrassing at times, but a little spanking is better than a bad beating.

That is one I’m never going to forget. It is so true and we drive this forward with people and we make sure that when they walk out of the events that they have something to continue with. For that education piece, I think that’s critical. We’ve seen it over and say, “I’m coachable, I’m this or that.” Fine and then they don’t move forward. They don’t get anything done. I was taught a long time ago by every course and read every book because you’re always fully engaging and you’re always going to stay engaged to keep growing. From a perspective, the one thing that’s always asked is, is there something that I could do or the students that are reading this can do? Is there something they could start with that they could do on a daily basis to at least start themselves moving down a path to success?

When you talk about coachable and then you don’t coach, are they coachable? Are they listenable? You can listen to somebody and not take the action. If you’re coachable, the difference is you get a thought, you get an idea and within seconds, you make a move. You do something because that breaks that pattern of, “Is my brain going to talk me out of it? Is this the right deal? Do they know?” Your brain will play so many tricks on you. It’s like all these magicians and you don’t know what delusion is going on. If you can immediately take some action on something, you know well even if it’s a bad or wrong action, you think you get the wrong result, that’s where you learn. The greatest things are from your mistakes. It’s not the great things that you do. If you do something great all the time, how are you going to have to learn to do something better than that? You’ve got to take action. It’s a thought. It’s a process and put them together. Don’t go, “I’ll think about doing the process.” It should be one word, thought process. At that point, one the thing comes, results.

I’m one of your students. I’ve got a big meeting or something coming up. What are a couple of things you would suggest I do first thing in the morning?

Immediately put yourself in the right peak state. Don’t you show up with something like, “I hope I get this. What are they going to think of me?” You go in there, you know you’re confident. You don’t go in there thinking you’re confident. You know it. You come from the heart and when you do that, you get up. You immediately start moving your body and you feed your body the energy it needs. It’s not the talking, it’s not the data that gets you where you need to be. It’s the energy. It’s the love. It’s the understanding. It’s the respect. It’s listening. What are their needs? If you can satisfy other people’s needs and see their vision, that point people see they got a place to go.

TMS 17 | Being A Coachable Coach
Being A Coachable Coach: The greatest things are from your mistakes. It’s not from the great things that you do.


Think of Steve Jobs. Remember the movie when everybody had computers? What did Steve Jobs do and what did he do to become number one? Do you think of what it was? No, he went to the people working there. Why? That’s what they’re passionate about. They’re creators. All of our students are creators. They’re creating the events for us. We’re delivering them. We’re like Amazon. They order the product, we deliver it. What a concept. Steve goes in there and says, “What is it people want?” They don’t need a better computer. They need a different one. Changed the color. What are people like? “Brandon, I need a pink one. I need a blue on.” You took a product that existed and tweaked it. Maybe that’s all it is. They have to do all this work and it’s a tweak. It’s listening to the right coach. Always be coachable, but don’t listen. Listen and do because people listen all the time. A thought will get messed up if you don’t take action.

It’s such a great advice because this is what we run into all the time. We run into this when we have even big rooms of people. We look around for who’s coachable? Who’s that thought leader in the middle of the room? Who’s going to carry the rest of the room? We can only get to so many people and we’re looking for those. Even our own business, we look for those thought leaders. We look for the people who are going to move people forward who can move hearts and minds. That’s a lot of what you’ve done too is move those hearts and minds through your career. If you were to start all over again, what are some great tips you would tell somebody?

The first thing is have a direction. Know what you want. Enroll people in your vision. If you try to do something yourself, you’re going to micromanage. If you can enroll people in your vision, now you have all these other thoughts, all these other opportunities and you have let whatever your thought is, your vision out there, you shared it. When you can share your vision with people, opportunities come. If you’re looking for an opportunity, open the door. Do you want an opportunity? Don’t close it and think, “I’m going to stay in his closet. I’m going to think because I’ve got it.” If you have that, you’d already been at a different place. Share your vision with the right people that raise your expectations and raise you up to the next level, not going to bring you down. It’s not the event that happens. Sometimes the worst situation that happen is the greatest opportunity, “Thank God this happened to me because now I get to go here.”

It is true because if everybody knows, and I don’t talk much about my background. I came from being a nurse and it wasn’t part it. We took care of the patients, but that entrepreneur side had not kicked into me yet. I wanted to be a help and be of service. It was starting to surround myself with different people, with people who were taking a look at the abundance in the future and being an entrepreneur. The minute that circle changed, my life changed. That makes a huge difference. Look at the circle you’re surrounded with.

We’ve talked about this in the event. There are three things that hold people back. They don’t see the vision. They feel like they’re blinded because they think that, “I’ve done it this way and I’m big enough so I don’t need to change.” For many years, Blockbusters was very successful until this little tiny company come along called Redbox. They didn’t make a change. People don’t listen. The one thing, what built Amazon? He listened to what the customers wanted. If you don’t listen, you’re a know it all. You’re afraid to let go and you micromanage. Steve Jobs listened to his employees because they own the company. If he didn’t listen to his employees who own the company, maybe not legally, but that’s where they got their check. Every place you work, you imagine you own that place. If you go there with that attitude, that company will be successful. Some people are in mobile. They keep doing the same thing. They serve their clients the same way and there’s no variety. Before you know it, they go along, “My subject’s out there. I’m loyal to all my customers.” No, you’re not. You’re being disloyal because you’re not giving them variety. You’re not making different moves to give them the opportunity to see something and grow. Trees grow for a reason. It’s a life. It’s energy.

