Episode 15: Michael Silvers – Ones Mission


Michael discussed the importance of one’s mission, and why it is important to stay on track when we set goals. He also talks about why part of being on a mission as being clear is important.

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Podcast highlights:

01:09 – Set Yourself on a Mission
02:05 – Be Clear
03:47 – Are Your Creating a Difference?
06:17 – Stop Trading Your Time for Dollars


Michael is Lead Trainer and Director of Coaching for an international personal development company offering 500+ trainings worldwide, in addition to directing his own
wealth and lifestyle strategies coaching company. He has been responsible for developing and coordinating training and coaching programs in North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Michael’s strategic and tactical direction has been key to supporting the rapid growth of these and other companies over two decades. His expert recruiting and training of executive coaches and mentors, continual design and development of new trainings, mastermind programs, coaching models and techniques are key to his corporate, entertainment and individual clients’ success.


Michael Silvers [00:01] : Hi Everyone, this is Michael Silvers again from the mentor studio. I want to welcome everybody to the podcast today and know also as you listen to this, some of you will have heard this. It won’t always be me. So there’s amazing other contributors who I’m going to do some of the podcasting with. One thing that podcasting now, it’s truly about building relationships. So typically you do have the same person doing it, but we’re really about mentoring and bringing the best of the best of the world to those of you out there. So it’s going to be me interviewing again, but it will be other people will be some of the board members from the mentor studio. I’m really, again, bringing the best people. So we’ve had great meetings. I’ve been, right now walking along Wilshire Boulevard front of you know, where that is in Beverly Hills and a meeting with one of our board members who’s an entertainment attorney.

Michael Silvers [00:54] : And so we’ve taken meetings with managers, lyricists, actors, talent managers, and on and on been great actually because what I’m finding is that when you really set yourself on a mission, everybody says the word mission great. If it’s bigger than you and really encompassing growth and education for those around you, people will just say yes and no one to join. Pretty much, everybody, we’ve talked to who said, you know, basically, it’s very simple. We want to bring the best of the best to the world in entertainment and business, you know, in music. They’ve all said yes. So we just sat down with a beautiful lady, you’ll be hearing from her, one of the podcast who wrote one of the longest running plays in Europe and she’s a lyricist of many songs, many of you would know, and it was all about her giving back.

Michael Silvers [01:50] : She’s like, I will do anything. I’ll do podcasts for you. I will do mentoring of students because it’s my place in the world to really be given, to give back and to make sure that you change their lives. So part of being on a mission as being clear, you know, and this is in business, but this is also for anybody in entertainment, be clear on where you’re going to go. Be Clear that it’s not about you. Be Clear that, you know, I’m breaking into an industry that’s really tough and that’s OK, it is really tough and it’s hard to get in and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not about easy or not easy. It’s what you could do to make a difference as you break into the industry, who you’re going to work with. It’s who you’re gonna meet. It’s the mentors that you’re going to listen to because think of it this way.

Michael Silvers [02:43] : They’re ahead of, they’ve just done it longer. We’ve probably made many, many more mistakes. And that’s a big piece is when you make mistakes, what do you do next? Which is part of what we cover? So think of it this way again, you have a mission and whatever that mission is for you, we can talk about mission and vision all day long because it just keeps it very simple. And again, it could always change, but so if your mission is you want to make a greater impact on the world, you want to show people that there are maybe things they could do that they never expected. You want people to know that they can fulfill their dreams and as they fulfill their dreams, what is that really mean? What does that mean? As you fulfill your dreams and move forward, you’re helping others, and so maybe it is my mission.

Michael Silvers [03:34] : By the way, if you hear a little bit of wind, there’s a little bit of wind in LA today and I might have just turned right into it, but as you fulfill that mission, what is that really for you helping others along the way? Am I creating a difference? Am I going to be an actor who the roles that I take on, not only will I learn and and making money is OK by the way, because the more money they make, the more money you can give. Isn’t life great, but as I earn and learn and really create whatever that destiny is, how will I impacted help others? Maybe it’s the type of role I took. Maybe it’s something, you know, maybe I’m in films at times that are not incredibly successful. It’s not what it’s about. It’s not about the big box office, you know, maybe I’m writing a song that I’m releasing, I’m giving it to an organization because it’s part of my mission to be better and to make better.

Michael Silvers [04:29] : You don’t ever want to be used to be something that needs to say you don’t want to be part of the problem, right? It’s a lot better to be part of the solution than the problem in that makes a big difference as you breaking into any industry. If you want to also, and want to be in that solution side. So as you’re moving your mission forward and as you’re creating this beauty around you to move your mission, be very clear on what it is. Be Clear on how that mission is going to affect others around you. Be Clear on what your mission is to you. So, you know, part of the mentor studio for me has really been a legacy piece and in that legacy piece, you know, as you’re, as you’re creating that next step with that legacy piece, you know, what is it again about the legacy I’m being distracted to tell.

Michael Silvers [05:23] : So this is really cool as again, a bmw that just went by me. I think it’s electric, but I’ve never seen it before. It’s got the pop up doors and everything. See, I digress, right? I was distracted by a really nice looking car. I got to go check out what that is. OK. So anyways, back to that saying, I see part of my mission now is to go check out what that car is and to see if I can spread the word on something that helps the environment. But you know, the mentor studio really became a legacy piece and it fits in with my mission, which is to empower and help others. It’s bigger than that, but I’ll just make it simple. And that empowerment is how I’m changing the world. And I donate a lot of my time. A lot of my work in this industry has been, how can I help?

Michael Silvers [06:08] : What can I do that has not been about the monetary reward? I’ve learned many things about the monetary reward. I’ve learned to always ask for percentage stop trading your time for dollars, and it’s one of the best things I ever heard way back when I’ve heard it from Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, just both of them amazingly brilliant, but really, again, how is it that your mission fits into what you want to do, but how does it also change the world? And I think that’s OK to ask. So think of your mission today and you can see that again, I keep the podcast fairly short, so you know, most of you don’t have that much time and time is really an issue which you need to work with. We will do a whole call on that or I’ll bring on one of the famous people you know, and let them talk to you about how busy life can be, but how they still make it all work.

Michael Silvers [06:57] : So think of mission. Say the word mission, mission. Again, it’s something you add into your life, it’s really part of who you are moving forward to that next step keeps you in living in a direction when things don’t always look like the way they should be. Keep going to say mission is a good thing. Fantastic. You are an amazing audience like usual. You take one thing away, one thing that you could learn, one thing that you can use today that would be just great, maybe today, just make a daily mission, right? So one thing again, I bet you’re going to get done today for somebody else’s is always a brilliant way to do it and make sure it is. Again, it’s part of who you are. It makes us better around you. All right everyone, thank you so much for being on the call. Wherever you are and maybe you’ve gotten to work, maybe you’re driving, if you’re listening at home, really appreciate all of you being on this call a join us in the mentor studio. Fits something if you want. It’s completely your choice. And uh, what was he bringing you the best of the best in the world in the podcast. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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