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We grow as people. We may be certain to life. We stopped growing there, but that’s only a physical thing. Our minds are designed to grow. Our lives are designed to contribute and give back. That’s what we’re made from. If we don’t do that, we’re going to sit there and we’re going to be still and we do nothing. We’re not going to listen. We’re not going to pay any attention to what people are showing us so we can’t see anything. We’re not going to make the right moves and don’t expect to get a different result other than a negative one. You’re going to get a result. Is it going to be positive or negative? That’s your choice. Your mind you’re in control, you decide.

I don’t want to hear this, “This is happening.” No, that is an event that happened. What story you give it is the meaning that gets you to take the action, and that’s the truth. If you’re only focused on what happened to you and not finding the way out of the pain, the pain is there because you haven’t got the lesson. Welcome that pain. We intentionally create pain in our lives, in our seminars, in our events. We banter back and forth for a reason to grow, not to feel pain. When we feel pain, we know how you get out of the pain. What’s the antidote? What’s the medicine? Growth. Get the lesson, then the pain goes away. The suffering is not getting the lesson.

You’re in your own story and then you’re making your own drama. It is becoming that you were meaning-making machines and creating solutions. We’re always solution. We’re solving problems and the more you do that, whatever business you’re in, the money will flow because that’s what people are looking for when they come to you. You have your own podcast, which is off the charts and I love it.

I didn’t even know about podcasting. I said, “Is that an iPod cast or what? Do you push a button?” “No, you get out there and you talk to people. It’s like a radio show.” I go. “Great.” Once you realize what it is, how many of the masses can we touch? Think about the opportunity we didn’t have, we had to use telephones at home. We got advanced to that beeper and cell phone, now podcasting, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Think of all these opportunities. We can get our message out. You have a good message too. You have a great message because that’s how you’ve got to get out there. Think about what you don’t have. If you only focus on what you don’t have, you focus on not your assets but your liabilities, then you’ve got assets out there. Everybody has assets. Focus on that. You have something to share and nothing to prove. When you can do that, you can grow.

I love that because actually that’s part of the idea. When we started to talk about this from our own podcasting perspective, for those of you out there reading, we have a syndicate. We have over 260 podcasters.

TMS 17 | Being A Coachable Coach
Being A Coachable Coach: Everybody has assets. Focus on that.


It may be over 300. We don’t even want to date ourselves. Why limit ourselves? We are growing like a weed in the garden.

The greatest thing is that came from an idea of abundance. That came from, “How do we get the message out there? How do we serve more people? How do we do it for people who don’t have the money to come to seminars and maybe can’t leave their town or village?” For those of you, www.TheVerticalLive.com came from that. How do we service more people so anybody can afford this movement or action? What’s the name of your podcast?

The name of my podcast is Get Your Mindset. When you get your mindset, you get set up to get anything you want based on what you put in your mind. You’ve got to know you own that thing. Don’t give your mind to somebody else. I have a book out and I would like to give gifts to people that would like to move forward. How do you understand how this brain of yours? How do you get it? You can pay for it or I can give it to you for free. If you like it for free, go to GetYourMindsetWithMark.com. Subscribe to my channel. You’ll hear all these different podcasts. Listen to my podcast. Get notified when you subscribe so you know what podcasts are coming up. Go to my website and get a free book, Creating the Life You Want. Isn’t that what life is about? We’re always creating something that we want. You talked about The Vertical Live. Here’s what I love about it. The intention for Vertical Live was to get message to people that could not afford it, to give them some coaching and how do we do that? We paid attention to what needs are met and because of that, our expectation will serve so many people out there. You hear this all the time, “For $17 you can save and help a child. You can feed a child for this.” That’s incredible. I love that stuff.

Imagine feeding a child or a village of mind. What’s that worth? That’s more than a meal. That’s a lifetime of growth. You’re building a whole wealth of gardens in their brain to get out of where they were so they can move forward. We talked about power. Take somebody that’s been that situation because you can’t teach something you haven’t experienced. You take someone who’s been down that far and rise that high, what a story they get to tell? That’s the Oprah Winfrey power. That’s the story.

This has been amazing. For me, every time I interview somebody and even do my own, I learn something because we’re self-teaching. At the same time, we’re putting power between the words. We’re putting the energy out to the universe, but we’re getting it done because we’re creating actions that move us all forward. Put the mindset behind it and then get the action takers and surround yourself with people who are going to hold you accountable and help you move forward. Mark, thank you so much for dropping in.

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I appreciate it, Michael. This is awesome.

It’s been great to work with you, to play with you and traveling the world.

It’s even better that we’re changing lives. I remember one thing, your opportunity is always there. It’s the effort you put into it to get that opportunity to open that door for you. All people have doors close and all people have doors open. The door is easy, it’s never locked. How I created my relationship with you is I made sure I opened that door. When I saw that crack, I’m going for it. I’m going to show you so much respect. I’m going to make sure that there’s no way you’re ever not want to be with me. I’m going to show up in ways and I’m going to serve you. You have to come say, “This is the guy I want to surround myself with.” These are the coaches and that’s what we built our relationship. I wish I had done it years earlier. Where would we be? Thank God we did it.

Thank you so much for taking your time reading. This has been amazing for me because it empowers me to be able to do these and hopefully, we’ve empowered you to get it done. www.TheVerticalLive.com. Join us on that mission. Mark, thank you so much. 

Always find something to smile about.




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